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An Eyewitness Account of Rony Denis’ Wickedness Caught on Audio Recording With Commentary!!!

Please forgive us for the quality of this recording it’s a bit choppy and hard to understand, the recorder kept cutting out. But, there was a firsthand eyewitness to hear and decipher this foolishness for us. Rony is also jumping like a rabbit from topic to topic, as he normally does speaking his gibberish. You will hear Rony Denis making fun of people, calling them gay, making many jokes about prayer, mocking people speaking in tongues, and speaking nonsense about the same God who created HIM! 

This meeting took place on the outside in Rony’s backyard where many talks would take place with a selected group of people to whom he would say many things that he would not say so openly to others.  

Denis: Sexual deities,… you did already?

Jeff Derby: Yes sir, I’ve done all of them.

Denis: Oh, you’ve done the research? The goddess of this and that?

Jeff Derby: Yes sir.

Here Rony Denis is asking Jeff Derby if he did the research on “sexual deities” that he asked him to do. The reason he had him do this was because the spirits that Rony was interacting with was communicating with him using a lot of sexual language.  This would explain Rony Denis’ increased interest in the sexual lives of the members of his church.  This same selected group who was at his house were questioned from time to time about the details of how they had sex with their spouse.  The eyewitness to these intimidating tactics of Denis was uncomfortable with these questions and would only answer in a vague way.  However, there were some who would go into explicit detail with Denis concerning their personal relations with their spouse before Denis and the group.  The eyewitness to this recalls Denis, after listening to the explicit information, excusing himself from the group to take care of “something”, and then returning.  He would do this every time that he seemed “aroused” from hearing the detailed bedroom stories of his church members.  

Denis: BOOM, you guys heard a lot of loud booms right? That’s all what God can do?

In this clip of the recording, Denis is speaking about a time in a prayer meeting that he was asking God to come down. Denis was not in the prayer meeting himself but was using the polycom device in the prayer meeting with the ministers.  Upon Denis’ request an airplane happened to fly over making a loud noise which startled the group in the meeting who were anticipating for something to happen.  Denis would use this incident as God answering him by providing this loud, “boom.”  He would use it as propaganda to prove to people that he was a “man of God.”  In this backyard setting with his selected group he exposes his true feelings about the incident.  He mocks the “Booms” calling them loud noises and mocks God saying, “That’s all what God can do?”

Denis: Makeup, earings…if God won’t…to talk about it….if God said don’t wear those…..the only way… I want to settle the disagreement in the air….

Here Denis is speaking of his continued disagreement with God not doing things the way he wanted. Rony is very upset with the Bible not saying women wearing pants, makeup, earrings, etc, is a sin.  Rony Denis does not believe that people should have a personal relationship with God or personal convictions.  He wants everything dealing with G0d to funnel through him.  Since the Bible is not dogmatic about these issues Denis expresses his frustration with God.  Like many, his denominational beliefs trumps the Word of God!  Denis would explain to his listener’s who would hear him talk in a sacrilege way to God or about God that he could do that because of his “standing” in God.  Later, it became glaringly obvious that this “standing” was one of opposition to God. 

Denis: The Kadish Moses….garbage….(laughter)

Kadish Moses is the name that the spirits gave to Denis.  Denis had Jeff Derby look up the meaning of Kadish Moses.  Derby reported to Denis that Kadish Moses meant, little boy temple prostitute.  

Denis: Lord God, hallelujah, Lord God, your people God (walking around)……touch Jenifer give her a new brain (laughter)

Here Denis shows his true colors concerning prayer.  He masqueraded himself as the greatest prayer warrior of all time.  He accused Ntcc of mocking prayer, now he is recorded and there are eyewitnesses of him degrading prayer.  It was Denis’ custom to mock the church services right after the service at his home in this outdoor setting.  Sometimes he would mock the service and the preacher right after the service in the church before all!  

Denis: You were traveling…. things got bad. you did an Irwin,walking around like…. downtown London. But what if a girl had grabbed you? You coulda got with a girl right? You coulda got with a girl, did you?

Jeff Derby: Oh, no sir.

Denis: But how do we know?

In this clip Denis is questioning Jeff Derby.  He is accusing Derby, the “missionary”, of getting angry at Denis and storming off in England, leaving the hotel and walking the streets. He calls this, “doing an Irwin.” Fred Irwin left Denis’ cult several years ago.  You can read about Rev. Irwin’s testimony here:   http://www.hopcc.com/?p=508 Denis insists that Derby could have gotten with a girl or had relations with a woman while he was out and no one knew what he was doing.  People with sexual problems such as Denis like to project on others what they actually would do.  What has Denis done in Florida? Why does Denis call people gay who disagree with him all the time.  Normally, if you leave Denis’ cult he will spread vicious lies about you stating some form of sexual perversion that you have a problem with.  But, the more we are exposing Denis, the more we find that the sexual deviant is Denis himself!   

