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Let’ Expose Rony Denis’ / Hopcc’s FAKE Standards!!!

First of all I am not against “standards”, “guardrails”, or whatever you want to call them. What I am against is the hypocritical, fault finding, totally unbiblical, and legalistic teaching of these so-called standards propagated by cult leaders like Rony Denis and others like him.

If you watched the videos from the Hopcc conference you saw people who were “dressed up” because of their “standards” but their behavior showed what is really in their heart.


“Pastor” Rony Denis, the example that they are following! This is him mocking the people rallying against his atrocities.


Denis and his group teaches an extreme version of modesty, especially for women. They believe that unless a woman is wearing a dress or skirt whose borders must be between the ankles and lower part of the calves then it not “Holy”. There are some exceptions to the rule you will see amongst their crowds but those who are “in” understand what’s accepted and not accepted by Denis.

There is nothing wrong with this at all. What is wrong is to teach that you are on your way to HELL if you don’t look like this. I have known women in Hopcc who were so caught up in what they looked like but couldn’t care less of what their child looked like in terms of quality of clothing. They also had attitudes  and ways about them that were no different than the world. Jesus said that you will know His disciples by the love that they have not the bitterness that they have one for each other. Denis has basically taught this people that their salvation rest in what they are wearing. If you take a girl filled with a ghetto, thug, and street mentality and you put her in a long skirt with a blazer and a pocketbook, is she now saved? That’s Hopcc.

Remember these? The Hopcc woman violently in the face of someone who escaped the cult and the young Hopcc minister lunging at his mother whom the sheriff had to pull away? Whether you wear a dress or suit with a white shirt and tie, those things don’t make you Holy, but it is Jesus on the inside working on the outside, oh what a change in my life!?

Here is Denis’ teaching on how a woman in pants is an abomination to God and therefore will go to HELL for being an abomination to God. (Rev.21:8) Hopcc starts of with their foundational scripture for this in Deut.22:5, which says a woman must not wear men’s clothing and vice versa, but this passage also says not to wear clothes of wool and linen woven together, and if a man or woman gets exposed committing adultery then they must be put to DEATH! Half, if not more, of Hopcc would be dead by now if they were consistent in following the Old Testament scriptures instead of just picking and choosing which ones to twist and follow.

First of all men and women wore robes back then. So their clothing were already similar being both robes. There obviously was a distinction between a man’s robe and a woman’s robe. God didn’t want men to appear as women and vice versa like the idolatrous pagans were practicing. This is echoed in the New Testament as well. Men are not to be effeminate (I Cor.6:9), and men and women have different roles (I Cor. 11). I believe it is clear to anyone who is serious about their faith in God as their Savior would agree that God wants a woman to be a woman and a man to be a man, and the Devil works just like he did in the Old Testament to disrupt that with a “transgender” revolution.

What does the New Testament say about clothes? Hopcc and Rony Denis are still living in the Old Testament looking for the “Promised Land”, Denis’ carrot stick. For us, living in the LIBERTY of CHRIST in the New Testament, we are taught to be MODEST (I Tim2:9). Men’ pants are made for men, some in my opinion are immodest. It’s popular for some men to wear them showing purposefully their underwear, which generally is supposed to be under your outerwear, hence the name underwear.  There are women’s pants that are made for women, just like the robes of the Old Testament were made for them. Women’s pants can actually be worn modestly. The worldly trend of course is sex sells, so unfortunately much of what you will see are women in tight pants, but it doesn’t have to be like that for every woman, plus it depends how you wear your clothes, revealing or modest. At the end of the day I am not your judge, neither is Rony Denis, but God is the one we will all answer to. People have a lot more issues in their life to be concerned about when it comes to having a relationship with God. A long skirt will not get you to Heaven! You need to be born again, and everything will change including your clothing choices as you establish your relationship with God.

This picture was taken from a book written by Nancy Leigh Demoss, “The Look- Does God Really Care What I wear?”. It is good for a Christian, man or woman, to be aware of letting their light shine for Christ before others! And, it is your light not Denis’, a light God gave you not Rony Denis!

