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Word For Word Analysis of the Psychosis Of Cult Leader Rony Denis!!!

How does Rony Denis, the cult leader of House of Prayer, keep the people under his maniacal control?

Answer: He buys them! Listen for yourself:

Denis: So the story is, is this, I’m here ask me any question and I’ll answer it.  Ask any question you want.

The real story is, a mother of one of Denis’ church members came down to Savannah, GA to see to help someone move and to see her daughter. (She had two daughters who were cult members, one had left when the Greensboro, NC church left and one was living in Savannah, GA at this time still in Denis’ cult.) Once she came to her daughter’s home she met some of cult members who were there to”encourage” the daughter and her family because her sister had left the cult and they wanted to make sure that she and her family were not leaving. Once in the home the cult mind manipulation games and lying was used by Joshua Heitzman, the pastor of the Savannah church at the time. It failed to produce the desired results so a call is made the cult leader, Rony Denis. Denis is saying here that you can ask him any question. He will not say that to the police or any investigators but he feels comfortable lying to the mother of one of his members.    

Heitzman: You can ask any question.

Denis: Ok. You want guaranteed, you got it. You come in I’ll help you, we [will] get you a place, ugh, ugh, ugh,            whatever you need.  The garbage, all the accusations, I already went through this…I went through this in New Testament, we proved it they gone.  You looking for holiness? You talking to the man. (Notice, his idea of holiness is all of the stuff he did) I’m the one who helped your daughter.  I’m the one that when they came from New York, I asked brother Huff to have Owens to live and your daughter to stay there.  I’m the one that clothed, I bought the, your ugh…ugh…ugh…grandson clothes. I’ve been the one there for Yorke when the car they had, the truck, when they… Upshur wrecked it..I’m the man they called….I’m the man they call for every advice in the church up until then…right now they don’t have me and they finished. Why? Because of pride, self, plus they want family, they want to do it their way, they want a Baptist church, they want music, they want they want this they want that.  They made [up] all this stupid stuff about signs, wonders, [and] Kabbalah that’s garbage.  I go straight, ask me any question you want to.

Forgive us if the transcript seems a little incoherent but this is actually the speech pattern of Rony Denis.  He is Haitian born so French is his native language but he has been in the U.S. for over thirty years and still doesn’t have a strong command of the English language, however we can decipher enough of his speech patterns to put together what he is attempting to say. 

The first point to address here is to notice how this man operates.  He tries to lure the mother in by saying, “You come and I’ll help you.”  This is Denis’ tactic in building his following.  At the beginning of his cult movement he was accused of “throwing money” at people problems.  Denis’ wife responded to this accusation by saying that it’s their money and they can do what they want with it.  In New Testament Christian Church, the church who accused Denis of stealing money, one of the board members who visited Denis’ church in Hinesville when Denis pastored in New Testament Christian Church said that Denis was running a soup kitchen. 

Denis mentions to the mother how he will take care of her, give her a place and whatever she needs.  He then tells her about how he helped her other daughter and her husband, Owens.  He tells her that he clothed her grandchild. This was done by giving money to Bro. Yorke, the pastor of the Greensboro church at the time where the grandchild was, to buy clothing for the mother’ s grandchild.  Denis told Yorke that the parents of the child didn’t care for the child and not to buy the child any suits because the parents wouldn’t take the clothes to the cleaners.  Denis would use this “giving” that he did to brag to the congregation and as a cult mind control technique to convince the masses that he was a benevolent cult leader.  The Bible teaches us not to do your alms before men but Denis lived by something other than the Bible.  With Denis’ “giving” there are also strings attached.  He wants you to have a sense of obligation to him, after all he gave to you, so you owe him something, your complete loyalty. 

Another point to bring out is that Denis says that the people who escaped his cult called him for every advice in the church.  The truth is that if you didn’t call about something and he found out he would yell at you and get angry that you didn’t call.  If Yorke didn’t call Denis about the truck indecent Denis would have been irate when he found out about it.  Denis didn’t offer any advice or anything of any value when Yorke called.  What it is, is that Denis wants you to get permission for everything that you do.  Denis wanted husbands and wives to rat on each other to him for anything, he wanted the ministers to call him and report anything that other ministers were doing that in the slightest was not according to cult doctrine, he also had the members reporting on the pastors.  Later he would turn against the members of the churches and blame them if they had a problem with the pastors.  Rony Denis is a very nosy man, he wants to know what is going on all the time not only in the church but in every aspect of your life.  

