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Pastor Figueroa’s Testimony: Find Out The Truth Behind Denis’ Lies & Be Encouraged To Return To Your First Love!!!

My Testimony: Jeffrey Figueroa

First, I would like to say that I never thought that this day would come to pass. Yet, I feel it’s my duty before God to set the record straight. I want to first apologize if at any time I have done anything to discredit anyone while in the cult of Rony Denis.

My story is one that started 5 July 1987 in Germany, God did a work of grace in my life. From sinner to saved …  I went to a church service, Rev JP Rodrigues preached, and God did a work in my heart. (Denis wasn’t there) One that I did not understand, having grown up in the projects in N.Y. with spiritism and much ungodliness. I went to that service and God divinely changed my life. I did not go back to the life I once lived. I personally did not understand all that God had done. I just know that I wanted to serve the Lord, and wanted to know all I could about the word of God. I wanted everyone to have what I had received within my heart. I had not the words to describe the work that God had done. As the song goes the things I used to do I don’t do them anymore.

I was with NTCC for 17 years, here God did a work in my life.  I went to bible school then left to pioneer a church by the grace of God in San Diego, CA.  I did not know much, but knew I loved God, and that God loved me and wanted souls to be saved. God blessed in many ways, souls were saved and lives were changed.  As time went on things changed in NTCC, and I wanted to grow in God and closeness to my Savior. Then came knowledge that there was another organization being started by Rony Denis.
There were many promises that were detailed in a letter where Rony Denis explains these promises that were to take place which never did.  As time went on, we would see the anger problem that Denis had.  His way of so-called being led by the Spirit, exploding, screaming , hollering, and threatening to disfellowship you at the drop of the hat for such petty things.  All the preachers there could say the same if they would sincerely tell the truth, but this is my story.

In a way I never really fit in, I was always on the outside trying to get closer to Rony Denis (Foolishness).  For I loved to pray and loved God and souls. At first that’s all he talked about. My desire for more God more knowledge of God and a closer walk.  My wrong was trusting him way too much.  I can say that I was there from the beginning, though as I said I was always pushed aside.

Denis has always been an impatient man, yet because of our love for him and respect we over looked many things, and made many excuses for his actions. Since he would teach that it is not wrong to be wrong just wrong to stay wrong, and so on and so forth.  He said that letter of many promises that there would not just be one main church, but churches with bible schools (even though San Diego never had one), that each pastor would allow the Holy Ghost to lead them, that the only thing connecting the churches would be the Holy Ghost (not to have pressure from man….what a lie!….being under Denis was like being in a pressure cooker)  All the blah blah blah were all lies.

So many promises that he stated, so much hype: prayer, humility, and that there would be NO POLITICS! (What a JOKE?) As time went on House of prayer became more and more about politics, and who could so-called make it to the top or make it close to Rony Denis. Everything revolves around him, respecting him, doing things for him, and doing it his way. He has not developed preachers but has crushed, condemned, and controlled them, conquering over them causing doubt and confusion.

Rony Denis created so much oppression and condemnation from his man-made religion. There was so much pain to the soul, strain on the marriages, separation of families, and poisoning of the children. There was no true joy, no relief, no peace, just empty religion without Christ.  Rony Denis’ message was continually a growing bondage of chains and bands of wickedness and weights of torment. As the Bible  says the thief comes not but to kill, steal, and to destroy.  Rony Denis specialized in sapping all the strength and confidence one has towards the work of grace in their life by Jesus Christ.  All that Jesus came to give man-made religion steals, kills, and destroys.
OH BUT THEY WOULD SAY THIS IS NOT SO!  I was there 13 years, they will defend their religion as did the Sadducees, the Pharisees, and the scribes.