46 thoughts on “Let’ Expose Rony Denis’ / Hopcc’s FAKE Standards!!!

  1. I remember the ministers preaching against going to the gym or working out in general.

    Well today 2/5/18, after leaving the track, I passed by a few members & children from HOPCC doing the same exact thing; running & power walking. The only difference was, they still had on their church attire. I’m guessing Denis said it’s only ok to work out if your clothing is “modest”

    1. These guys believe their clothing is “holy”, so they power walk or exercise with slacks and a dress shirt or their church attire. Even though their slacks and skirts sometimes get wedged up into the unknown creating the infamous “BITE”! 😬😮🤐🤫🤮

    2. Yes, I heard the head pastor, Rony Denis, teaching on working out saying that he exercises but he is careful not to develop any muscles 💪🏾 so that he doesn’t get proud! Lol 😂 what a nut 🥜. He is proud period, muscles or no muscles.

  2. Not only were they concerned about your outer wear, they were totally concerned about your underwear as well!
    I remember Victoria Secret was a Big No No! I mean you were gay because what woman would go into a store that was full of naked ladies?😱 ( where would you go buy ladies underclothes, and there is no pictures?) and besides that you are not supposed to wear any lingerie! You are only supposed to wear “grandma underwear” because that is Holy, because you should never want to entice your husband or look nice for yourself.
    Even the children’s underwear! Gerard Robertson was very concerned about young boys underwear for they were not supposed to have anything on them i.e dinosaurs, fire trucks, because this was considered gay…… and the young boys were not to have ankle socks because this was a sure sign of homosexuality.
    Isn’t it amazing that a cult can have that much control over you? Even down to your underwear ? 😱 Not only do you have to have “holy” outter wear but also “holy” under wear! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    1. Yes, Robertson believed in this. One time he visited us in Greensboro and forgot a pair of “whitey tighties”. Sorry, I have to call you out like that Rob, but you deserve and need it!

  3. There is a big difference between opinions and the Bible! Jimmy loves to preach his opinions and very little Bible.

    1. I have met some proud people before in my life but DENIS takes the cake! I have never met a person as proud as this man ever!

  4. I remember when we took a trip to atlanta so that the childrens choir could sing at the city hall and there was a concert on the other side that was being recorded on tv but they wanted the children to come over and join the concert. Of course they let them even though they constantly preach against watching tv. But that same day when we went to the aquarium and went through the childrens exhibit all the sisters were convicted about letting their kids play with the exhibit that mimicked a game. I was so confused i guess its ok to sing on tv and for the news if its giving glory to jimmy but its not ok to let a child participate in educational activities at a museum!

  5. I don’t know everything, but one thing I do know is that I am glad to be free from under Denis’ fake standards!

    1. @holy suits-If that’s true, then the mafia is Holy right along with the crooked politicians. Anyone who wears suits 24/7 is “holy” or is abnormal. Do they wear suits to bed?

  6. The problem also with the false/forced standards of Hopcc/Rony Denis is that they try to force everyone into a certain mold, box, or cookie cutter. The fact is everyone is not the same, the Bible teaches us that we are all different but we are still apart of the same body. There will be similarities because of the commonality of salvation, but are different and must learn to get along in love for one another. The Bible and the Holy Ghost must guide each Christian. Pastors, teachers, evangelists, etc. have their part in the perfecting or maturing of the believers, but if they go outside the Bible and especially if they present to you another gospel like Denis/Hopcc has then they are not to be followed. God does work through men and women. Men and women are flawed but God isn’t, therefore we are instructed again by the Bible to judge or discern what is being said by the prophet or speaker of the Word of God. We are also instructed to test the spirits by God’s Word, we are told not to believe every spirit, for there are many false prophets in this world! Rony Denis/Hopcc when tested by the Bible fall terribly short of truth and fall into the category of being liars.

