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One Year Anniversary of Freedom From The Cult. Still burning for Jesus. Bro. J.M. Rodriguez

The Aftermath

September 1st, marked the one year anniversary of the day my family and I escaped the cult know as “House of Prayer”, or  “The Place of Help” as they have had to call it, seeings that our departure caused a chain reaction, that has had the false prophet and his worshipers on their heals ever since. He trashed us to others, people that he had no idea were ready to do the same right under his nose. The man who enjoyed keeping such a tight grip on people suddenly became prophet butter fingers. One by one to this very day more people are leaving that place.Now Rony Denis has the church on a continual witch hunt to try to find out who we are in communication with, and who will be the next to flee that city of destruction. The fact that this was able to happen to him on such a grand scale without him having a prompt from God is proof that God does not speak to him. The public has been made aware that his group is a cult, and because of that, they are having a harder time than ever recruiting people. Now a dying organization has had to resort to moving families from other churches under Ronys’  control,  to the Hinesville location as a last ditch effort to keep the numbers looking fluffy, and keep the money rolling in. Rony Denis had to borrow this idea from R. W. Davis because at this point their is not much he can do. The church has never been indigenous in the first place. Rony Denis has always spent the money faster than it could come in, so early in HOPCC he started his real estate scam by using church members credit to buy houses, then put it on the market to generate income. Now that the church is going down, Rony might be in the real estate business for the long haul.

God’s Providence

Though the last year has been the worst year for the cult leader since he started his church scam, it has been the most glorious time for my family and I. Rony Denis had “prayed” and prophesied that I would end up in rock n’ roll, piercings on my face, on drugs, and would have hurt my wife and son. So can we add this to the list of things the false prophet said that would not come to pass……………………………………YES! Rony Denis can’t say that anything I did in my past is going to come back, just because I left his cult. The simple fact is that I got saved before Rony even knew I was alive. In fact, I was saved before HOPCC even existed. God delivered me from all those things, and filled me with the Holy Ghost before I ever met Rony Denis. So I think it’s safe to say that Rony had nothing to do with my salvation, thus he can’t curse whom God has blessed.

I am still serving God, in the ministry. Pastor Ashmore has been such a great blessing to my family and I. We’ve been at work to reach out to the lost, and bring back in those who have been hurt by the likes of House of Prayer, or NTCC. One part of our ministry has been to reach out to ministers who have left these cult groups, yet still have a desire to preach the Gospel. Through our church we have been able to issue out ministers licenses to these people who have been through the fires of an abusive cult, yet came out still on fire for Jesus. The Gospel is still going on, and the name of Jesus is being preached. Cult survivors are being restored. As I look back, I remember over a year ago when I felt as if God put in my heart that if my family and I would leave the cult it would send a message. The fruit we have seen is confirmation that God is faithful.

My Life since I Left

Since I left the cult, life has been good for my family and I. We live in one of the nicest parts of San Diego. We are within walking distance to the ocean/ bay. I reflect over the past year the times that I walked along the ocean looking at the beauty that God has made, and one can’t help but  to be inspired to pray, as the works of his hands declare his glory. It was one morning when I was meditating this same way that Pastor Ashmore had called me, and asked me to teach Bible Study that night. God was already giving me the Bible study through the beauty of his creation. My wife has done her best to keep in touch with others who had left, and has been a friend to those who some times just need to talk to someone who knows what they have been through. We have been able to open up our home to others who have come to visit, and see what life is like for  Christian outside of the cult. Our lives have become our ministry, and we are doing it because we love the people we welcome into our home. Their is no reward  this side of eternity other than the joy we get when we see others helped by our friendship. We don’t have a program, and it’s not a halfway house. We just spend time with others, listen, and talk, and God does the rest. Many people are hurting, and though we are not experts, I truly believe that after people have been used by a cult, when they realize you truly care for them, and are there for them, just the position of your heart can minister love to so many.

