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Rony Denis and Jim Jones masters at propaganda!!!

Just when you thought that Rony Denis and his cult members have sunken to an all time low they come out even lower with a new tactic to legitimize their cult.

Listen to their satellite radio program where Rony Denis is now hiding behind little children, pathetic!

Did you know that Jim Jones hid behind children as well?

This propaganda and brainwashing is done only for these children to do what? “Obey the man of God.” Rony Denis

Listen to the God’s Heritage (Hop) Children’s Choir:

Do you know who else used a children’s choir for propaganda? You got it, Jim Jones, the cult leader.


Now let’s listen to more similarities with Jim Jones and Rony Denis and their propaganda machine.


Listen to survivors from Jim Jonescult:

There is nothing wrong with a “mixed church” but what is Rony really doing?

More similarities with Denis and Jim Jones:

Now look at Denis‘ bird:

(Sarah Derby- Rony Denis‘ personal bird keeper)

Birds of a feather, as the old saying goes, flock together. Jim and Jimmy.

Is Rony Denis the Next Jim Jones? Striking Similarities. A Must Read

You can’t have a dog in Denis‘ Hinesville church but Jimmy can have his bird just like his predecessor, Jim Jones.

25 thoughts on “Rony Denis and Jim Jones masters at propaganda!!!

  1. Satan moves like a snake, this way and that way. It is much like the way Denis speaks with all of his, “this and that” lingo.

    1. These are tactics used to keep control over the cult members. Denis complained that Graham had plenty of rules but you didn’t have to get permission to leave Graham to go to the neighboring cities. They are preaching Ananias and Sapphire to keep the families inline with loyalty to the cult. It was reported that one member of the cult was telling a visitor that if you don’t conform to the churches rules and so on they will get angry at you. Pilkington the “pastor” said that the member should not have said it like that but that it was true! Folks this place is a cult!

  2. I have heard reports of people bowing down to Denis and how he gets upset if you don’t! They say it’s bowing to the “god” that’s in him. I have also heard that people such as Jeff Derby and William Pilkington have been praying to have the spirit of Denis! Are you serious!

  3. If house of prayer is supposed to be the holiest place on earth and their leader is supposed to be the holiest man alive, then what’s up with all of these atrocities?

  4. Can you believe that people actually bow down to Denis? And their twisted reasoning is that they are bowing down to the God that is in him. The foolishness of Hopcc continually blows my mind. Denis is still bragging about how much money he has and how he will fight you with the lawyers he has, the man is a thug. He whines like a baby saying he deserves a plane, Rolls Royce, and to wear a different suit everyday. What he needs is an orange jumpsuit everyday.

  5. Jimmy continues to play the oldest tricks in the book. This time he has his puppets preaching against what he’s doing. This is how he hides in plain sight! Beware of the preacher who is always harping on some particular sin, more than likely it’s something he is trying to coverup in his own life!

  6. There was a time at a fellowship meeting in Hinesville, GA when the pastors were all on the platform with Denis. I ended up sitting beside Denis on the platform. When we were standing he shook my hand and said that he was glad I was here. He grabbed my hand again and said to me, “promise me obedience!” I said, “yes sir, I promise.” I thought it sounded strange the way he said it but in my mind I was thinking of obedience to God but I later realized that he was speaking of obedience to him! (That explains why he said to me when I left that I was lying to him the whole time) Not long after that we were all dancing on the platform to the music. Two things stood out to me, 1. How soft Denis’ hand was ( definitely not manly) when I grabbed it when were dancing and 2. Oloans moving us out of the way when I was dancing with him so that we would not come close to touching Denis even though we were figuratively speaking, a mile away.

    Brother R.A. Yorke- Former pastor from the Hopcc cult headquartered in Hinesville, Ga. The Lord saved me from this place and has called me to tell of the experiences of this place and its leader Rony Denis to help liberate the oppressed!

  7. Wow could bootzin and the kids sound any more coached? So I wonder…. how do they keep their minds so “pure” when the kids had to endure those “prayer meetings” with boles talking over the polycom about molesting children and men? What about when he talked about animals? Yeah ok. Makes sense. I think the TV is probably the last thing they need to worry about as far as mental defilement.

    1. Yes! Those “prayer meetings” were sick just like denis. TV is nothing compared to the drama that goes on in that “church.”

  8. I am soooo glad we finally jumped ship off of Rony Denis’ sinking cult. From day one I felt that something was up with this conman. From the craziness of the Fayetville church where Denis finally exposed conveniently right before we left the utter backstabbing hypocrisy of Alexander Schmidtke and his controlling wife Gilda Faye. Alex apologized to us because Denis told him to but his wife never did. Denis called and asked if Alex apologized. So, all these people do even their convictions are orchestrated by Rony Denis. Denis claims that he has the ability to “tame” the “ungodly women” but he sure knew how to leave Gilda Faye alone seeing that she is the bread winner with 100% from the VA. Alex Schmidtke is like a little puppy with his tail between his legs following his wife. Watch for Denis separating Gilda Faye from her parents who illogically moved to the Fayetteville church. Alexander’s parents were more strong minded and jumped ship from Schmidtke’s empire which was controlled by Denis. http://www.hopcc.com/?p=1001 Denis has a true Jim Jones spirit. Nothing is genuine with him. I write to expose him and to hopefully get people to see the truth behind what this man is doing and has done for years. I was there and so was others who has testified and hopefully more will testify of Denis’ wickedness. Hopefully the FBI can put him away before it’s too late!

