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More Highlights From The 2017 Rally!!!

I remember years ago Rony Denis, cult leader of Hopcc, said he wanted to be in a church where anyone would call your sins out. He gave an example saying, Brother/ Sister you’ve been lusting at so and so or fornicating with so and so. Rony Denis got what he always wanted, he just didn’t realize that it was his sins that would be called out.

Look at Rony:

Why is he constantly looking down? Notice in one of the pictures Veronica Hietzman following Denis around like Sister Liz was talking about. Does Joshua Hietzman care that his wife is sooo infatuated with Rony Denis?

Look at this one:

I thought that he had shaved it all off but in the video clip it appears that he’ keeping a strip across the top. It kind of looks like a Hitler mustache on the head. Let it go Rony!


 Proverbs 30:20 (Look it up)

Here is David Huff and his wife Yolanda. The kool-aid has these two looking like they don’t know what’s going on all the time. Yolanda waxed bold at one time in a Greensboro, NC hotel around the ministers in the presence of Rony Denis calling him and Oloans out on their wicked ways. Unfortunately, her mental instability coupled by her husband’s desire to be Denis caused her to be shut down.

One of Denis’ followers has words with the Sisters/ Brothers exposing the cult.

From “rags to riches?” Can you tell which ones are in rags and which ones are in riches?

Denis’ wife, Marjorie, is wondering when it will all be over, but what she doesn’t understand is that it’s just starting.

19 thoughts on “More Highlights From The 2017 Rally!!!

  1. I wish I knew about this conference in order to get time off from work and be there supporting the protesters! This also would have given me an opportunity to see my son, whom I haven’t heard of in 6 months. Are the conferences every 4 months? It would be great if someone post in advance the dates for the next one. The videos testify of great progress by these brethren who are exposing the falsehood of HOPCC. Good job!!!

    1. @ Billy- If we hear anything we can let you know. A lot of times we don’t post certain things here because they monitor us like a hawk.

  2. All 110 videos from Thursday – Sunday are now uploaded.

    LD Allen is my video page on Facebook. Everything is public.

    1. The only section that is private is the friends list. You can only see the mutual friends.

      If you are a follower, then yes, that list is public.

      – Lorenzo D. Allen.

  3. The women were kinda looking a dusty this time around. Jimmy must be teaching that they must look a certain way but when you look at him and his wives we see where the money is going!

  4. It doesn’t surprise me that Veronica Hietzman is riding on Denis like she does grinning from ear to ear. I was at Denis’ house in the backyard with others when she got out of her chair and sat on the ground at Denis’ feet as if he was Jesus! Denis played it off but you could tell that this was something that she was accustomed to doing.

  5. Is this a business convention? So many people suited up with dark suits and the women suited up like the 50’s. It looks like the golden years! To bad it’s a cult though. Is it ok to be casual or do have to look like your going to work at the office or something? Just asking?

  6. The last day of conference used to be the most exciting! “Holy-Ghost, Revival!” ??but unfortunately this time the false prophet didn’t even show up! No Holy Ghost Revival this conference, the false prophet was no match for the real Holy-Ghost. E-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo, is no match for the Truth!

    1. Bercini is not generating the $ or the Souls for Jimmy, so in the doghouse he goes ?.
      I’m sure Priscilla is enjoying every Second of her new plush seat at the “Man of Gods” house. I hope she enjoys it, because it won’t be long, it will be replaced with a seat of hot coals.

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