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Bro J. M. Rodriguez, Walmart runner? Toilet Paper runner? or true insider?

It seems fitting for a post like this in the light that Rony Denis has tried to discredit my insider knowledge. While I worked for him I spoke to him everyday about business, money ect. Whenever he was in town, I had to bring financial reports to him every night, while he would continually go off on me for not bring in to him enough money. One time he got so mad at me, he took my report, which was a very thick stack of paper work, folded it in half, and through it in my face as a projectile while only standing a foot away from me. Now this is physical abuse, not just verbal, and mental abuse. The Bible says that the bishop is not supposed to be a brawler. One more place that he has made himself disqualified from the office of a bishop. But what about Jesus whipping people out of the temple? The “Bishop” not Jesus, is not to be a brawler. Any questions? Unless Denis is somehow Jesus, ,than he has once again violated scriptures.

Now concerning my true standing as an insider, why would Denis lie, and say I was just a walmart runner, and not an insider? Oh, because if I am a true insider, than people will know that my record of things he has done might really be true. Now if we can prove that he being the bishop, will lie about me in one area, than it’s safe to conclude that he probably lies about a lot of things. Such a liar cannot be trusted.

LET THE EVIDENCE SPEAK FOR ITSELF. Bellow you will see a general power of attorney that I have from Rony Denis to me. Now notice, it’s a “General” Power of attorney, which means there is no limit to what I was empowered to do on his behalf. According to that power of attorney I could even sell his own house from under him. Now their has to be some serious toilet paper to buy if it requires credentials like that!

I am also including one of many spreadsheets that show about 120-130 properties that I had to manage for him. This was one of the reports i had to bring to him on a nightly basis, and this was the last one I turned in to him before I left. I kept working up until the last day, yet they said i left a big mess. Now how does a walmart runner leave a big mess? Be sure to add up the money numbers at the bottom of the in and out column. This is proof that i would bring him over $100,000.00 every single month. All of which I never received a penny from. Who is the one truly lying to you? If it’s your own pastor, you really need to find another one.



21 thoughts on “Bro J. M. Rodriguez, Walmart runner? Toilet Paper runner? or true insider?

  1. Great Job, Bro. Rodriquez! Goliath is truly shaking in his boots. Oh how the mighty have fallen! Denis it is over! You have tyrannized people long enough. We are not afraid of you. We are praying for the families that you are trying to split up and the divorce.

  2. Forgive, yes. Forgiving someone who does you wrong is what God would want for us to do.

    Just don’t let them back into your life/circle again.

  3. Wow, what a powerful statement of True Christianity you can forgive someone that does not forgive you! That’s something that the Pharisee’s don’t have, they only have outward standards but when it comes to following the teachings of Jesus they can’t do it. We are supposed to Love even our enemies!

  4. Ron Denis has an explanation for all of this. He would always say ” it’s good for people not to have money, because all they do is waist it. “. It’s good for people to have bad credit because it stops them from making bills”. Or ” I’m the only one who God can trust with money”. This is why he can’t get saved, every place has done something wrong to someone, he gives himself an excuse of why it was OK to wrong someone. He once told me that one of the reasons he took up so much of my time is because if he didn’t I would use it to goof off. Notice the reasoning of a guilty conscience? He never will ever address if it’s wrong to take people’s money, ruin their credit, or make a slave out of them, but he will always say ” I did it because”. For this reason he has a seared conscience. Even as he reads this he is fuming mad, because no matter how much his victims paint a picture of how bad he treated them, he will never ever take it as a matter of prayer to examine himself before God. He will always retaliate in his mind and make an excuse. Rony Denis, before God, I served you with the best of my ability for the greater part of 10 years. Many times you had me in great fear, and many tears. You used me, and hurt me. But I forgive you, and am sorry that I could never bring you the happiness I was so naive to think that I could. I forgive you because I have a heaven to go to, and where I am going you cannot follow. I forgive you, even though you promised me that you would never forgive me. I forgive you for becoming the monster you thought you could save us from. I forgive you even now as you tell lies about me to cover your sin like David of old. Sir I love you and forgive you because everything you have done to me isn’t worthy to be compared to the glory that is set before me, and it’s not worthy to be compared to the looking to of a fiery indignation that is set before you.
    I forgive you sir.

