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Foreclosing For Jesus???

Here is a public list that Hopcc and their CULT leader Rony Denis does not want you to see. A list of foreclosed houses in church members names in Hinesville who don’t live in these houses but have been psychologically forced to put them in their names to profit Rony Denis. The Hopcc members are highlighted. Why is Denis’ dumping these houses now? Is he planning something? This is a big RED FLAG!

What will people like Gerard Robertson do? Arder May Chong is Marjorie Denis’ mother! If Denis will do this to his own mother-in-law why do you think that he cares about you? One person’s name you won’t see on a list like this is Rony Denis! But, he doesn’t mind having yours appear on here. Is it really God’s will for you to destroy your credit for Rony Denis?

*John Rodriguez is no longer apart of this cult, and has blown the whistle on Rony Denis’ illegal practices.

After dealing with Rony Denis as your “pastor” this is the mark of the beast he leaves you with:

Listen to how former members of Jim Jones’ cult describe the real Jim Jones, especially the man who got tricked of turning over his property to the church.  Sounds a little like Rony Denis. What do you think?


12 thoughts on “Foreclosing For Jesus???

  1. Now I can see why these guys are brown nosing Denis so bad, he owns them! Retzlaff from Fayetteville has foreclosures also. Robertson has to worship Denis because Denis is his livelihood. Who knows what he has these guys doing behind closed doors with who knows what! This evil must stop! ✋ What is Bellamy doing in Fayetteville anyway?

  2. Denis used to say that we were “blessed” because we were around him. Since I left I can see that those people around him over there are cursed and I am blessed by leaving and not being around him anymore. Thank you Jesus!

  3. Wow, this is so real! I know these guys. It is sad to see that their lives have been manipulated by a madman. They were sincere in their devotion to God at one time in their lives, maybe not Denis. But, some of these people had to be in love with Jesus at one time at least. Now look at what Denis has done to them! I thought Rev. Robertson was a sincere Christian man but now I see that he is just an empty shell following a man who is being led by evil spirits. They said it right in that Jim Jones clip, Denis has no love for anyone, not even himself. These people trusted in Denis. They allowed Denis to use their name and credit thinking that it would advance the church and cause for Christ only to see in the end that it was just to enrich Denis as he forecloses on the houses in their names not his name. What a dirty man. Rest assure, he will answer for his wickedness, the cavalry is on it’s way!

    1. I’m sorry, that’s not manipulation – that’s just naive people. The man is not family, or someone struggling who needs help. These people go to that church every day/week and hear the same sermon, and gossip on stage. Any adult with a brain who actually serves God knows speaking curses against other churches and members is 100% wrong, and does not exhibit the Fruit of the Spirits.

      I went to the church for some time and left. I have a family member heavily involved – he speaks of God allll the time and quotes scriptures – great!! Nothing against that. Then he calls people stupid, they’re nasty, dress nasty, they’re homosexuals, and need to get right! – those are his words….well words his pastor uses and he uses them. Who’s fault is that? Thats not the pastor’s fault – he is a business man and he’s hustling for clients…when shady business people are around, they’ll find suckers…that’s the suckers fault, not the business man.

      So those who’ve been with the church 5+ years – guess what? Many of them were bad to people as well…I’ve read the testamones. The same ones who left the church were the ones who hurt other people and who were mean and dirty to good people. That’s their own habits, not because of Rony or whoever else…. they’re to blame themselves. Go in a corner (“secret place”) and pray and believe….amazing things will occur.

      1. In some points you are right, but there are manipulation tactics that he uses. People like Denis will always be around and they are always going to attempt to deceive people. Yes we understand that We as Christians are ultimately the blame for being deceived, no one is disputing that. But with all that being said, that does not take away the fact that now that we are out, we have an obligation to help others, AND EVEN MORE SO IF YOU WERE A MINISTER THAT SUPPORTED AND WORKED UNDERNEATH DENIS. (Not everyone did people evil although some did) God is in the business of Saving people and forgiving them. The more you were involved the more you should work to expose them!
        You wouldn’t understand unless you have actually been involved. But Look, it has worked and more people have left this cult than ever before.
        For some people it might be easy, but not for everybody, I would hope that you would find a inch of compassion for those that are lost and don’t know the right way, and for those that have made it out and are trying to save their fellow brothers and sisters in the cult. I like Jesus spirit. He left the 99 to save the 1. He didn’t question why the one sheep was led astray, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that they are saved and no longer astray. You can’t argue with the facts. More people are being awakend and leaving the cult more than ever and continually will until Denis is in jail.
        Truth is marching on!

  4. One of Denis’ catch slogans in the early days of his Jim Jones styled cult movement was, “It’s not wrong to be wrong, it’s wrong to stay wrong.” This statement to me is wrong. The flaw in it is that it is wrong to be wrong that’s why we need Jesus, period. If you can realize that it is wrong to be wrong you can repent with godly sorrow. If you don’t realize that’s it’s wrong to be wrong then you won’t repent with godly sorrow, once you’re caught you may alter your actions with the sorrow of the world which is not repentance. Denis doesn’t think anything is wrong with what he is doing because as he said, “it’s not wrong to be wrong…” His followers can lie to the judge in a courtroom after putting their hand on the Bible and swearing to tell the truth because, ” it’s not wrong to be wrong….” What a dangerous teaching! To think that the obvious wrong that you are doing is not wrong! But, you comfort yourself by saying it’s only wrong if I stay this way, so one day I will change. Sure you will. You will only change when you realize that your wrong is wrong period.

    Ray Yorke

    1. @Dangerous Teachings- This is so true! How can you say wrong is not wrong? If it’s not wrong what is it, good? This goes along with his teaching about not saying anything when the pastor is obviously doing wrong. Just pray for him, he would say. So, the pastor, Denis, isn’t “really wrong” but just pray for him to not stay that way! Wow! The devil is slick!

  5. This is a tactic that cult leaders like Denis does to trap his members into staying in the cult. For example Gerard Robertson, the former NTCC pastor of Tucson, AZ, doesn’t have a car in his name and probably can’t get one since his credit shows up with foreclosures that he had nothing to do with except for saying, yes sir. Robertson is getting up in age, he doesn’t have a skill set, and all his income comes from Hopcc. He is stuck in his mind. So, he would lie, cheat, and steal for Rony Denis. That is why he said that Denis was his pastor and his life!

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