I remember times right before a church service, that I would be ready to preach and to teach to encourage the congregation.  About 3-5 minutes before church Rony Denis would call me and yell, scream and holler, and tell me that I was going to hell, and how messed up I was. He said he was trying to help me, but it was torture. Many of the Pastors there know this is true, they are too scared as I was when I was there. Doing all to be accepted to stay in the boat it, was foolishness.

There seems so much to say and yet so little time.  I can truly say that Denis is way off, this man is as proud as they come.  At this time John and Jennifer let me know that they were leaving.  They shared some things that I had knowledge of, and some things that were taking place in Hinesville that I knew nothing about. I had said I would leave with them.  But, when the time came I turned my back on them and God’s timing to leave. (Of this I have great regrets but I can not go back in time.)

Rony Denis then moved me to Hinesville in a great rush. It was so-called for my health but in reality Denis wanted to take the San Diego church away from me.  As I traveled across the country all day I received calls from Denis bashing and trashing John and Jennifer, their  gay, and his, “this and that” (Denis talk). When I got to Hinesville, there was a mixture of yelling and screaming and love bombing, as is called.  The many promises that he made to me never came to pass.  Denis is such a liar. He promises  you something and then says that because you did not obey in some crazy way that things changed, knowing that he never intended it to fulfill the promise. Then the Yorkes left also. Then the trashing of the Rodriguez’ and the Yorkes was continual day and night.  I was called all times of the day to be told of all kinds of gross lies about them.  I allowed myself to listen to it. I even said some harsh things about them. I remember he wanted me to record some things against my daughter. I did it, he called me back and said it wasn’t good enough that I had to be harder and meaner.  I was not to allow my wife to know or hear me doing the recordings.  It was done over and over and over again until he said it was good enough. (How foolish I was!)

When I was in Hinesville for those few months I watched and heard and there was a great prevailing thought in my mind, Denis’ pride has consumed him, his motives are wicked, vile, and selfish. This man cares for no one but himself. I cannot believe the control that is man has over people’s lives, even my own. Asking permission about everything. Can I go to Jesup, can I get my kids some shoes, can I give so and so a ride. So many silly things that I thought this is ridiculous, that is not a church this is a concentration camp. I Spoke to one man who had not taken his wife on a date for more than 3 years. He was running around doing things for the so-called church, placing a strain on their marriage and having no time for the kids. Denis Places burdens on people that he does not keep himself.

Rony Denis is such a hypocrite. He can call me a liar, scream, holler, call the polycom, and ask people to say things against me I don’t care. He is a liar, Rony Denis is phony. I have no respect for this sorry excuse of a man called Denis, and would not put the words Pastor or Reverend before his name.

There are so many things that happened being there for 13 years, I have watched men who I have respected for years become something different and they know it. All being under the so-called ministry of Rony Denis. House of prayer was suppose to be a way out of NTCC. We said it in the beginning that if we leave NTCC and we do not do right that it would be worse…..and that is so true House of prayer is NTCC on steroids!!!!

House of prayer is not about Jesus….it is all about Denis that is all that he talked about while I was there for those months of how great that he is and probably is still doing it to this day. He has turned into a vicious monster. I loved this man so much when I first met him. All he seemed to talk about was prayer and God, that is what attracted me to being around, it drew my attention. All I wanted to do was love God and love the people.

I came to House of Prayer to learn and to grow….what a let down, I found self condemnation, torment, laden with false accusations, beaten down, and broken down. If you said you did not do something Denis would say it is not true because God told him that you did more. He would stay on you until you would change your own story and agree with his. Multitudes of times all to discredit , tear down, and manipulate. Denis is a worker of Satan!

Denis is wicked and I have moved on. I am not in a wheelchair or on drugs. I am in the ministry working and laboring for the kingdom of God. Praying spending time in the word of God. Oh, I am so glad for the new found freedom so much to learn, but by God’s grace we are moving forward. God has truly touched my body we are moving forward from the cult. Oh, what a weight has been lifted off of me.