    As for the standards, many people in Ntcc/Hopcc just did what everyone else did to fit in not knowing why they really did it. It wasn’t their convictions nor did they understand what the Bible said about it, they just followed the leader. Not everything that was said in those places were lies but certainly there was abuse of power and lording over God’s Heritage. Believe it or not we are all following something, someone, or some spirit; God or yourself.

    Ray Yorke

  7. These standards are so fake and crazy. Now Robertson, the snake, is telling the people that the people who left the cult are goats and that they are the sheep because they are listening their shepherd Denis. ????What a joke! Our Shepherd is JESUS, their’s is a Voodoo man! ????? Now they want to go to New York to fool around and peddle their propaganda!

    1. What if the shepherd is a liar? Should we still listen to him? Oh that’s right, it’s not wrong to be wrong only to stay wrong, so he’s not wrong for lying because “one day” he won’t stay lying. ????

  8. I have to admit, there were many HOPCC standards that caused me to later on become lukewarm & double minded. There were times that they preached against people working overnight or long hours that would keep them out of church; Also the work environment had to be “appropriate”. The same for people that take college courses full time. While unemployed & enrolled in school , these standards actually set me back. I used to question on how do these people provide for themselves outside of church. I enjoyed the church services but when it comes to providing for myself & family, there were times I had to put my foot down.

    1. Yes, Denis’ standards are double minded because he is double minded. One brother was told to pray about going to eat at Olive Garden because of Denis’ wacky teaching on not eating at places where you can see a bar where alcohol is served. Denis then shares a story of how he corrected a sister for not wanting to go eat at the restaurant he was eating at because of this silly rule. In Hopcc you don’t know if you’re coming or going, just like Denis planned it to keep us all off balance.

  9. Jimmy’s control group puts out fake standards. The flock are told to cancel their subscription to the newspaper, listening to the news is a no no, they can’t read books, or go to the library. Denis doesn’t even follow these things. But it helps to have the congregants do it so that you could better control them. You could be their news and control the information flow for them!

  10. Pilkington, the puppet pastor of the Hinesville church, blocked text messages on his phone and Virgo, puppet pastor of the Killeen church, preached against text messages. Yup, the great sin of text messaging. ? But Denis, the grand poobah, has text messaging on his phone. ?

  11. They used to teach against the internet being on your phone. I remember Randy Bercini showing us his iPhone and saying he blocked the internet from being on it. Some people were adamant of keeping a flip phone because they saw the man of fraud, Rony Denis, with one. Sometimes Pentecostal people, when they get kooky, think that certain “things” will give them more of the power of God in their lives like in Hopcc’s case “Holy Apparel”. Some people said that they would have to pay extra to get the DVD screens removed from their car if it came with it so that they could avoid the appearance of evil, not even realizing that Rony Denis didn’t even do that! Rony specialized in putting fake standards before the congregation but he wouldn’t lift a pinky to carry any of these fraudulent burdens.

  12. How about when Rony makes rules for the church, than when he realizes it’s something of use to him he secretly compromises and continues to preach against it while allowing a select group to know “it’s OK now”. He use to preach against video games and even preached against rev. Figueroa in conference for letting his kids use video games to keep them busy on a road trip. Now that Jimmy (Rony Denis) travels every two weeks to his beach home he has Mariah play video games on her ipod. Not just educational ones either. But he wants to be able to say he doesn’t mess with the internet so instead I would have to get her ipod and load video games on it for her. It got so bad that I was getting her ipod every week with a list of games I was suppose to find on line and put on her ipod. He also preaches against the internet, yet me and Oloans were directed to have the church pay for internet in our homes for years so that we can print color pictures from eBay and Amazon and hand them to him so that he could shop online for gadgets and clothing with out “going on line” he was looking at the same pictures just without the computer. Or how about him preaching against motion picture, yet having me and Oloans look at the footage from his home. Or when Oloans would watch the service from my now current pastor online just to see what he was preaching about. Jimmy always makes the comment ” you wouldn’t do that to Rev. Davis!” Well, at least Rev. Davis wasn’t a hypocrit. Davis would make a rule, then later say it’s OK. Denis is to proud to admit he got it wrong, so instead he makes a rule, than enjoys his compromise secretly while depriving the church of the truth.

