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Pray For The Victims OF House of Prayer/ Liars!!!

Please pray for the lost souls of this cult to repent and turn to Jesus. Here we have Cherry Daniels. She in Greensboro, NC at the time of the split from the cult. She was very vocal in denouncing Rony Denis. She said that she called her sister, Latoya Bennett, and asked her if Denis had any sin? Latoya’s response was that Denis is the man of God, insinuating that he has no sin as if he is Jesus. Cherry also mouthed off to Denis when he called her. He asked her if he was a man of God, and she said are you, with an attitude. Sister Yorke was with her at the time and was surprised that she spoke to Rony Denis like that at the time. But Cherry Daniels is also unstable mentally as well as spiritually. There was a time when told Sister Natchra Green that Denis was up there in the GODHEAD!

Here is Sister Green’s own words:

I was @ her house and she was telling me about how Denis said all the wives belonged to him and she felt honored to know He always knew how to help us bc we as ministers wives go through alot. I never heard about that so I kept asking her questions about us “belonging” to him. Then she said how God gives him some special knowledge to deal with our husbands. I can’t remember the entire conversation but I kept asking her more details so toward the end of the conversation she was like He’s up there sister. I was like huh? Then she said He’s up there with the Trinity. I wanna say she said Denis said that but I’m not for sure. After she said that tho. I was like?time to go. Then her husband walked through the door and I left. I was like she’s crazy.

I myself heard Denis out of his own mouth say that he was, “in the room” referring to the Trinity!

Here is Cherry Daniels. Notice the blazer she is wearing. Sister Yorke gave that to her along with a bunch of other clothes. Yes, the “evil, lesbian, feisty, rebellious, tight clothes wearing, and all the other lies” Sister Yorke. Now listen to some clips of her trashing the Greensboro church and discern for yourself.

She said that she she wasn’t eating but she went out to eat the night before she left according to the people she went out with that heard this recording and didn’t leave with her to return to the cult.

10-22-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (4/20) [MORNING]

Posted by LD Allen on Monday, October 23, 2017

Next we have her husband, Clinton Daniels.

This man is truly a sad case. Notice the Toyota Venza he is driving. This is the vehicle that belongs to Marcus Labat. Daniels was rewarded with this car which another family had before him. When Daniels came to Greensboro he wanted to purchase another Chevrolet Caprice, but as you can see Rony had other plans. He put Daniels in Pilkington’s Toyota Rav4, and now you see what he’ Driving now.

Daniels has trashed his wife so bad behind the pulpit doing what he calls, “preaching”, to where his wife, Cherry, has confessed her bitterness towards him and wanted to walk up to the pulpit and punch him. Daniels in his so-called “preaching” has said that he would be with another woman if there was no punishment for sin!

Denis got it right when he said that Daniels was not saved when he ran back to Hinesville. When Daniels came to Greensboro Denis said that Daniels was not good with money. This is one main reason why Daniels left to go back to Denis. He trusts in Denis to bail him out when he gets into financial difficulties. Listen to him in this audio clip.

How does he know who is on pornography? Denis, the liar, told him? He sounds crazy! This or that one was probably on it too? What!

Instead of lying about the Brother, why doesn’t Clinton Daniels tell how he borrowed money from Brother Roddy and told him that he was not going to pay him back by saying I don’t owe anyone anything? He then tried to get more money from Brother Roddy right before Clinton, the chicken, flew the coup! Why doesn’t he explain how he was “teaching” in the fraudulent Fayetteville, NC Veterans Affairs money ? approved “Bible College” without a high school diploma? Did he pencil whip the teacher paper work? Ask Marcus Labat, I’m sure he’ tell you the truth. ?

10-22-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (11/20) [MORNING]

Posted by LD Allen on Monday, October 23, 2017

Here is a picture of Clinton Daniels listening to our Sound Cloud which is embedded in this website. Look which signed in person played the most, Double Minded Daniels.

13 thoughts on “Pray For The Victims OF House of Prayer/ Liars!!!

  1. I remember (cult reflection) one time in Hinesville when Denis was getting on Huff in the vestibule of the Hinesville church, he started talking about how he has done everything. He talked about raising the dead. He gave a quick, bogus in my opinion, story of how he looked over in the bed and saw that his wife wasn’t doing too good and that her nose was spreading further, like that meant anything her nose is always big, and he stretched forth his hand on her and prayed and this brought her back to life. What a whopper!