    1. What a very powerful statement from the heart to make to Reprobate Rony!
      To forgive the unforgivable. A very wicked man who justifies his sins of destroying the people who trusted him to help them. Jesus said it would be better if a millstone was hung around your neck and you cast into the sea for what you sir are doing.

      We know Reprobate Rony is reading this, the way his nature and narcissistic spirit is he has to, it is like a drug for him. We know Tony Oloans, that you sir as well must read and report it back to your puppet master who you think is the “man of God” for the universe.

      Tony, I have worked with you some in the early days and you are the hardest or at least one of the hardest workers I have ever seen. Back then I know that if you search your heart you know that Rev Denis at that time before you have accepted all that you do now was doing things that you had trouble reconciling in your heart. This is because sir you knew it was not right and you had some convictions at the time.

      I heard you myself sir speak of how you dealt with this uneasiness of heart, which was to talk with Rev Denis. Tony I remember you speaking of how you had to apologize to him when he and his wife took you out to dinner. You were trying to console Adam who was also working at pastor Denis’ house with us. The phrase, if I remember correctly was “hoekey” that you two would use describing what he was asking for, like installing a front door at the back of the house. Rev Denis would tell you that he has done this before (building) that he knows what he is doing.

      I must say when I got to Savannah and I saw you and Diana my heart was broke for her. I had never seen her in such a condition. Over the years I’ve learned that this is what Rev Denis does to people by usurping authority over their lives, authority that only belongs to God.

      Tony my desire for you is that you would truly pray. Not the scream sessions HOPCC taught us but to enter into your closet the one Jesus Christ taught about. The place where it will be you and God alone. Enter in and truly pray perhaps God may grant you some sincerity of heart to do the right thing.

      I too forgive the wickedness of the Reprobate. The only way I could cope in the madness of the cult was pray daily specifically for Rony. There were times I saw things one way while my family saw them a different way. I can say that I am not bitter, I never was bitter against him and by God’s amazing grace I never will be bitter against anyone. This is why I can be a little comical about some of these things.

      One thing I have learned as a Christian and especially laboring as a minister, some people who you help will do you wrong. There must not be a place for bitterness in the Christian heart. This is true holiness.

      This does not mean that Rony does not need to be exposed. Jesus exposed the wicked religious extortioners of his day and so did Paul. So, here in 2016 with the technology we have we are exposing the religious extortioner of our day, Rony the Reprobate.

      With love Rony!

  5. So here we have a Pastor, one of the most respected positions someone can have in society, using his position to pressure people so that he can make money off of them!? Why would a “pastor” exploit so many willing hearts? He is a wolf! He is hurting the ones he is supposed to protect! This is really bad, this should be a news special, the media would eat this story up. How is he going to justify this in the sight of his congregation? How can he Preach to them, knowing he is using there willing hearts for his gain? He is not the good Shepherd, he is not laying down his life for the flock, but using them, then spitting them out after he has sucked every last bit of meat off their bones. This man is a real sucker!

  6. Mafia kingpin Rony Denis is holding the people hostage in his cult that he calls house of prayer. He is the devil’s answer, a true counterfeit. Look at how he is extorting the people. He doesn’t exhort he extorts. People have a lot of money problems over there because he rips them off. How many times has he raised your rent?

    Rony used to make fun of a church member named Corona, saying his eyes would shift when he was lying. Rony’s red devil eyes shift perpetually because his lies are never ending even when he is not speaking he is lying.

    He is of his father the devil. Have you ever wondered why he liked goat head so much?

  7. Rev. Denis is such a liar! LOOK at all the houses that are in other people’s names that he is making a profit off of, one of those houses belong to my dad, and he has checked his credit and sees they have refinanced the house several times w/o him knowing!!!! He recieves no money from the house either! All these houses are being used for Rev. Denis’s lavish living, here we have Rev Denis telling everyone to stop spending and save your money, when he himself is eating out and wasting money everyday!!! And then he has the NERVE to say, he doesn’t get any money from the church!! And then he brags on how much $ he gives away, we’ll I guess I would feel guilty my self to, if I were an extortioner and stole people’s money all the time.

