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The Greensboro Church*

A lot of people have had questions about what happened in Greensboro and how Rev. Yorke as they say “deceived the church”

My husband and I as you see, have had many questions about the man Rev. Denis, I believed he was the man of God but I NEVER believed he was perfect, I had seen him get stories wrong, mistreat people and so on, but I justified it in my mind that he’s a man its okay, that’s who God has chosen.

My husband believed the same as well, he would often tell me that even though he had flaws, he was the man of God the one that He had chosen. So the BIG change came when he deemed himself perfect! That’s when the wheels in my mind began to finally turn on there own, we were perfectly content with a mere man, but when he began to make blasphemous statements like “he’s in the Room” God shows him the secrets of the universe, I would often wonder why He couldn’t show him how he should treat people, and why He couldn’t show him correct stories.

During this time Bro and Sis Rodriguez were also going through a similar story although at a Grander scale, when Jennifer got the courage to tell me about them having to leave, it was like  fresh water for a thirsty soul! I was amazed that someone was thinking like us!!!

As the pressure became more evident that we were going to have to comply with this false teaching, and I was going to be called on the carpet to lie on Bro and Sis Rodriguez and say things I knew were not true.  It also became more evident that we were going to have to make a departure.

During this time my husband wanted to prepare the church for our departure, so he began to awaken there minds to scriptures that HOPCC would not teach. About searching the scriptures, (they were noble in Berrea) don’t take what any man says as Gospel, The Bible says to let the prophets speak and the other judge.

When the Rodriguez’s  had left, Rev. Denis would call me constantly trying to see if I was on board.

This might be a shock to some that read this, but WE WERE NOT PLANNING ON TAKING THE CHURCH WITH US, as a matter of fact my husband and I were so tired of all the House of Prayer drama, and the pressures of being a pastor and pastors wife in HOPCC with the politics, we wanted to disappear and live our Christian lives absent from all of the spectators eyes. We were thinking that maybe one of the associate pastors would take over the Greensboro church, my husband encouraged the people to go to conference to see things for themselves and not just take his word for it.

God had different plans for us, because when the call came from Rev. Denis to tell my husband to turn in his license, we were in shock! And as Rev. Denis called the members one by one, each one of them began to take a stand for God and not man. My husband and I were in bewilderment thinking what are these people going to do???? And the call became more evident that God was calling us to stand and defend our bean patch, although this is not what our plans were never the less it’s not our will but God’s.

I realize with this call, not many will appreciate, nor do they even understand the pressures that come with this territory. It’s definitely not a life that we would have chosen, but it was the will of God for us. I pray that those who read this would understand that our life is not our own but we are bought with a price!

Bro and Sis Yorke, Greensboro NC




27 thoughts on “The Greensboro Church*

  1. It was God’s amazing grace in action that enabled us to escape Denis’ cult. God actually used Denis’ impulsive foolishness against him to help set us free. Denis called me thinking Rev. King and I had some grand plan of leaving his cult. When Rev. King told Denis that he going to Greensboro I didn’t even know about that until Denis called and told me. As far as I knew Rev. King was still going to conference. I didn’t tell anyone in the church I was leaving, I just told them to go to conference and see what happens. God had better plans and here we are free from Denis due to his stupidity. Thanks Rony!?

  2. Denis is having a hard time selling the Fraudulent Church Building he said he built in Greensboro, NC. I wonder why?

  3. Denis and his inner circle are like a church illuminati. Thank God you all escaped. Keep praying for the rest still trapped inside.

  4. I can’t express enough how life outside of Denis is such a great blessing! I can also see that in the church who is the body of Christ.

    There were a lot of issues before in people’s lives that I believe Denis caused but through Christ we have and are receiving our liberty and deliverance in Christ. The Denis issues I understand can linger. But you don’t have to allow it to.

    Since Denis got of my liiiife, since Denis got out of my liiiife. What a song of rejoicing I now can sing since Denis got out of my life! ?

    May God bless everyone who reads this and please put God first.

    Bro. R.A. Yorke

    1. The unfortunate truth is that people’s lives have been played with by this preacher turned monster, or uncovered as a monster. People have wrongfully put their faith in him instead of God. God is real no matter what a man may do. The Bible is His word no matter what a man may do. The bottom line of all of life is we MUST be saved! When you are truly born again, saved from your sins you can by God’s grace live for God no matter what. They that love the law of the Lord nothing shall offend or cause them to stumble back into the fleshly lust of this world.

      A man does not have power to save but only God. God does have men and women who are saved with His Spirit whose faith we can follow. As Christians we must live by the Word of Almighty God not our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. The Christian who prays will have real convictions. The person who is just merely religious lives by the flesh and not the Spirit. Sincere prayer helps us to be spiritually minded and our prayers will be inline with the word of God. Prayer and the word of God helps us to see where we are wrong and causes us to make things right with God and others.

      Hopcc produced the spirit of self righteous hypocrisy, the heart of the pharisee. True Christianity produces the fruit of the Spirit: LOVE, JOY, PEACE, LONGSUFFERING, GENTLENESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, MEEKNESS, AND TEMPERANCE.

      This is the mark of true Christianity

  5. The church is doing good brothers and sisters are blessed the love of the brethen is real its not none of that fakeness ,and all the attention is not on one man we just worshipping the Lord not lifting up a man

  6. Everyday God’s blessings proves that we have made the right decision to leave the oppressor behind.

    No Denis and Denisites we are not cursed but blessed and you will be also once you escape in Jesus Christ Name! He said He would make a way of escape for you.