Rony Denis says that the people who left are finished because they don’t have him, and then he starts talking about pride and self concerning the reason why the people left.  It is amazing how blinded this man is to his own pride and arrogance.  People need God not him.  Many times people didn’t even want to call him or even hear from him.  One of the greatest times in Hop was when Denis decided to cut everyone off and say don’t call him and that everyone needed to let him go.  During this time he didn’t call anyone and if you called him the phone went to his voicemail which was with was full.  This period lasted for about a month.  During this time he was involved in combination of things including Kabbalah.  Denis had constructed a “special” room in his house where he fasted and conjured up what he calls the 2’9 spirits or people.  He has since turned the room into an exercise room.  During this time Denis was not taking showers and only coming out to use the restroom.  When he finished his “spiritual” exercise he began to communicate with the churches again, this time telling the pastors to look in the sky for signs and wonders.  The signs and wonders were birds, planes, and cloud formations.  I know it sounds silly but this really happened. So, Denis was called out on this when the Greensboro church left and now in this recording he is lying to this mother saying that the Greensboro church made up his involvement with bringing the church into more deception with his signs and wonders. 

Notice his disdain for the Baptist church and music.  He now plays on the ignorance of the mother by telling her that he is straight and to ask him any question.  What we will find is that Rony Denis is a straight liar.    

The Mother: What’s Kabbalah?….(laughter)…What’s Kabbalah?

Denis: Say what now?

The Mother: What’s Kabbalah? What is that?

Denis: I don’t even know what it is, that’s what Yorke said.  I don’t even know what it is, never studied it, never read it, never had a book in it…and nothing…you understand? Zero….garbage…I’m full of the Holy Ghost.  I’m a holiness preacher, straight.

So, asks a question that caught Denis off guard.  Whenever he says, “Say what now” he is thinking of what lie to come up with.  She asked him a legitimate question.  Denis said that he was accused of practicing Kabbalah which involves numerology and gematria.  This involves the numeration of words giving them a numerical value by summing the value of its letters.  Denis has asked for the full names and birthdays of people in his cult to interpret their numerical value.  Of course Denis said that his number was the highest.  He also said that Adam Boles’ number was one of the worst, I guess that is why he took his wife from him.  

Denis answers the mother with an obvious lie.  If a group of people leave your church and say that you are practicing Kabbalah you would find out what Kabbalah was if you were not practicing it.  The truth is, Rony Denis is not a “holiness” preacher.  He is just a con-artist huckster.  Thank God for gospel preachers.  

Please, those of you in this cult who are reading this, you know what is being reported about Rony Denis is true. He is an absolute fraud.  Just because he gives you things doesn’t mean he loves you.  This man is hurting you in so many different ways that you don’t even realize what is happening to you.  He is teaching you to lie and ultimately turn your heart away from the Truth who is Jesus Christ. Escape before it is too late! God is too good to reject for someone like Rony Denis.

21 thoughts on “Word For Word Analysis of the Psychosis Of Cult Leader Rony Denis!!!

  1. I found this forum almost 9 months ago while going on a desperate search for answers on what kind of church HOPCC and its leader Rony Denis have gotten my son into. This man’s “modus operandi” has been revealed in detail and his phony character exposed by every single person who left this organization. The Bible states in 1 John 2:6 “whoever says he abides in Him, ought to walk in the same way in which He walked”. Is this verse still in the Bible of HOPCC followers?

    1. The problem with Hopcc and the Bible is that Rony Denis is above the Bible in their minds. It is hard to believe that people would follow such nonsense but we are dealing with deceiving spirits and doctrines of devils.

  2. So glad to be out of that mess away from all the craziness. Being called and harassed all the time. Having to have your phone on your body just in case he would call. And if you missed his call he would get so angry and yell. But he could miss your call and never call you back.

  3. Denis is insane, sick, so full of pride wanting everyone to need him and his ill advise. If you did not call him about something and he found out he would trash you and say you were independent. He would call you about things day and night harassing yelling and screaming. So glad so so glad to be out of the crazy place.

    1. Yes, it’s sad leaving those behind you cared about. But Denis works hard to tell down your character before those people so that they think you are a monster if they ever see you again. It is utterly amazing how Denis’ trashes everyone virtually the same way! Everyone is gay or has something wrong with them who leaves his cult and he messes the people up even more who stay. The best thing to do is to expose Denis for the fraud that he is in the hope that the people who are being held captive by him will one day wake up and escape.