  2. So, the wives belong to Denis?!?! Wow! ?
    He already has two, how many more does he want? I thought the Bible says that the husband and wife belong to each other not the preacher! Shame on you Cherry Daniels! I quess Yorke was preaching something different than you was used to with a different spirit than what you were used to after all. And scriptures are true ma’am It’s your pastor who is the liar. God gave him “speacial knowledge”? Ha ha ha that’s the oldest trick in the book!

  3. Rony Denis and his followers are certainly people of half truths and bold face lies. The devil can also quote scriptures just like the deceivers in Hopcc, Denis, Robertson, Pilkington, and whoever else is trying to earn points like Sister Liz said. Hopefully Bradeen will grow his hair back like Samson and break through the host of those uncircumcised Phillistines. I’m sure his daughter would run with him, she’ been miserable a long time being married to someone like Pilkington. These people remind me of the people in Jonestown when the congressman came by and they were told to put on a show. But, Jim Jones found out that the gig was up. So will Ron Denis.

  4. This entire situation has been very hard for me because for 10+ years the people of hopcc were my family. The love I have for them isn’t fake. I looked forward to spending eternity with them but now I’m convinced I will be standing before Jesus as a testimony against many of them. Cherry and I did the day school together. Our girls have the same birthday and they were very close and I have nothing personal against her or her husband. I miss them. I did my best to be a blessing to their family but it was difficult because Cherry was always trying to be a “pillar” in the church. She didn’t like to admit to her weaknesses and she looked down on so many ppl bc they weren’t “fired up”. I believe she is drinking some serious Denis juice because she is drowning in self righteousness. As for Clinton I knew from the moment he left that it was all about the money. He would borrow money from my husband almost before every fellowship meeting we had in hinesville. Which was quite often b/c denis was trying to generate more offerings for his own agenda. Clinton has a ghetto fabulous mentality. Can’t afford to pay your bills yet he (unlike his wife and kids) was always looking sharp. He is no where near deceived. It’s sad because the people that could actually help to make a difference in that place have been bought out. Still I pray someone wakes up before it’s too late.

  5. The night Clinton ran off he told me that he was going to Hinesville for God. God in this case was Rony Denis. When Clinton and his wife came back with the Fayetville church, I was somewhere else at the time, to get their belongings and be shipped to St. Louis, Brother Roddy confronted him about his hypocrisy. All Clinton could say was that he didn’t have time to explain. That is the same thing Clinton said that Denis said to him when Clinton spoke to Denis about talking about the issues of the split one on one. I tried to help Cherry Daniels when Denis said that her testimony concerning her being bitter at her husband but loving him was utter garbage. The reason we must expose them is because of the lies they have told to embolden their false prophet, Rony Denis, whose, as the Bible says, mouth must be stopped.

  6. Omg! Clinton has been viewing this site ? shame on you, this proves that there are a lot of double minded people in HOP.

  7. Wow, what kind of preacher is Daniel’s? That’s amazing that denis lets him minster in a church, with a tongue full of lies…..

    1. Well when the “head” is a tongue full of lies, you can’t expect much out of the people. It’s amazing that he surrounded by a bunch of people that realize he is naked with no clothes on, and they don’t even tell him. But rather they laugh and snicker behind his back.

      1. I know this one Sister who is Rony Denis’ favorite church member, and she talks about him all the time, she says that she doesn’t agree with half of the stuff he teaches. I’m not that crazy I just keep my mouth closed. She has been around for years.

      1. @Digging Deep- I think he gets it from his daddy Denis. Both of them are good for telling some whoppers and “preaching” about fake standards.

  8. Cherry Daniel’s is such a liar, one thing she has picked up pretty well from HOP, is the “fake praying” oh yes, she loves to pray loud. And she is also very lengthy, she paces the floor, clapping her hands, she stays in the church praying all night….. Sound Familiar? Yes she is a mock imitation of Marjorie Denis, very much alike In many ways, she lies, and embellishes things, although she doesn’t have the $ to compete with Marjorie, so I wanted to be a blessing and gave her a bunch of clothes, so she didn’t look so homely.
    Cherry told me, that she saw the church stand up when Rony Denis walked in the church, and she thought it was CRAZY, so then she asked her sister about it, and her sister told her that “he was the man of gawd” she went on to tell me how crazy it is, and that they all worship a man ?.
    Oh yes, that’s the same Cherry that is down there in Georgia clapping her hands and still offering her same fake prayers ?
    Jimmy is surrounded by cowards, who won’t tell him the truth about what they really think, no wonder he can’t trust anybody. There are people that we have talked to that are still in that church, that know that it is corrupt, but they stay because they don’t want to rip apart their family, or for financial stability ( in otherwards there credit is so bad they are trapped, and can’t do anything independent for themselves).

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