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Please check back here for recordings as they will be posted in the days and weeks to come. There are MANY available,  and are being held by several individuals  along with other information and documentation so that all evidence is no longer being help by just one man. God forbid that harm should come to any of our informants, this will set off a chain reaction of everything being turned over to the Federal Authorities. Its sad that some have to be in hiding from a church, but thus far we have information safeguarded so that it will not be possible to live and die with just one man.

10 thoughts on “AUDIO FILES

  1. It seems as if some have missed the whole point of this website. The point was originally to expose rony denis. If we would stick to that subject we maybe able to get accomplish something. Why are we trashing people who are themselves victims? Maybe if we all join together in our original plan, all of these may also be saved.

    1. I see the need in certainly exposing this Denis character and not focusing on the side issues of his ministers. However exposing them may as well be exposing Denis because he trained them. There are many voices I see on this site and hopefully Christianity will be the motivating focus of the heart. There may be no hope for this deceiver named Denis but there certainly hope for others. It would be ineffective to try and expose sins and corruption in this man’s empire while we are corrupt ourselves. We surely can labor to remove the beam as many may see it in their eyes but it would be difficult to do if we still have one in ours. We can see clearly to help whosoever wants help, even though not everyone wants help, if we look at Jesus first and recognize the greatest need that humanity has and that is we must be saved.

    2. Two things I thought about when I was listening to the audio files… 1. when Pilkington asked rev.York how did he get the Audacity two come against pastor D, but a good question is how does Pilkington have the audacity to come against the WORD OF GOD and disregard and despise it.
      2. When Pilkington was talking about David’s SIN was ever before him – justifying why pastor had the right to keep bringing up peoples sinful life before salvation/ sinful acts after salvation that have been repented of. But he answered his own question or argument. David said “BEFORE HIM”, “HE” , “HIMSELF”. David kept his sins before him as in he never forgot what he could go back to if he left GOD. The key word is “ME”— my sin is ever before MMMEEEEEEE – NOT the church or the preachers.. (It’s a working out of my own personal salvation) It did not mean that “ANOTHER PERSON”– a pastor or someone in Authority can throw you’re sins in your face at any given time… THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE!?!!!??

      1. ABC123, you make a great point. David’s sin was to be before him seeing how he committed it, a reminder of what happens when you go outside the will of God like hopcc has done. These men have twisted the scriptures in order to lord over God’s heritage. To keep you in bondage spiritually as well as physically. They love the Old Testament and want to keep you in the dark about the New Covenant we have in the New Testament concerning God’s great Grace and the precious Blood of Jesus and the Power of the Holy Ghost working in us ALL, to help liberate the oppressed of the devil whom Denis unfortunately is working for right now.

  2. Amen, bitterness has no place in the Christian heart. Give no place to the Devil. Before we can help others correctly we must be able to see correctly ourselves. Bitterness blinds us to where we can do more hurt and harm than actually help. It can also blind us to our own sins which could be the same sin we are accusing someone else of. By the Grace of God I can say that I have no bitterness in my heart toward Denis and his cronies in Hopcc yet I will continually expose them as the frauds that they are to help liberate the oppressed and if possible that the perpetrators may repent of their wicked ways and actually get saved from their sins.

    God bless you all!
    Happy new year! Let’s start it off right!
    Bro Yorke

  3. The preachers in my opinion as well as their wives especially the ones from NTCC in HOPCC are all accountable for their complicit actions in following Rony Denis’ wicked ways. If the people in the Bible had to take a stand, if Christians from the past had to take a stand, why do they think they are exempt? The wives can be rebellious against what is right but they sit silent and can’t be rebellious against what is wrong? Have they not been bought out my the materialism offered to them by Rony Denis and their complicit husbands? Ahab and Jezebel were judged by God, not just Ahab only. Where are the preacher’s wives that will stand for righteousness? Some of those weak ministers are afraid to take a stand because their wife will leave them. I thought the Bible said that the wife was suppose to follow the husband. If he is not leading her into sin then she is wrong for wanting to stay in a cult that is obviously anti-Christian. I like what I heard one preacher say in a different church, he said I am going to pray if I pray right by myself. I am going to stand for God if I have to stand alone. There were people in the Bible who had church in their house. I don’t need a big church to be right with God. Just give me His Spirit! Just give me Jesus! You can do what you want, I’ll try to do what God wants me to do. It may be a challenge but He will help me as long as I keep looking to Jesus. Everyone may forsake me but Jesus will never leave me! God bless the brothers and sisters in Greensboro, NC and other places that took a stand for righteousness despite the odds. The world and sin is never an option! Nor Rony’s Cult!

    Bro. R.A. Yorke

  4. Yes, the Backside Boys truly reveal the character of these hirelings. These are not men of God but hirelings. They have been hired to pervert the Gospel of Christ. Jesus said if you are not coming in by the door (front door) you are a theif and a robber. These guys apparently like to enter in by way of the backside (back door).

    I wonder who hired these guys?

    1. This makes me very sad and angry. These men are so Wicked. And shame on Brother Price for letting them do this. I love Brother Price,but this wickedness.

  5. Another man concerned about another man’s backside. Yes, sounds like holiness to me. NOT!

    This is the epitome of Rony Denis’ ministry.

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