God is well able to renew, revive, and restore one unto their first love, there is hope in Christ not religion. There is true freedom outside of the cult of Rony Denis. There is hope for others we are praying for them to get the strength to get out of that ungodly place, we are praying for others to not only have their eyes opened. But that they would not allow fear to dominate their heart and mind to get out of that cursed  place called House of prayer Christian church.

I am one of the last ones that would say anything bad about a church, but the truth must be told.( Thank God for the website!) I can not support this lie called House of prayer Christian Church. For it is not a church it is a cult. I did not know as much, until I moved to Hinesville. I seen things with my own eyes and heard with my own ears,  it is a concentration camp.

There is so much that can be said, we will mention more as God allows. May God bless you and be in prayer for more souls to escape that dreadful place, under the realm of RONY DENIS THE CULT MASTER!

And to all those who have left my encouragement to you is just go back to your first love. God can use your life you can live for God. God is a healer, and strength giver and will be there for you. Don’t turn your back on God for these fools, but go back to the basics read your bible, spend time with God, and love your wife and kids. And just let God be God in your life.

It is good to be free, so much has improved since I left, so much healing within and without. As far as my health, I am doing great! I am much stronger,  and I’m not cursed or killed by my wife as Denis said would take place. So be encouraged, leave the cult and experience the true joy that comes from above. There is life after the cult called House of prayer or whatever they call it now. God bless you!

17 thoughts on “Pastor Figueroa’s Testimony: Find Out The Truth Behind Denis’ Lies & Be Encouraged To Return To Your First Love!!!

  1. He’s got demons and is involved with the occult: witchcraft. He also allows and says he has the power to: divorce which God HATES and joins together “brothers and sisters” in remarriage which JESUS calls ADULTERY… Pls repent if you are in a remarriage… Our covenant spouse is our ONe FLESH spouse for life! When I confronted the preachers about this, the demons manifested. They asked me if I called Rev Dennis a “false prophet”? And I said, “Yes I did.” Rev Bradeen asked me three questions: Do you believe God is with us? Do you believe God is with House of Prayer and do you believe God is with Rev Dennis? Once they rejected the truth about divorce and remarriage I told them, “This day you have rejected the truth of Jesus Christ, this is the house of the false prophets and angry watchmen!” Thank God for deliverance! He told me to vacate the premises by trying to use their “man authority” to “put me in my place.” Before that I got a call from Rev Virgo on the phone and he said, “Rev Dennis said he knows that you are standing for your marriage, and says he apologizes for how the preachers treated you and asked you if you wanted to come back?” Really? He had someone spy on my fb to determine that. I told him about divorce and remarriage and how it was adultery bc it’s a covenant for life and that I would never return to a church that was practicing adultery. I also asked him questions about whether or not he said that comment about calling Rev Dennis ‘Deity’ Or not and he deflected the question by saying’ “look ma’am, we can’t believe everything we hear, someone said my wife stole their wallet and my wife did not.” I asked him again and he said, “I don’t go by what ppl say, and I’ll leave it at that.” He did not answer my question. He is deceived. I just PRAY God opens his eyes and he gets out of the hog pen before he is utterly destroyed by lies spoken in hypocrisy. I just couldn’t believe he allowed me to speak to him and and listened to me as I told him the truth. I know the Holy Spirit smite his heart for lying: withholding the truth is a form of lying. Rev Dennis has been deceiving many souls for years and they are in deep bondage by demonic spirits. The whole church to include myself were under a religious-self righteous spirit for years bc we were being fed lies mixed with truth and we allowed it. That makes us accountable to our sins. Since I’ve left the cult and have truly been seeking God from my heart, the Lord has shown me many things and just how narrow the path truly is. Without love for God and love for our neighbor we will never make it! We have to repent and denounce the evil spirits that we partook of while in that “church” in order to be in a right relationship with Christ. Pls listen to some preachings by Derek Prince… His main ministry was to cast out demons that oppressed believers: I also have a pdf if anyone is interested in studying. We can pray self delieverance prayers in Jesus Name and denounce any the ties to the cult which was being mingled with so-called “righteousness”. This will not only bring deliverance but healing! Many don’t understand that we had soul ties to demonic spirits, but they can all be broken in Jeuss name!

