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Now That Conference Is Over!!!!

Now that Rony Denis and his Hopcc conference got shut down, he and his crew are going into damage control mode.

Rony Denis must make sure that no one was affected by the truth that was being preached to them by those conducting the rally against him.

There is something about the truth which affects the heart of those who want it. Denis was always fearful of someone looking on a website which exposed the secrets he was trying to conceal. He would rather you believe a lie than know the truth.  At the conference he tasked Gerald Robertson to take the temperature of those on the outside. Just like the serpent in the garden, Robertson ? fed them his venom of lies and hypocrisy. He was the onsite damage control man.

This is a standard practice of Rony Denis. When people escaped from his cult the first thing he does in his damage control routine is to call everyone he believes is associated with the brave person who left and trash them to no end. It is almost as if there is a literal garbage can in his mouth!

Maybe this is why he uses a ton of mouthwash, to cover the demons coming out of his mouth!

He does this because he doesn’t want a domino effect to happen over someone leaving his cult.

Jimmy has been doing damage control for years, you could say that he has written the book on it.


We thank God and the Hinesville Fire Department for shutting down Denisdamage control meeting at his house.

We heard that he also got fined and that his circus tents must come down, just like the Jericho walls!


There is no question that Rony Denis has created an atmosphere by design that demands that these people adore him.  He is obviously a self-appointed messianic figure who is very charismatic. He indoctrinates and uses the direct or indirect worship that they have of him to control their lives and coerce them into accepting things that are not true. For them Christianity is all about obeying the man of God! Nevermind what the Bible says, we need to obey “Pastor Denis” because he is in the room with the Trinity. God has given him a “special anointing” because of all of his works that he did for God over the years, for he has “proven” himself, after all he tells us all the time that he was the “Michael Jordan” of NTCC.  It was said that he is greater than the people in the Bible. Not only that but he must have been born with a special anointing, he must have been born “saved” because no one has ever heard his conversion story!

This is definitely a cult in a crisis! We encourage you to get out of there! It may seem to be a huge hurdle to jump initially but with God’s help you can do it! RUN!!!

6 thoughts on “Now That Conference Is Over!!!!

  1. It’s awesome to see the people fight back against The cult’s abuse. The protesters did a great job exposing the lies and abuse of This sick organization. And Denis getting his Cult meeting shut down is priceless. DENIS IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW!!!!! AND Robertson is a sick human being for parading that women’s son(C.J.) around. And that’s a preacher LOL
    Another thing that really makes me mad is how all these so called Christian stood around and laughed as certain people highlighted the abuse he did to children. What kind of person are you that you can ignore the abuse done to children. Unbelievable. Keep exposing this men and his Cult. Don’t stop until him and his leadership are behind bars!!!!!!!

    1. Yes, it is amazing how they can hear what Sister Liz said what Denis did to her daughter and they go on as if nothing happened. Denis no doubt could abuse their own children right before their eyes and they wouldn’t do anything! Robertson and Bradeen would no doubt give their wives to Denis. Denis doesn’t want them anyway. He has who he wants, Adam Boles wife! What a sick twisted cult!

      1. We now see that these people in leadership like Robertson can’t be saved! A real Christian would not do that to a grieving mother!

    1. Wow the fire department shut his home meetings down!!! I wonder if the two beloved followers were there that sis Liz mentioned always follow him lol oh well you reap what you SOW….

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