  8. That man denis is running a mafia and telling (Tony) hint hint to get all the money from the people and if they don’t pay they dues to either move them or kick them out. This man is crazy he ought to be up there with the top mobsters, but i give it to him whatever he doing he is good at it, but the God of heaven is greater than this man denis.My God can do anything but fail and right now denis is failing to realize that his sin is being found out by many and more to come. Denis we going to pray your kingdom down you been building your kingdom all over the land but denis the real people of God is going to pray your kingdom down. Glory be to the lamb of God AMEN!

    1. Jimmy devil Denis is only good at what he does because of crooked Anthony oloans. Oloand works all night long to make all of the crooked garbage that Jimmy does possible. He is the one that puts all of the garbage into practice. Oloans knows this man is a lier, theif, and fraud but he has allowed Jimmy to make him just as bad! These two together are destructive to the human race!!!!

    2. Jimmy devil Denis is only good at what he does because of crooked Anthony oloans. Oloans works all night long to make all of the crooked garbage that Jimmy does possible. He is the one that puts all of the garbage into practice. Oloans knows this man is a lier, theif, and fraud but he has allowed Jimmy to make him just as bad! These two together are destructive to the human race!!!!

  9. But God will overthrow everything that Rony Denis has set-up.Every table.. Rony is not GOD.I know what you say is truth.I know about reports and meeting. And never pleasing this man.Long hours and sleepless nights the verbal abuse. But just as God come to chase out those whom had made HIS house a den of thieves.Rony,GOD has a whip with your name on it.

  10. There is nothing righteous about Rony Denis he indeed turned the House of God into a den of thieves. Rony Denis has made merchandise of the people.He has taken

  11. That man ought to be ashamed of himself. I know personally some of them people can’t even afford the rent. Drug dealers ain’t got nothing on Rony Denis!!

  12. The difference between Jesus our Lord & Savior and Reverend Denis is Jesus was stirred with a righteous anger because merchants were attempting to turn the house of God into place of merchandising and money making. Denis is stirred by an unrighteousness anger in efforts to maintain mind control of Gods people through undue harshness and manipulation. God as we speak is stirred with a righteous anger against him because he has turned God’s house into a money making business and he’s the only one whose seemingly profiting. Trust and believe by faith that God is going to perform the same action as he did in the Temple, written in the scripture. He is going to overturn tables sparing not the rod and expose on all the crookedness and fraud. For The love of $$$$ and you know the rest….

    1. That is very true. He is the one who would have to be whipped out of the temple. The reason why I even mentioned that account is because I’ve heard him justify himself yelling in a ministers meeting at Rev. Bradeen, and he used that scripture to justify himself saying ” I know I’m yelling, but the other fella would have flipped over these tables!” How sick, he has an uncanny ability to twist any scripture to fit his agenda. Now it makes sense to me why the old preacher Lenard Revenhill said ” if Christ came back he wouldn’t have to cleans the temple, he would have to cleans the pulpit!”

  13. Wow, he was bringing in alot of dough! !! And never gave you a penny for your hard work and commitment, shame shame shame. Even if he’d given you a little compensation it seems he’d still have millions to continue on with his lavish lifestyle. I read on other sites of there plans to start a prison ministry, nursing home ministry etc. He sure has the financial means to do so with all that cash flow. He’s headed straight to hell on a first class flight with a pair of gasoline drawers on with all his millions…..smh, shameful. What an insult to the true cause of Christ.

  14. Why are they so scared of this site? Is it true that big grown men and women were jumping up and down on their smart phones because lil’ Rony is scared that they may be exposed to the truth and be set free from his wickedness. These people are suppose to be filled with the power of the Holy Ghost and they have to go jump up and down on their phone? They need to be jumping up and down on that crazy polycom.

  15. Praise GOD!
    My brother in Christ.That you are FREE from the cruel taskmaster Rony
    I pray for those who are still under the thumb of Rony Denis.

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