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Pastor Or Lord Over God’s Heritage???

Which one is it? Hopcc/Rony Denis and company aka Gerard Robertson (Joseph Goebbels) believe that the Pastor is the Lord over God’s heritage!

Adolf Hitler wasn’t satisfied with just being the prime minister, he wanted to be and became the führer. By his side was Joseph Goebbels, his propaganda minister. Rony Denis is not satisfied with being a pastor, he wanted to be and has become a lord or the one and only “man of God” over his following. By his side is Gerard Robertson, his propaganda minister.

Do you see how the Satan operates? Let’s fast forward a little.

The Antichrist will demand worship and the false prophet will aide in getting people to worship him through his lying wonders of propaganda. Rony Denis stormed down the middle aisle of the church during a fellowship meeting shouting, “I AM THAT MAN!”, while Eddy Vasquez was preaching about Elijah the prophet from the Old Testament. Afterwards during fellowship, Gerard Robertson is quoted saying, “ Elijah is here”, referring to Rony Denis. Do you see how Satan works? His tactics do not change. The Bible doesn’t change either, so when Rony Denis says that he has the authority to change the Scriptures, he is lying!

What is a pastor?

Is Rony Denis qualified to be a pastor?

I think we have reached our conclusion with Rony Denis. However, his defense is that he was the “Michael Jordan” of Ntcc because he had a lot of people in church and he had money. The fact is Jim Jones had the same thing. Our standard must be the Bible not smoke and mirrors.

What is being a lord over God’s heritage?

Is Rony loving the people or lording over the people?


“Pastor” Rony Denis 

8 thoughts on “Pastor Or Lord Over God’s Heritage???

  1. What is going on? Bradeen is a homosexual??? And then just for being sick we are in sin! Oh my goodness this is getting crazy!

  2. Isn’t a pastor supposed to encourage people to pray and develop their own relationship with God? It seems like Rony Denis is teaching that he is the only one who can have a relationship with God and everyone has to go through him.

        1. @Daniel Boone- Ha Ha 😂 they probably will be prepared for someone to say something seeing how Rony Denis has certain ones monitor this site to inform him on what’s going on. Virgo probably won’t say anything, I can’t see him acting out. He knows his brother in law, Denis, is a fraud but Virgo is too afraid to loose his wife who is Denis’ wife sister.

  3. his desire has been to have control and for people to do what he says, when he says, how he says, and to do all that without ever questioning him. Rony Denis truly qualifies as a lord.

  4. Yes, I remember that service. It is the same one where Denis instructed everyone to bow down supposedly to God, but he was the ONLY ONE STILL STANDING!

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