    Ray Yorke

    1. @ bro Yorke… Hi sir I’m glad to see that alot of you have escaped this dreadful cult…. But I was reading about Liz knowing what goes on behind closed doors at Jim’s house…. Is there any way she could tell the Pepole a little bit about what happens I have a sister and brother in law that attend the church and am desperately trying to get them out…. I need help she won’t come to this site I’ve tried multiple times and she always refuses but I feel like if she can hear something about how he is at home with kids she will take her kids and husband and run and never look back…. Thank you guys so much for this site I come daily to check everything out because like I said I’m really want my family out of there but I need hard evidence she has been love bombed… By this place?

  9. There are so many similarities with Rony Denis and Jim Jones. It just shows how demonic these men are doing things exactly the same at different times yet do things exactly the same as if off the same script. Showing the they have the same spirit of satan . Denis gets mad when you call him Jim Jones,……because he is just like him.

  10. Denis does exactly what Jim jones did. It’s a splitting image. Wow… I was not in the hinsville church but I know a lot because of Liz and the things she has told me.. and he did exactly that, kept spouses apart. I do know that we were so busy for the cause as the Jim Jones cult were. I remember never having time for anything. From the minute you wake up till you lay your head on your pillow. We had a schedule I literally would be home for two to three hours. Then back to the church. We had to ask to do anything and if we didn’t we were a law to ourselves. Now they can’t even go to the library or read the newspaper. What’s next denis ? Moving out the country!

    1. @not afraid, And moving out of the country is what he is planning to do! Remember, the rapture according to Jimmy Denis is Jan 13th 2018. And he also told the whole congregation in hinesville that God was going to take him a day prior. The FBI needs to move on this man quickly before he kills all the ones that he is planning on taking with him.

  11. Unbelievable and absolutely disgusting what their doing to these children!!! I can’t believe in this day in age with all the social media and public record Denis and his Cult have made it this far. This cult needs to be shut down! Denis Cult needs more media attention so the nation can see that this is a modern day JIm Jones Cult! (ie 20/20, Oprah, podcasts, CNN, create a YouTube channel….etc

  12. Please pray for these children! That radio show didn’t even sound natural. It sounded like they were all reading off a script. The man with the fake questions is acting amazed from the prepared answers that the youth are forced to give and been indoctrinated since birth. How would they even know about the evils of cartoons and tv if they never watched it? It doesn’t make sense. But Denis’ daughter has electronic devices that she plays games on and watching “the evil moving pictures” on. She has been to Sea World in Florida and other places but these deceived parents lock their children down for Denis’ “holiness” convictions laid upon them but not him because he can “handle” it. Have you ever ever noticed how Denis’ daughter doesn’t even participate in the so-called God’s Heritage choir, has never been to the Hopcc children’s Sunday school, and has never participated in the church services but just sits there looking around as if she is surrounded by a bunch of weirdos? She knows it’s a fraud, how her daddy is an actor at church and trashes the church at his house. (Just like Jim Jones kid who wasn’t there at the massacre and spoke against his father)Denis is just like his father biologically, spiritually, and otherwise.

  13. So since they want to tell everybody how GREAT Hopcc children are! Maybe they should tell the real behind the scene stories of how HOLY the children of Hopcc are. The so called Gods Heritage, was in the hallways of the CHURCH! with a boy and his hands down the front of her shirt! ?
    Yes, the Gods Heritage that shuns all evil and doesn’t want to “defile” their mind, was listening to Rap music, escaping out of her window with rebelliousness trapped in her heart all awhile sitting at Denis’ house during the day, listening to the fake Elijah tell her about the power of God that he has never experienced.
    Oh Yes! Gods Heritage was caught looking at pornography and lewd pictures, only to go sit at the Fake Elijah’s house to get taught about homosexual endeavors from their sick pastor, that only excite the wicked desire in those poor girls hearts. Oh yes! He has God’s Heritage at his house listening to a former preacher explain in full graphic detail, of how he had his way with another man. Their pastor is their Rated R movie. Why doesn’t he share the real Gods Heritage stories???
    Oh yes, Gods Heritage has been accused of being gay, in fact one poor child went to sing ” Our God Is an Awesome God” for the propoganda children’s choir, to only be banished to the church chairs due to homosexual tendencies.
    Oh Yes, Gods Heritage had a whole service for all of them to confess their sins, but why would you expect much out of Gods Heritage, when the adults (that they call their parents) are jumping around on their “stupid Phone”? ( as they call it)because their parents are so lustful, if you ask me it doesn’t sound like the phone is stupid……….

    1. Wow! That was a lot Sharita Nicole Yorke, these cults are all the same. They Portray a so called Holy image to the World, but on the inside they are as corrupt as they get.

  14. It is truly amazing how Pastor Denis and Jim Jones are the same. Thanks for sharing this, it is truly eye opening!

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