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More Highlights From The 2017 Rally in Hinesville!!!

Have you ever heard of the Laughing  Revival?

Sometimes a smile tells us all we need to know! It is truly amazing and insightful concerning the heart of those who can sit back and laugh and smile while people’s lives has been crushed by Rony Denis!

Jimmy apparently taught the people to smile and laugh at the Brothers and Sisters exposing them, the Laughing Revival didn’t last long before their true colors were revealed.

Here we have Amy Nostrant. She said that she changed her name to “Jael.” She apparently had enough and decided to give the Sisters a piece of her mind! In the 2nd picture she is sticking her finger in her mouth! Remember that this is the “holiest church” on earth!

Here we have the children of Ron and Layla Molina. This is Hopcc’s “God’s Heritage” in action Rony Denis style. These children are yelling at the Sisters who are their elders!

Here we have Jody Emanuel’s daughter acting outside of her normal character. This is what Rony Denis is teaching his “God’s Heritage” children’s group. Notice the smile on the mother’s face.

Here we have Jim Benton and his son showing “respect” for his elders. Denis has taught “his children” to be disrespectful to people who are not under his control including their parents.

This clip from their radio program explains it all, obey Rony Denis! It looks like Denis is doing a good job defiling their brain without the TV‘s help.

Benton oversaw the illegal church construction in Greensboro, NC. When Dr. Shelvie Summerlin asked Benton face to face if he had the permits needed to do the work Benton’s reply was, “we have everything we need.”??? (Everything except the permits and God’s blessings that is)

Here we have Gerard Robertson, aka the snake ?, coaxing the people around him to reject the truth being told to them by the Sisters, and then he apparently encourages C.J. Vargas to mock them by drinking something as if it were some Jim Jones kool-aid.

Poor Arlen Bradeen, did you see how his wife just leaves him in the dust? The church where everyone hates you is also the church where your spouse hates you too!

Please pray for Arlen! Jimmy took his trucks away and put in in this royal blue Hyundai.

18 thoughts on “More Highlights From The 2017 Rally in Hinesville!!!

  1. I heard a man speak on, “The Jesus of the Bible”, he made an excellent point of how there are so many Jesus’ today that are offered to people, but there is only one, and that is the one given to us in the Bible. Jesus said that one of the signs that shall be before His second coming is that many shall come in His name saying, “I am the Christ”, and shall deceive many. We are seeing this with our own eyes. This is not only happening in Hopcc, but this is happening all over. People are receiving another Jesus other than the Jesus of the Bible. One of the main things that people didn’t and still don’t like about the Jesus of the Bible is that He preached repentance, turning away from your sin. One of the saddest but sobering scriptures in the Bible states that there will be many on judgment day who are going to stand before God and say that they did many things in the name of Jesus but He is going to say to them, I never knew you, depart from me, you that work iniquity. Can you imagine finding out at the judgment that you have been following a different Jesus all the time instead of the Jesus of the Bible? I have heard with my own ears Rony Denis of Hopcc say that he can clear a person of their sins. I have heard him say that he can change the Bible. Sister Liz Martinez testified that Rony Denis made her daughter and others put their hand on the Bible and declare him as their God. People have heard Rony Denis declare himself Deity. The list can go on and on. It is clear that Rony Denis has declared himself to be another Jesus, a “Jesus” that is deceiving many. Why repent of your sin when all you need to do is please Rony Denis and be apart of his church that he says is the only one that is going to heaven? Why worry about adultery, lying, leaving my spouse for no real reason but only because Denis told me to, sleeping with another man or woman before you are actually married because Denis said we could, and literally bowing down to the ground before Denis because “God is in him”. There is a god in him but it does not have a capital letter “G”. Is he not a false Christ? Did you know that Jesus didn’t come the first time to bring peace on the earth? He said that He came to bring a sword, which is division. The peace that He did come to bring is peace in the hearts of individuals who would receive Him. With God’s peace in my heart I can truly say that I have no bitterness in my heart whatsoever toward the cult leader, Rony Denis, or those following him, but if I am going to follow the Jesus of the Bible the sword of division must come between us, and I will cry out against the great wickedness of what they have done and are doing. Jesus and His followers didn’t make everyone happy even though they went about doing good. Please don’t get caught up in following a different Jesus.

    Ray Yorke

    1. One thing Rony Denis NEVER taught openly that I can distinctly remember, especially with a the divorce in Hop, is what the BIBLE says concerning staying with your spouse if they are pleased to dwell with you if the are an unbeliever.