Denis: This guy took off, he never apologized to me, the whole time he’s been here……everyone here

Denis now switches to Joe Friar, Denis’ “toilet paper runner.” The recorder didn’t catch the rest of Denis’ comments but what he was saying was that everyone there had left him.  He was speaking of leaving him mentally as well as physically and returned like Friar did, who left physically.  Denis had people hunt him down and bring him back to the cult.    

Denis:  With his big face…. the guy that left me.

This is Denis speaking about Friar, who was present at this meeting or “fellowship.”  There are certain people that Denis can call them anything to their face and they will remain completely loyal to him thinking that this is the will of God for them to endure such “trials of affliction” from what they consider the “man of God” for the entire planet.  If you think that this is not possible, try asking those who used to live in Jonestown, Guyana if such things are possible?  It is sad but true!

Denis: The guy that left me…sometimes he comes humble…(he is still talking about Friar)……That’s Bowers right?

Denis starts to mock Philip Bowers now.  Bowers was a minister in Hop who also left several years ago.  You can read about Rev. Bower’s testimony here:    http://denyingthepower.org/hopcc-archives/Denis is walking around mocking Bowers calling him gay, light-skinned, and speaking about the color of his eyes.  It is apparent that Denis is a very insecure man.  He makes fun of the way a person looks because he is uncomfortable with the way he looks.  Many times people like this like to trash others that they are intimidated by because they have such a low self-esteem about themselves.  Denis would ask this group if he looked like a black American or a foreign black person.  Everyone knew the answer he wanted and gave it to him instead of the eyewitness who told him the truth.  Denis is not happy with who he is and therefore sets out to make everyone he is jealous with miserable.    

Denis: Do you think that they have sex  in the ghetto?…..Why you’re like this…you like..?

Jennifer: I just never heard of people doing stuff like that.

Denis: I’m sorry?

Jennifer: I have never heard of that?

Denis: Say what now?

Jennifer: I just never heard of people doing stuff like that.

Denis: Oh, you were just a little kid, a little sex toy…this…this..

Denis now begins to go a little deeper in his sexual perversion taking inappropriate liberties in discussing things that we don’t care to discuss in this forum seeing that we are a family oriented website dedicated to truth and decency. However, Denis’ crimes will be exposed.  Jennifer is the daughter of Rev. Figueroa, a long-time Ntcc/Hop pastor, who has since escaped Denis’ cult and has exposed Denis to be a compulsive liar.  Denis has worked hard to pervert the minds of the youth.  He has manipulated the mind of Adam Boles and has used him to give graphic details of sexual perversion for the young girls in Denis’ clique to listen to.  The eyewitness to this meeting states that Denis was also speaking of  one of the “brothers” present being interested bestiality during this meeting.   

Denis: Is Emanuel the type of guy that can talk to a lawyer?  The lawyer already sized him up.

Denis brings up Darnell Emanuel talking to a lawyer.  Please pray for Darnell to wake up and get out the trap that Denis has put him in.  

Denis: ….Oh, I feel the Holy Ghost….(mocking)…You want that?

The congregation in Denis’ church actually believes that he is a Spirit filled godly man.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  He is filled with spirits but not the Holy Spirit.  No man filled with the Spirit of God will mock God the way Denis does. 

Denis: Friar…all the birds….When you have breast….you got married at 18 right?…

The clip ends with a montage of Denis saying different things.  We know that Denis wanted Joe Friar r to shoot the owls out of the trees in his backyard with a BB gun because he found out that the Owls had something to do with spiritism.  He felt that the spirits were talking to him and pestering him through the owls.  At one time while he was talking the owls were hooting, and Denis got angry and started hooting back at them.  Denis was also teaching that when you get married as young as 18 that all you are is a sex toy.  There you have it ladies and gentleman, the behind the scenes teaching of the “man of God” for the world. Pathetic!

7 thoughts on “An Eyewitness Account of Rony Denis’ Wickedness Caught on Audio Recording With Commentary!!!

  1. The bible says……
    Now I beseech you, brethren mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to doctrine which ye have learned; AND AVOID THEM. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

    House of prayer is a cult, Denis is lost, and will stand before God for those that have been hurt!

      1. Denis’ lies are so bold that it causes you to think that he is telling the truth but he really isn’t. It reminds me of Lance Armstrong, another narcissist, who boldly lied repeatedly about cheating but at least he finally admitted the truth,he probably had no choice when the lab results proved him wrong. For Denis, I don’t see him ever admitting truth.

  2. SMH ??‍♀️ This is unreal seriously what is wrong with him. People that don’t even go to church or acknowledge God don’t talk like this. This is beyond ridiculous IM SO GLAD JESUS SET ME FREE!!!! #houseprayerisacult

  3. Why don’t Denis just come out of the closet and admit that he has a problem with his sexuality. The more he hides it the bigger it becomes!

    PS: Hey Rony, I’m having a good time since I left. God is soooo gooood! I’m praying for ya bubba.

  4. Omg!! Jimmy is such a pervert! Why do those preachers even follow him? Maybe they enjoy the rated X exploits as well???

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