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Give Honor To Whom Honor Is Due!!!

These brave people went to the enemy’s camp and took back what Rony Denis stole from us! A voice to cry out against the wickedness this man has been involved in, and against the destroying of families and people’ lives that Rony Denis specializes in!These are some of the ones on the front line shutting Denis down! Aren’t you glad it’s not a “one man” show?

7 thoughts on “Give Honor To Whom Honor Is Due!!!

  1. God always will have a people. No big I and little you. But a Paul that’s a servant, and Phoebe that is a servant all working for the kingdom of God. I thank God for the faithful, those that are willing to stand against the evil that has hurt so many. We are praying and looking forward to the fruit of their labors. Its a blessing to see God at work, for Jesus came to destroy the work of the devil. God bless

  2. @Sharita Yorke,

    You are so right about an Army! They have woken the sleeping giant and we will not give up until this Evil man is behind bars and every soul is released! Everyone has a place, purpose and a roll in Gods Kingdom. We are all doing a part no matter how big or how small it seems at the time “We” are all in this together. Family members, Escapee’s and those on the inside. When we all pray together and fight for our loved ones We Prevail together ! God bless each of you that stand on the front lines. We are praying for you and with you!


  3. Pray for my daughter and son-in-law Elton and emane Smith. I know she knows what is going on. She’s a very smart girl.

  4. Everyone involved out there did a great job shutting down the false prophet Rony Denis. He lied to all of us by saying we were all a part of a movement, which in reality turned into a bowel movement! ? ? ? The Real movement is the one that is exposing his lies!

  5. Yes I’m so glad it’s not all resting on one person, there are so many things going on behind the scenes that people are doing! Especially the overwhelming support of the family members and friends that have rallied around us supporting this “movement” by prayers, finances, Time, and so many more things that we are not a liberty to speak.
    It reminds me of a Army, you have those on the frontlines, and then you have the ones orchestrating things behind the scenes. And then you have the counselors that are nursing people back to good health. You have those working the computers, but all for the same cause!
    Everyone can’t do what someone else does, but if we all do our part it is working for the good.

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