    There is still SO much to share, but I am exhausted by just sharing this.

    I thank God that whether by default or insubordination to be in compliance with their legalistic rules is what took place to deliver us, we can ALL praise God for His mercy!!!!

    1. I’m neither with them or against them I would like to go to the church either in San Diego or in Killeen to see for myself now how it really is. I want to say it really jacked me up, everything I love God but I went through some stuff through my time in San Diego. I’m just trying to find myself

    2. I wouldn’t get too caught up with coming back into that church. Think about it, you know they’ll only use the fact that you got out the first time against you. I’ve posted a reply in one of your posts already, I suggest giving it a read.

      I understand you want to be closer with God, but the only person to do that is Jesus, not people. There are too many red flags in that church, you should beware them because they are not transparent. They keep secrets with one another only to expose you later on as a demon. You said it yourself, you got messed up while you were in there, so why would you go back? The devil is lying to you so that he can control you, manipulate you, and hurt you.

      Proverbs 19:2 says, “He that hasteth with his feet sinneth.” You have to wait on God and he will deliver you! God is putting it in my heart to tell you to go back to your family and be a witness unto them. You’ll grow that way. Witness in action rather than just words.

      If you’re running to and fro and can’t make a decision, you’re hasting. Just slow it down and try not to make any rash actions or decisions.

      I hope this helps brother. God Bless!

  2. Rony Denis promised the world, health insurance, retirement, an accredited school, not another NTCC, etc. All lies! In the end he ended up showing his true colors, a common criminal and a huckster. He was just doing what he was taught but in a perverted and twisted way. Glad I left!

  3. Bless you Pastor Figueroa I’m so happy for you and Sister Figueroa. I’m praying for you both, God has a plan!!! Praise God!!!

  4. Hey Fig glad you made it out; I bailed from NTCC before Denis did his thing so was spared jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Welcome to the real world; relax and enjoy your life without all the fake condemnation dished out by the lords over God’s heritage.

    1. I left well before the crazy set in. It was when I discovered Denis and Oloans fabricates the evidence of compromise and held services in a Masonic temple that I bailed. The hypocrisy was written all over their initial actions in “building” their church. Not God’s Church.

  5. It is good to know that God can redeem us from being associated from such wickedness. By the grace of God I can truly say that there is no bitterness in my heart toward Denis or any of the cowards in this cult. However, I will stand with you and others against the wickedness of these evil men and women continually. Thank you sir for exposing who Denis really is from a pastor’s experience with him. People probably have no idea what kind of pressure you are under with Denis in your ear all the time. Good to see you made it out! I heard that Denis was really angry when you left.

  6. This is so true, thankyou for sharing this. We knew Denis was lying the whole time concerning those recordings. I am so glad you made it out and am greatly encouraged from your fellowship. You are so right about the politics in hopcc, I couldn’t help but to think of how Denis has created more politics in hopcc than there is in Capitol Hill! Thank God that others will read and the Spirit of Truth will bear witness that Denis is a complete fraud. I remember at one time when he was traveling in his motorhome that he was working hard to convince me that he was not trying to be flashy or that he didn’t have a lot of money by pointing out that his motorhome didn’t have the woodgrain trim. But, now he is boasting unashamedly about how much money his has and so on and how he will fight you with his lawyers. This guy is crazy! I am glad we all left and am looking forward to more testimonies of more who will leave or are recovering from the abuse of this wicked cult.

      1. The recordings I’m talking about are the recordings Rev. Figueroa mentioned in his testimony. However, Denis does record and have listeners listen in on conversations as well as himself listening in when you’re talking to another minister.

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