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History Repeats Itself!!!

Within a history book a child who escaped Rony Denis‘ school of misinformation, a valuable lesson from history is illustrated to us that we are doomed to repeat it when we are ignorant of it.

The history lesson teaches how the Puritans wanted to leave England because they saw the corruption in the church of England they wanted to “purify” by removing everything that they thought was bad.  But, the king of England who was the head of the church was not going to allow that to happen.  So, the Puritans decided to leave to America for “Freedom of Religion.”  When they got to Massachusetts they got to worship the they way that they wanted to worship, which for the Puritans was strict discipline. 

Over the course of time other English people came to America for religious freedom as well.  In Massachusetts the Puritan leaders declared that the Puritan church was the only established church and that other Christians who came for religious liberty could not establish another church.  They had to adhere to the Puritan doctrine only.  The Puritans knew that it was right to go to church but they felt that they needed to force everyone to come to their church in order to become Christians.

Obadiah Holmes, a Baptist, was beaten with a whip by the Puritan leaders for preaching outside of the Puritan church. 

A Puritan preacher named Roger Williams, a missionary to the Native Americans, told the Puritans that it was wrong for them to force people to believe exactly the way they believed especially by punishing them, since punishment can never make a person believe Jesus from the heart.  The Puritan leaders in Massachusetts told Williams that he would have to change his ways or leave Massachusetts.  Williams was also in conflict with the Puritan leaders who mistreated and cheated the Native Americans because they were not Christians.  Williams felt that although the Native Americans were not Christians they should be treated fairly.  He would challenge the Puritan leaders by saying, how do you expect them to become Christians when you treat them unfairly. The Puritan leader’s got so angry that they devised a plan to send Roger Williams back to England.  Williams escaped into the woods where he got sick, but the Native Americans took care of him.  When he got well, he purchased a piece of land from the Native Americans and called it Providence.  Over sometime others who were persecuted by the Puritan leaders for their beliefs also left Massachusetts to join Roger Williams in Providence, Rhode Island.

This historical event mirrors the saga of Rony Denis and his “Puritan/ Holiness” ministers.  Rony Denis left New Testament Christian Church (England) because of all of the corruption in the church, but the king of England (R.W. Davis) was not going to allow Denis and his band of “Puritan/ Holiness” ministers to change things.  So, Denis and his band of merry men and women left to pursue the life of “Religious Freedom” for the people who were under what Denis called a Pharaoh.  Over the course of time, Rony Denis began to institute a strict religious system he felt was needed to keep the church “pure.”

Behold: The so-called “Holiness/Puritan” preacher!

Soon Rony Denis, the sole leadership of Hop, would teach that his sect was the only ones right with God.  Anyone who disagreed with Rony Denis was considered a heretic. Just like the Puritans Rony Denis worked hard to stamp out any opposition to him. Rony Denis also taught that you can be dishonest to the people who are not apart of Hop, just don’t be dishonest with him. This is the same attitude that the Puritans had with the Native Americans.

Thank God that several people just like Obadiah Holmes and Roger Williams escaped the extremist cult Rony Denis created to find God’s Providence for their lives in living the true gospel of loving God and others.

10 thoughts on “History Repeats Itself!!!

  1. There is so much garbage in Hopcc that it continually blows your mind. There are some weird people in this cult that are totally loyal to Denis because Denis knows about their wickedness and has covered for them. It is so sad to see so many lives crushed by such a wicked man. Marriages ruined because one man who doesn’t belong there steps in between husband and wife. Not only does Denis step in between your marriage but also works to assume control of your kids. Denis is the master of strife. There is no peace in that place. Marriages are troubled in Denis’ church because Denis has psychologically forced people to be married who should not be married. One man told me that his marriage was not supposed to be, he said that he was supposed to be with his first wife and was trying to work things out with her but Denis and the Hopcc ministers two in particular caused him to divorce her and marry another woman. His second marriage was a constant storm of continual problems. Whenever a man gets so involved in your life like this trust me it is a cult.

  2. Jesus said don’t let no man divorce you from your spouse. What God put together don’t let Jimmy but asunder.

    Now Denis said he has the power to divorce you from your spouse. Who gave Denis this power? It wasn’t God.

    Please pray for the marriages that Jimmy is tearing apart, the children he is hurting. The brainwashed spouse listening to his lies!

  3. Denis is such a liar! Denis said he has lawyers and he will fight. Ha ha ha…..how’s those court cases working out for you Jimmy?

  4. Denis is such a cult leader. He tells his cult members that the people left his cult because they wanted to be with their family! Whoa ? what a big sin, to be with your family. Folks that screams cult!!! Denis the cult leader is not only anti-God but also anti-family. The fact and truth is we left because we wanted God not Denis and his cult anymore!

    PS: Jimmy, How’s things working out for you since we left! Ha ha ha ?

    1. If you and your family were in a cult and the lights came on in your heart and you realized that you were in a cult wouldn’t you tell your family who were there to give them a chance to escape? Before you do this you have to make plans of escape because your family members might be more brainwashed than you think. Think about that, the cult has every aspect of your life wrapped up in the cult that you have to plan your escape!

      1. Are the children of Hop’s so-called “God’ Heritage” able to read children’s books? I remember Denis’s wife, Marjorie, saying their daughter read Dr. Suese books years ago. She said that she heard that they were good for the development early readers even though she wasn’t quite fond of them personally. I ask because they speak so much against cartoon characters but these books are illustrations of “cartoon” characters. Is it the pictures that they are afraid of? I did hear of how people took down pictures in their homes except the ones that they had of Denis.

  5. There is nothing new under the sun,…. but thank God for the truth , the word of God and those who make a stand with the word of God and against the lies.

  6. Oh, Yes! It is truly amazing how this same spirit always manifest itself throughout history. In the Bible it was the Pharisees, in early America it was the Puritans, in our day it Hopcc. Thank God for those who really want Him and Truth not Denis’ lies anymore. It’s good to be free and love God!

  7. Omg!! This is truly the same thing all over!!!! But just as the puritans lost control of the people, so Jimmy will also lose his control! LET THE PEOPLE GO Jimmy!!

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