    2. I am glad for this page too! Denis thinks he can trash people, ruin lives, and destroy families and no one will say anything. Those days are over!

    3. Hello ma’am,

      It’s good to hear from you on the other side of the cult. I remember that taco salad you used to make. It was very good. Denis told us many lies about you. I found out many who have left Denis quickly lied about to retain control over the cult. Denis has got to be the biggest liar to ever step into a pulpit. I wonder where he’s headed when he dies. Not really!

      1. My escape was sudden. Unfortunately, I was already pretty messed up when I left. I was staying with Sister Chong for quite some time before I left. I was separated from my abusive husband. I left in my pajamas in the middle of the night only taking what I could fit into a pillow case. I took a cab to a hotel in Savannah and caught the next flight to Texas. I had such a difficult time about leaving so many people that I cared about, that I had considered many times coming back. I actually drove to Killeen Texas to go to a Q&A and prayer meeting. They wanted to take my cell phone away, but I couldn’t let myself get sucked in again with no way out.

  4. Can’t these people see that Denis aka Jimmy is a prejudiced racist? When he goes down all he will say is that it happened to him because he is black. Look at how he did Bradeen, an alpha male reduced to nothing. Denis trashes Schmidtke to the point where Schmidtke contemplates leaving because another preacher told him that he loved him even if Denis didn’t love him. Denis complains about the police and the lack of respect he gets all due to his skin color, yet he never thought to realize that it may be his actions that people are judging him by and not his skin color. He fits perfectly the stereotype of the angry black man but what is he angry about? He trashed Adam Boles, a white man, and took his wife to be his own, a trophy to show his animosity toward the group he despises. He claims to have made millions in the country he despises and calls racist. He even calls God a racist. The wicked has no peace. I’m sorry sorry folks, this man is just plain crazy. Get your children out of this place while you can before he ruins their lives even more than he has already!

  5. Mr. Denis says that we “made up” the signs and wonders propaganda that he was using to deceive the churches. That is 100% a total lie. Denis had the different churches looking in the air for birds and airplanes to prove he is a man of God. Ever since the inception of Hopcc Denis has been trying to prove he is who he isn’t, a man of God. A Christian man is a man of God, Denis has proven himself to not be a Christian man. Furthermore, he says that he is the man for “holiness” and list all the things he has done for people and mentions nothing about God or Jesus. Peter said that it wasn’t his holiness who healed the lame man but it was Jesus and faith in the name of Jesus. This is something Denis doesn’t have or has experienced. The cult members that Denis has reviewing this site make sure you tell him for me that Yorke knows that he is a fraud and is not afraid like you are to call him out on his garbage! Thanks!

    Ray Yorke

  6. As I reflect upon the experiences of Rony Denis and Hopcc I am just utterly amazed of how corrupt this man is. He actually thinks that he is in the place of Jesus and or even greater than Jesus and these people are still in his cult believing in him as if he is God! One may think this is impossible but David Koresh did the same thing and had a following as well as well as many other cult leaders. It took several years for Denis to put his plan in action. It just amazes me that I was that close to such an evil man. It blows my mind how wicked a person can be in church yet claim to be holier than Jesus! People have heard this man say that he is greater than the people in the Bible. What will it take to open the eyes of the spiritually blind in his cult so that they can escape and run to salvation in Jesus Christ?

  7. “Ask me any question” What a joke! Is that why they hang up on you on their prayer line? Ask him about him divorcing the couples in his cult. Ask him about lying about having “tangible” evidence of the rapture. Ask him about the foreclosures. Ask him why he is so proud. Ask him why he lies so much. Ask him to get lost.

    1. Ask him about arraigned marriages. Ask him about separation of families, ask him about who ordained him as a pastor of what religious group did he come from. Ask him where all the money is going that he is taking from our family members, ask him who sits at the right hand of God, because it is not Rony Denis.

      1. Ask him about the fraudulent Day School where the children are not get educated, Ask him about the fraudulent seminary school he is running and steeling the educational funds from soldiers that “think” they are getting a pastoral degree…

        1. Ask him about what he did to those kids in Florida, ask him about biting his wife in anger, ask him about lying to RW Davis, ask him about his competition with M Kekel, ask him about the FBI investigation, ask him about making the church vote for a particular candidate in Hinesville, ask him about having Bradeen and his wife register as democrats.

  8. After reviewing this I can’t get over how proud this man is. He has no humility at all. Simply amazing! History really does repeat itself. Jim Jones all over again.

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