      1. Can you be bitter and be a Christian? What does the Bible say about bitterness? Is it not the same as having an unforgiving heart? From the early days of Hop Rony Denis has expressed his bitterness for people like Michael Kekel of NTCC and anyone who crossed him. He admitted his heart of bitterness when he told us on the recording that he does not FORGIVE or FORGET. That is the essence and fuel of bitterness. Jesus said that if YOU don’t FORGIVE neither will God FORGIVE YOU. (Matthew 6:15) Some may have had religion for years and not Jesus, so the concept of not holding deep seated grudges against another for years is foreign to them. Others may have known the Lord but have allowed His Word to slip away out of their heart leaving a vacuum for a heart of unbelief that Hebrews warns the Christian about. The poison of Rony Denis’ bitterness unfortunately is a contagious spiritual disease that affects the hearts of his adherents.

  2. So, the ministers in Hop that came from Ntcc would say that RW Davis got messed up along with Kekel and the rest, but they don’t think that is remotely possible with Ron Denis? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

  3. It’s so amazing how blind and death the spirit of deception causes people to be. They don’t even remember when Jimmy said John Rodriguez was coming back soon, and a year later his preaching to Jimmy about his lies at the conference over the bull horn. But, just like all the rest of the other false prophecies they’ll say God changed his mind again!

  4. A pastor is suppose to be blameless. Christians should leave peacefully with all men. This has been preached at hop. The people fail Denis, by not standing up to him. The church is not the building. The people are the church. They really act like Denis died for their sins. When I used to be apart of this cult. I knew I couldn’t stay there for long. I’m too smart to be a dummy. I don’t know cj, However Cj if you monitor this site. You need to reconnect to your family. God is love. God is for all of us. The holy ghost is promised to all of us if we want it. Hop can’t control that. If it’s not Bible it’s not God. Let God be true and every man a liar.

  5. Jeff Derby looked worried and troubled in one of those videos when Sister Jenessa was reading the scriptures. The apostle Paul taught against what Denis is doing.

  6. The Lord said as many as I love I rebuke. So, this is all done in hopes of at least one being zealous and repenting, for heaven rejoices over one that repents!

  7. That snake? Robertson parading my son CJ up and down that parking lot, talking in his ear like the serpent in the garden. Robertson your day will come you evil and worker of iniquity! My God is Awesome and Just and I know he’s dealing with my son right now. You and denis are of your father the devil and will one day pay for all the evil you both have done to them people. Remember that God is not mocked, that which you sow will you also reap, you snake??.

    1. I believe that as well, we will pray for your son CJ. I can tell that Robertson is being used of the devil as the false prophet for the anti-christ to help deceive the people. By God’s grace something will happen and CJ will see without a doubt in his heart that Denis and hopcc is nothing but a huge fraud. They are playing nice to him right now but sooner or later the snake will strike. As a mother, your prayers are extremely powerful in the ears of God! Keep praying something is about to happen soon.

  8. Gerard Robertson ? I think he and Marjorie Denis take the cake as the most dumbest people in the church. Marjorie for allowing Jimmy to squash her into “nothing” and then move in Julie Boles ??‍♀️ And then you can tell that Julie is above Marjorie in the ranks? Marjorie holds the door while her and Mariah walk in, but when the roles were reversed Julie walks in and lets the door swing! And Marjorie has to catch it ?? WOW, I always thought Marjorie Exagerrrated her intelligence….. now I am 100% sure. And Gerard with that Stupid smile on his face, I mean he’s smiling while his pastor called him a bastard! ? How dumb can you get? And then his pastor tells the people that his wife looks are basically a “0” What in the world???? I’m sorry folks I have never seen so many men, stuck up one persons Backside!

    1. Wow, no wonder he’s out recruiting all those people, And trying to convince them against the protesters. I mean how much lower can you get than a bastard?

  9. Denis got away with his lies in Ntcc but he is not getting away with them now. I wonder if he has tried the tears ? yet at this conference? R.W. Davis tried in Graham and it and it worked on the emotions of some, and Jimmy Swaggart pulled it off on national television in the 80’s. This is one of the elements of persuasion, ethos, aimed at your emotions.

  10. Rony Denis has taught this people that they are on their way to heaven even though they are apart of a criminal enterprise! They have bought this lie by believing his teaching on Hopcc receiving “amnesty” from God from the beginning! So they are wicked under the influence a demonic false prophet actually thinking their going to heaven just like the Pharisees, the ultimate hypocrites, who Jesus said were going to hell.

  11. I feel sorry for you CJ. How do you let Roberton the snake? and Denis the scorpion? treat your parents like that? Specially your mother and your brother that are out there making a stand and fighting for you. The Bible tells you to honor your mother and your father that your days may be longer. I’m afraid that your days are being cut shorter.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. What did his younger brother do to him? Where is the love of God? How can you cut them off like that? Mr. Denis has taken the scriptures out of context just like the devil has done to try and get God’s people to go into sin to bring the curses of sin upon themselves!

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