    1. Wow! Denis has got to be the biggest hypocrite of them all. One time he told me that his daughter said fireworks were wrong to watch. I told him, that’s something for her to say that, because in my mind that sounded strange coming from a little kid. But he took it as a badge of honor and began to teach that watching fireworks was like going to the movies which was considered a big sin as well, right up there with blasphemy of Rony Denis! What a joke #gladileft

      1. Fireworks and TV???? What n’ the world? Why can’t he actually compare something similar? He is seriously a sinister, devious person, he comes up with this foolish stuff at the top of his head, and the gullible hop members are all believing this stuff. Is there any critical thinking going in that place?

    2. Yes, just like he said that God told him no more news, he never informed the people that his god had changed his mind. So the ignorant hop members struggling to be like Jimmy, are depriving themselves of things that Jimmy enjoys in secret. ??

  13. One time the fake holiness preacher, Rony Denis, was asking me about a country holiness church that I had visited. When he found out that they wore jeans he proceeded to teach that jeans are worldly. It was hard to imagine the plaid shirts and plain jeans being worldly and ungodly and so on, but according to the big businessman suit , politician suit, high dollar top of the line, elite white shirt and necktie, cuff links, highly polished dress shoes, cologned/perfumed, and fancy cars preacher, anything that’s not like him is worldly. But he is not worldly, he is holy. More like a wholly mess!

    1. Denis is so over the top. In the past 20yrs he’s just gotten worse. I remember in Woodbrook in the 90s when wrap around skirts were popular he started teaching that it was wrong to wear and he was going to make his wife get rid of all hers. It’s amazing how once you have been away from all that foolishness how absolutely rediculous it sounds, lol. You don’t really see it until you are away from all that foolery. I’ve been away from any association with him for yrs and what has become of him is no surprise. He was a control freak back then and appears now he is a control freak on steroids.

  14. Denis definitely has some serious insecurities. He is making all kinds of mistakes and bad decisions because all of the Christians have left. Now he has his minions stalking other churches video recording and taking pictures of people and their children (pedophile-activity). Gerard Robertson, the snake ?, once said that video recording on your phone is wrong because it is preparing your children for television ?. Now they are recording people using their phones. These people are the greatest hypocrites the world has ever known!

  15. Jimmy had so many fake standards! He is so convoluted in his mind that a Dr. had to tell him that it was okay to have a ball! ???
    Lakreasha Retzlaff in Fayetteville, NC. Is another one of their many staunch followers, following so much that she has lost her mind.
    We went on a field trip to a butterfly house, and at the end of the tour they had a free play time, so there were balls and different things for the kids to do. Lakreasha began rushing around with a “worried” look on her face telling the kids to put the balls down!! Because they looked like SOCCER BALLS ? well I knew at the time not to say anything, because Lakreasha was a BIG snitch, that was only reason she was even there. But these balls were rainbow colors in a checker pattern like soccer balls not even the traditional black/white. She was walking around inspecting all the games to see if they were worthy enough for God’s Heritage to play with. I’m sorry, but if anyone knows Lakreasha you would know that she is a weird person, a perfect candidate for the foolishness in HOPCC.

    1. @sharita yorke omg yes Lacretia Was definitely weird. And a Denis follower to the max lol she had all these weird crazy convictions smh ??‍♀️ I can write for days of all the crazy convictions Lucretia had. And Todd omg he used to get on my last nerves seriously I don’t think any of the ladies in the ladies home in Fayetteville liked him I’m so glad I left Fayetteville when I did! #Godisgod

      1. Yes, Lucretia has no children of her own but goes into panic mode over the little kids playing with balls! 🙄 How did Todd and Lucretia get together anyway? 😜

  16. Im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad that we left that cult! Hahaha and guess what Im still married, still have my daughter, Still serve God, still go to church, own my own business, own my own car, own my own house and the list goes on and on and on.