A Thank You to those who have banded with us to stand for the truth

To all those who have been courageous, and have chosen to make a stand for truth, I would like to say thank you.  To those who have contributed to this web sight, and posted comments, and to all the family members who have banded with us in prayer too see loved ones delivered from the cult, we thank you. To our Hinesville team of devoted lady’s, we thank you for being a voice in the Hinesville community. The long hours protesting, raising awareness, God sees each and everyone of your labors. To our Pastor and his wife here in San Diego, who always ask us of the state of those in, and coming out of the cult. Not knowing the people by face, yet Pastor and Sister Ashmore recall their names to us to ask of their condition. Knowing many of them will never be able to make the journey to come join us in this ministry, yet loving those they have not known any way, and committing them to prayer. To Pastor and Sister Figueroa, who had to make a choice after realizing they had made a grave mistake to stay behind. Thank you for having the courage to overcome the lies of the Devil, and reach out to us once again, not knowing what our reaction would be. Many others who have been a blessing to my soul, The Johnson’s, the Writes, the Martinez,  Bro. F. A. Irwin,  and others.  Also a special thanks to Pastor and Sister Yorke, and the Greensboro church. Though we knew we were making the right choice, any who had read my wife and I’s testimony may understand it was a stressful situation getting out of there. I remember the message Rev. Yorke had sent me saying “keep driving, someone has to succeed.” This was a blessing. They and the Ashmore’s have been a great blessing to us, and if not for the Yorke’s zeal and activism, I can’t say that a lot of what has been accomplished would have been possible.  Many have done their part, without anyone organizing it, or demanding anything from anyone. Peoples hearts are being touched to do what they can for the movement. It’s often been said that a true revival is the one that no man can put his name on, and this is what is going on. This is the revival Jimmy preached about, but we are partaking in it. Thank you to all who have been apart of the movement. This we’ll defend!


13 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary of Freedom From The Cult. Still burning for Jesus. Bro. J.M. Rodriguez

  1. Oh the blessing to hear of the work that God is doing , the testimony that we can live for God outside of Denis cult, that our lives can be useable in the hand of the one who saved us. Praise the Lord!!!!

  2. Don’t forget that the false prophet said at the time that you were coming back soon! Ha ha ha and those people heard him and are still over there! What a joke!

  3. What a blessing bro. We’re glad you made the right choice. I know it was hard to deal with but it all happened right on time. I had been praying for a way out for years but didn’t know where to start. I believe the answer to my prayers started with you and your family. We hope to come visit you soon. Thank you for making a stand and God Bless you.

  4. Conference is starting up, maybe we will hear something different than Romans 1 and Ananias and Sapphira all the time.

  5. So true about Hinesville and Denis’ learned tactics. Hinesville is just another Graham. Denis said it wouldn’t be but he is a liar. Virgo who was in Graham at the time saw how Ntcc moved the local churches to the central one to fluff it up. It’s just like it was said that Rev. Johnson said, a graveyard for preachers.
    Virgo also talked negatively about the SNBO, Sunday night budget offering, as a money tactic of Ntcc, but lo and behold Denis and Hopcc are doing the same thing. What a bunch of hypocrisy!

    Ray Yorke

  6. Amen! I love it, still burning for Jesus!
    It’s amazing we wouldn’t have made it, if it weren’t for each other. Real friends are born in adversity. Real friendship is Something Jimmy does not understand,
    In his convaluted mind he associates friendship with homosexuality.
    Thanks you guys for everything. And Thanks Jennifer for being the best friend throughout the thick and the thin, the sun and the rain, young and old, We did this together. By the Grace of God, the next destination will be heaven ?

  7. GOD IS SO GOOD!! You guys are truly a blessing! From taking time out of you’re busy day to talk and encourage me, for opening your home to me when I came to San Diego to visit. It was truly a blessing to be around people that truly love God and be able to go to church and feel the love and presence of God! Thank you Pastor&Sister Ashmore you guys are amazing thank you for welcoming me with prayers and love and for you’re continuing Praying,love and checking on me ❤️ GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  8. As a family member on the outside. I THANK YOU AND LIFT YOU UP IN PRAISE along with all the families that have taken a stand against this cult. I can only imagine the horror that has taken place in your lives and I am grateful that you have testified about was is actually going on inside. I have prayed for years to remove my family from this place and to bring this man down. You are making this possible. God is Good and I will continue to pray for the release of All people under this Evil mans hold.
    Gods Blessing amd much love to all of you that have survived and are helping others. You are doing Gods work!!

  9. After one year it is heart moving and eye watering to read such testimonies and courage of those who have left and continue on for God! I thank the Rodriguez’s for busting this thing wide open. If it wasn’t for the courage of you, John and your wife, who knows what things would look like now? Thank God everyone has their part in this great movement to glorify God. It was a blessing to fellowship also with the Ashmores and Figueroas and the church in San Diego, we had a good time. We have certainly learned a lot over the course of this last year. Thank God he brought us out just in time! We are still keeping on the firing line for Jesus!

    Ray Yorke

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