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Returning To Your First Love!!! ?

This post was inspired by a conversation with Rev. Figueroa and the testimony he posted.

Can you remember when you sincerely for the first time gave your heart ❤️ to Jesus? Maybe you were not yet well versed in the Bible, you certainly were not indoctrinated yet, but all you knew was that you loved God and wanted to live for him.  You wanted to be in church, not to find fault because you were no longer looking for fault to find in order to justify yourself. You just wanted Jesus and to tell others about Jesus!

Fast forward a few years, now your “suited up”, you inwardly and outwardly find fault with other Christians and churches who don’t hold to your standards, and the innocence of your love for Christ has been chilled by a cold-hearted religion of law keeping instead of a relationship with Christ.

Or, maybe you were viscously done wrong in the church by people you trusted and find it hard to have anything to do with any type of church.

These are not far fetched situations, they happen all the time, more than we all realize. We are not the only ones to experience such things. Yet, the answer is still Jesus! Going back to our first LOVE ❤️, Jesus! Reclaiming the zeal for him that we lost through trusting in the lies of sinful ministers. We can allow Jesus to be our Pastor again! We can believe again, or still believe as the sister said!

Don’t let Denis or the Devil bring you down, especially when Jesus died and rose again that you might have LIFE and that much more ABUNDANTLY!

7 thoughts on “Returning To Your First Love!!! ?

  1. It’s good to know that I can see God again as my Heavenly Father who loves me and not as a viscous cruel taskmaster that “loves it when I feel like I’m going to hell” as his son. Something Rony Denis and William Pilkington was promoting as part of their heretical false teaching.

  2. It is sooo good to be saved and delivered from Rony Denis’ cult. It is terrible to think of those lost souls who bow down to the delusions of Denis. Men like Hugh Virgo who someone testified saying that he looked like a dog whose been beaten down with it’s tail between it’s legs. Please pray for these souls to wake up and be delivered from the deceiver, Rony Denis.

  3. Oh we can once again be quickened by the spirit of God being set free from the bondage of mans religion, going back to where we first began in power, might and true freedom. Experiencing the peace of knowing of the true saving grace of God in our lives. As the song sung by so many I’m saved and I know that I am. No longer bewitched or entangled but truly set free…….For whom the son sets free is free indeed. Just thinking about it is encouraging.

    1. Yes! True liberty is to be able to love God and others and to not be tied down with man made lies and oppression. Thank God I can love again without the buck toothed prophet filling my heart with hatred.

  4. It is assuring to know that there is life outside of hopcc and that you can be healed from all of the afflictions of the devil. Even through being stabbed in the heart by your spouse, to being left for dead by your pastor, and forsaken by the brethren. Jesus remains faithful to give me the strength to forgive and go on for Him! May God help these wicked people see the light of day. Jesus said, Father forgive them for they know not what they do. In Denis’ case he knows exactly what he is doing. I pray for those trapped in Denis’ maze of deception to be released in Jesus name! Amen!

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