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Sister’ Voice- Powerful Night- Day 3!!!

Last night was a very powerful and impactful night. Sister Liz Martinez actually talked to the people and most importantly her husband Adrian who filed for divorce. She told him that she loved him and still wanted to be with him. She also testified that Rony Denis abused her daughter! It was a heart wrenching testimony of what goes on behind the “outward standards.” Jesus said, that the outside appearance is nice, but inside was full of dead men’s bones. In other words there’s no life in this cult, just wickedness (sins of great iniquity) which the wages are is death.

10-21-17 The Place of Help / House of Prayer Christian Church Cult Protest (21/31)

Posted by LD Allen on Saturday, October 21, 2017

Also Brother J.M. Rodriguez gave a power testimony of the inside corruption of the Hopcc organization and a vivid picture of the mental/ spiritual state of Rony Denis. His testimony explains why Rony Denis accuses parents for sexually desiring their own children. The question should be Denis, what did you do to your daughter, Mariah? Brother Rodriguez also challenged Denis to settle all of the protesting against him by submitting himself to a polygraph lie detector test to see who is really lying. We have yet to hear Denis’ response to this challenge.

Posted by Jenessa Pappas Wright on Saturday, October 21, 2017

Brother R.A. Yorke was able to contribute as well letting the Hopcc members know that there is Jesus and life outside of Hopcc. The brave people on the ground are doing a tremendous job of taking this fight for the liberty of these souls and the exposure of this madman right up to the gates of hell in the enemy’ camp! All for the glory of God!

Posted by Jenessa Pappas Wright on Saturday, October 21, 2017

Rony Denis could do nothing but run into the building and run away when he got out of service. For you who are still in this cult, all you need to do is submit to God, resist the Devil, and he will flee from you. This is what kind of spirit Denis has he is fleeing from the truth!

Posted by Jenessa Pappas Wright on Saturday, October 21, 2017

12 thoughts on “Sister’ Voice- Powerful Night- Day 3!!!

  1. I left house of prayer for good this year. It was a four year struggle. I will leave from time to time. Not to sin, I just didn’t want to be around something I did not believe in. I didn’t believe House of prayer was the only church serving God. I felt like everything we did was routine not sincere. This church has really messed me up. I’m glad that I was not the only one feeling the way I was

  2. So, the Sister on the phone said that she wanted to stay with her husband, Adrian. She left because the pastor abused her daughter and the stepdad didn’t care but she forgives him and wants to work it out. Does he have biblical grounds to divorce her and be remarried to whoever his pastor selects for him? ?

    1. Abused sexually or physically??? Wow what a shame these poor children need out of that wickedness God I ask that you keep your hands upon these girls that are in the hands of this monster of a man….. Keep up the great work you warriors of GOD… God bless you all for your labor of love….

  3. Amnesty is pardon to a group of people. The Bible teaches that we must come to God personally to receive forgiveness of our sins. We need a personal relationship with God! Denis teaches that Hopcc has been granted amnesty from God so you must stay in his church no matter how corrupt it is. The Bible teaches that we have pardon of our sins through what Jesus Christ has done for us and faith in what He has done for us, not pardon or amnesty because I am a member of Rony Denis’ Hopcc.

    Brother Yorke

    1. Returning to your first love? Some of these guys may not know what that means if they were never saved to begin with. There first love may very well be Rony Denis!

  4. How can “Sister” Marjorie Denis sit there knowing that her husband, Rony Denis, was abusing these girls in their Florida beach house?

    1. She is a women full of dead men’s bones, there are so many examples of wicked women in the Bible and she is one of them. Yes this is the Marjorie Denis who used to spend all these hours so called praying for the souls of men and women. But now we see the real fruit of these prayers…. they were all pharasiacal. Because the Bible teaches they love to pray LOUD AND SO PEOPLE CAN SEE ?? and boy did she want everyone to see and hear. She’s just like her wicked husband eeee-lololololo!! eeeee-lololo, yes that’s about as far as those prayers get, e-lo-lo-lo, how low can you can get Jimmy? God does not back you up because e-lo-lo as all you have, but e-lo-lo is not going to get you to heaven. Try asking forgiveness for your sins.

  5. Those testimonies are powerful! Sister Liz said that Denis pushed Jesus away! That is so true. Instead of looking to Jesus Christ they are being taught to look to “Jesus” in a man, who is Rony Denis, who has no Jesus in him!

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