    God bless

  7. Praise God! The marriages have been a lot stronger since we left the perverted cult of House of Prayer.

    And we know that all things work together for good to them who love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
    Romans 8:28.

  8. Why does Mr. Denis say that the Greensboro church was hijacked and that the people belong to him?
    These brave men and women don’t belong to anyone but the God whom they serve.

    In this country we still have a right to choose. We did not grow underneath of a crooked dictatorship whose dictator’s religion was Voodoo. So, I see how someone with a different upbringing can have a different mindset toward and between those who are accustomed to the ideals of the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE.

    No sir, no one is hijacked against their will. No one is being forced to get married or being forced to get divorced. No one is confused. We have made a clear cut decision, like the men of old declared, sir we would see JESUS!

    This is true holiness not the hypocrisy you were feeding us.

    Thank you Jesus for praying for us!

  9. Amen! God has been so good!
    Psa 23:5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over….. thank the Lord!!!

  10. We were told that we would be cursed for not going along with the false prophet, but the opposite is true. We are BLESSED!

  11. It has been wonderful to be outside of Rony’s dominion. When we left the cult God worked it out that we didn’t miss a service.

    I heard that Rony, as usual, has lying saying that we are trying to pull people out of his cult and that we are not having church in Greensboro.

    Well the truth is we are having church and we are not trying to pull people out we are trying to DYNAMITE them out of that crazy place.

    One thing Rony got right was when he said that the Greensboro church was never coming back. (You sure can say that again)

  12. I thank God for delivering us out of the cult. I thank God for all my brothers and sisters in Christ who stood up for JESUS CHRIST and for my husband who was not afraid of Ron Denis but told him the truth and told him we are not for sell!!!( Because we are not for sell there is no amount of money that can buy us not houses or land because we made up in our minds and I told God over 10years now I am not for sell) I am praying for all those that are still in the cult that they would stand for the truth no matter what comes. To be those in Hebrews 11 that stood for the truth. It is so sad that so many have been bewitched and refuse to see the truth but I am believing God for a great deliverance of the captives to be set free.

    Sis. Gabrielle Roddy

  13. i thank god for my wife my children my pastor my brothers and sisters in christ and the mighty deliverance from hopcc cult, and Lord please turn every council and word that rony denis speaks into foolishness like you did Ahithophel that others may be free to worship you where ever their foot may trod.

  14. I was relieved and yet overwhelmed when Denis called me that first day with different ministers but thank God my wife stood with me and God showed up each time.

    1. Yes, sir. Thank God on the outside of the CULT husbands and wives can finally stand together with Jesus and help and love one another instead of throwing each other under the bus like Denis wanted to happen.

  15. I thank God my eyes have been opened and I’m no longer apart of what seemed to be a circus! A big scam! I was so confused and things didn’t make sense and didn’t line up with the bible. It was a blessing being able to stand with a small group who was willing to face the adversities and oppositions for the cause of Christ and pave the way for those who seek truth and desire true holiness. I’m glad to be apart of the other side. The winning side!

    Sis. Danielle Jones

    1. Yes ma’am, it was and is truly a David and Goliath scenerio. We must continue to pray for others to escape that cult of destruction.

  16. Thank God we were all able to get out of the cult!!! What a shame that so many people, including my parents have been bewitched!! Thankfully God gave us so much grace to get out! hopefully more will follow quickly, before hinesville turned into Jonestown……..

  17. Whether in thought, or prayer, I thank God for the precious souls that were able to break away from the cult in Greensboro. It’s good to know that God has set up a network for those who want true Christianity. As time goes on, I’m sure more will have there eyes open. We carry you all in our hearts, and are glad that we have been able to make a stand against such an onslaught of destruction known as House of prayer Christian Church.

  18. God truly protected us through the whole ordeal of the church escaping the cult of Rony Denis. After John and Jennifer had the courage to leave Rony Denis started polycoming the other churches a lot except Greensboro. That was a huge blessing, every service I was wondering if he would call and what would I do. He never called. This allowed me to bring more of a balance of the Bible to the church exposing the lies and hypocrisy of Rony Denis.

    I only exposed more to those who asked, other than that I had an obligation under God to tell the people what I saw the truth to be and let them decide. No one challenged me on being wrong because all I gave them was scripture. No one called and turned me in to the cult authorities because deep down inside they ALL knew something was not right with Rony.

    When Denis called the different brothers and sisters they all shut Denis down, he had nothing. When you use the Bible against the devil he can’t stand. Denis folded like a house of cards when we stood up to the bully.

  19. Life has been wonderful outside of the Cult. I greatly appreciate and love my brothers and sisters that took a stand with us for God in the Greensboro church. I know that they as we, were under a lot of stress and pressure yet they made it through.

    It was and is during these times that God refines our faith in Him. Through this wonderful fire of purging the dross of being a pharisee boils off. Families that the devil through the Rev Rony Denis tried to destroy have been made stronger through this time of adversity.

    I remember years ago in Germany, I saw God put a family back together that the devil was trying to destroy. Ever since then I have carried in my heart a noted desire to see families make it for God. I still pray for brother Seranno and his wife.

    It is time for us to enjoy the liberty in which Christ has made us free and not be condemning or condensending to those who may not hold to our personal standards or standards psychologically forced on us by those we trusted but abused us.

    Whatever happens as the years go by let’s keep putting God first and desire true Holy Ghost Revival of the heart filled with love for God and people.

    Let us not seek after what HOPCC and Ron Denis was leading us into which was an elitist false holiness pride filled with worldly lust, covetousness, perversion, lies, love of money, and all manner of wickedness (the occult).

    God bless you all, pray for me.
    Brother Yorke

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