    Denis is just low key homosexual, who problably swings both ways since he does keep his phoebe around and is a midget loser who hopefully ends up in jail for child abuse and all his fraud. He is a coward who doesnt have the manhood to show his face and send his puppy Oloans to do his bidding lol. denis a lil gay coward. I duno why ppl are afraid of that lil haitian voodoo man lol. Just rebuke him in the name of Jesus Christ and i guarantee he will flee

    I really dont feel sorry anymore for the ppl stuck in thag cult, they truly chose to stay there. With Rev Bowers website, with THIS website, with all the audio and evidence and ppl still stay. Haha they stay cuz denis is their God!

    Either way we are FREE HAPPY AND BLESSED! And glad to be outta that cult! If any of you wana contact me go for! I still have the same number!

    Bro George Retana

  17. Does anyone know if Kuhns is in or out? Even better if he is out how to contact him? Im not ready to be exposed here because of how open this is, and I know we all deserve apologies we will likely never get from people in this organization, but if anyone knows how to contact him I’d like to at least try. Something was said to me after a traumatic event, blaming me for it-because if I had been in “church” it wouldn’t have happened. It destroyed me for years. If there is any chance I could hear him say he was sorry for saying that I’d like to find it. I can be reached more easily at mabnng@gmail.com

      1. Kuhns being kicked out of HOPCC is actually a big surprise to me. This was a man that used to brown-nose alot for the church leaders. That was an early sign for me to keep my life private from the church. Praise God that he is now free.

  18. In Hopcc ankle socks is a sin because people will be drawn to and enticed by your ankles. Parents have even been yelled at for their children wearing ankle socks! Have you ever seen some “cute” ?ankles? I haven’t.

    1. @ankles
      HAHA??? I remember when ankle shoes became a sin I was living with the Heitzmans at the time and we all know that Veronica follows Denis to the tee smh I thought it was the most stupidest thing ever. Veronica went out and brought everyone in the house those long tube socks lol I was like you got to be kidding me. I absolutely hate tube socks so every chance I got I was wearing my no show ankle socks lol she even tried to tell me that getting my eyebrows done was a sin OH NO HONEY….. Iam not about to be walking around with bushy eyebrows you may be ok with that but not me ????‍♀️??‍♀️

  19. The problem is these people don’t use any type of critical thinking. They just follow the guy giving them a dollar bill. Someone’s argument for women wearing dresses and skirts and not pants was that women can’t give birth in pants! ??? Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. It’s called an illogical fallacy.

  20. Denis is saying that the protesters won’t stop him from preaching the gospel ???????? is that what you call it! The gospel is good news about Jesus! These guys preach foolishness!

  21. You could wear a dress or skirt immodest as well. Just because it is long it doesn’t make it modest. I have seen a lot of men over there with tight pants but hardly talked about it if ever. One person in the Fayetteville church was notorious for his tight clothes but because he had money they pretty much left him alone. They are all hypocrites! I’ve even seen Denis change his style over the years to more fitted suits. His rear ain’t small you know!

  22. I have heard so many things over the years like: wearing a shirt without a pocket is wrong, wearing a beard is wrong, wearing a white tank-top style (wife-beater) for an undershirt is wrong because people might see the straps, women’s shoes without the back is wrong, exposing your toes were wrong,purple shirts are wrong, moving pictures were wrong, and on and on was wrong too. But, they didn’t say real-estate fraud was wrong, or the preacher causing division in your marriage was wrong, or making false predictions about the rapture was wrong, or lying about the people who leave your cult is wrong. Through all of the garbage I will admit God has still been good and I don’t regret my experience. I still learned a lot. It was not all a waste to me. I am just sooooo glad God got me out of there before Denis started passing the juice around.

    Bro. R.A. Yorke

    1. @mytwocents/sense
      ???????????????????????????? SO TRUE
      Braids were wrongs Denis said they were ghetto I remember Jeff getting in trouble because his sideburns were too long smh the list can go on and on and on all the things that were so called wrong in hopcc

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