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Hidden Treasures of Corruption In Word for Word transcript of Rony Denis’ Practices!!!

Here we have Rony Denis being exposed for running a real estate money making scam. Again he is scheming for more money for himself at the expense of his cult followers, trashing their credit by foreclosing on houses that he manipulated them to put in their name. The rent is paid to the illegal church operation but not to the mortgage company on the time or at all in some cases or partially resulting in foreclosure proceedings. They have been practicing this “Christian” tactic from day one of the Hopcc criminal enterprise.


Denis: He already signed contract,… in two minutes four hundred dollars, four to five hundred…ok[muffled]

Roscoe: Yes sir, and Clonky and five hundred dollars, I think…

Clonky is a church member who lives in Hinesville.

Denis: Yeah, I think,…I think he said that’s what he can afford right?

Roscoe: That’s correct, Yes sir.

Denis: That’s a nice place, tell him [to] pray about it [to] see about much that place is worth, so… always ask brothers to pray and let’s see what he says. [That way] it will always make you know what? Where their heart is….Ok sir?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis: Will you do that?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

This is a cult mind game tactic that Denis uses to cause you to feel that by giving more money to the “cause” is spiritual, therefore you will be indirectly pressured to give more “for God” but in actuality it is just to fund Denis’ corrupt schemes. Denis has gotten angry when, “after prayer” a church member  didn’t meet his financial expectations.

Denis: Ok….For example there are…there was… there is.. a big mistake we made, we put these people in Flo Zechman….who is that…that..ah..that ah.. what-cha-called?  (mumbled)…They have a hundred percent?

Roscoe: I don’t know sir, they are..ah..military and they were in 242 Garden Circle so I moved them out of there at the same price because it was the foreclosure deal and everything.

Denis: That’s another one?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis: So, did we lose that place too?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis: We lost..ah..Garden Circle?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis: So, we lost both of them?

Roscoe: To my understanding, yes sir. That’s the [exact] way Oloans explained it to me.

Denis: mmm….

Roscoe: Is that Garden Circle and Elizabeth foreclosed.  He sounds like he has more hope that Elizabeth might work out.

Denis: I thought it was the Smithwhite[s] that was in Garden Circle?

The Smithwhites, a longtime family in the church, a couple of years ago were moved to Hinesville because of Johnny Smithwhite’s illness. In a Hinesville conference Rony Denis, who was not physically in service but conducting the service on his polycom, prayed for healing in the congregation and then asked for testimonies. Johnny the husband of Athena Smithwhite and father of their three children came forward and said that he was healed of cancer in his liver. Later, Rony Denis would say to some that Johnny’s healing proved that he was a man of God and that a black man can heal. Unfortunately, shortly after this Johnny died of his illness. Denis blamed God for not giving healing ministries to black people.

Roscoe: Ah..Smithwhite is in 127 Shayna, and we had the city of Hinesville to pay their rent for the last month and this month.

They had the city of Hinesville pay the rent for last month and this month? Hmmmmm…..interesting.

Denis: So, which one you said is going to take twenty two hundred and move? Which one is it?

Roscoe: That was Garden Circle….They gave a (muffled)

Denis: Ok…they…they…ok…I don’t understand…Roscoe you making decisions……(Denis is calling Oloans)

Roscoe: Hello sir? (Roscoe doesn’t realize that Denis put him on hold)

Denis: Roscoe you there?

Roscoe: Yes sir, the last thing I heard you say…

Denis: You making decisions, you don’t even check with anyone. When Oloans tell you stuff…before you make decision…you need to check with me.

Roscoe: Yes sir……sir your phone went out again. (Denis is calling Oloans again)

Denis: Whatever happened to Garden Circle? Whatever happened to that?

Oloans: 242?

Denis: Yeah.

Oloans: I don’t have the answer yet sir, I’m focusing right now on 212.

He doesn’t have the answer yet because he is fooling around juggling foreclosures trying to work out a deal with the banks while they are stealing the people’s money to support Denis’ lavish lifestyle.  

Denis: Ok…but here it is Roscoe, you moved someone from Graden Circle to what? To Flo Zechman right?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis: Flo Zechman is a nice house, and there (vested) by Oloans, by Oloans we bought, you just can’t do stuff like that Roscoe without talking to someone, this whole thing is coming back at me again..umm….it’s just coming back at me…Flo Zechman….ummm….Oloans you…you….you need to tell me, you need to stop these foreclosures. You going to end up..Freddie’s gonna come knock on your door, you remember you were warned about the practice right? Flo Zechman the payment is eight twenty-five so how much is he going to pay you for Roscoe?

Denis doesn’t like the foreclosures but that’s what happens when you pocket the money and don’t make the payments to the mortgage company.  He wants Oloans and these guys to work demonic miracles to not make payments and keep the houses in other people names whose credit is now trash from going into foreclosure. Anyone who has worked with Denis knows that he tells you what to do and then when it doesn’t go right he blames you for doing something wrong but if it does go right (or no one got caught) he takes full credit.    

Roscoe: The’re paying eight twenty-five.

Denis: Ok..but you..this a much nicer house..at Flo Zechman we should be able to get more right?

Roscoe: Yes sir, nine thirty-five was what it was renting for.

Denis: So, why is it that we went so low?

Denis is all about the money. 

Roscoe: (mumbled)Remember the night that I talked to you about Garden Circle, and I tried to get them out (mumbled)

Denis: Say what now? What do you do, what?

Roscoe: [The] mobile home, I thought you were aware of the foreclosures, [the] mobile home I thought you were aware of both of them.

Denis: Yeah, I was aware of both of them…Oloans you can’t keep doing this sir.  You understand?

Denis knows all about the foreclosures but he tries to play innocent.  He is the one who has authorized this crooked pratice.  But, he must convince Oloans and Roscoe that it is all their fault.  He is just a “holy man of God” who is raising money for the kingdom.  

Oloans: Yes sir.

Denis: You can’t keep doing this sir. You can’t just like..yeah…yeah..you can’t just [keep] doing it…we’re back to the same stuff…it’s back to Freddie again sir, you understand?

Freddie is the FBI agent who Denis and the Hinesville Hopcc operators were interviewed by.  If Denis is so clean, why did the FBI get involved?  Denis coached the people what to say when the FBI got involved in Denis’ real estate  fraud.  

Oloans: Yes sir.

Denis: Hmmm…you don’t move someone from Garden Circle, which one is the higher house?

Roscoe: Flo Zechman is a much better house, a nicer house.

Denis: Ok, why couldn’t you put them with something equal like (mumbled-with a kid or something) you didn’t have something open?

Roscoe: No sir, no other place was open but (mumbled-Bowers) and we’re still working on Palmetto Trace.

Denis: Ok, Palametto Trace so-called would have been better right?

Roscoe: It would have… but I knew when the house was foreclosing that they would not have wanted to move into that place that’s why we moved them into Garden Circle [be]cause 215 was open at the time we first moved them…

Denis: Say what now, sir?

Roscoe: When I first was working with them…when I first went with them to a place….

Denis: So, what…when is the lease’s over…when is the lease over?

Roscoe: It’s a year, but I can talk to him about ahh…because they just moved and I can tell him I just can’t do it or something or work something.

Denis: No, No you can’t say…or you can say what you want to say, but you dealing with military right?

Roscoe: Yes, sir. He’s military also, yes sir.

Denis:  Ok, civilian we can say whatever we want to say, the military you can’t do that. Ok, sir? You see how stupid you are again? I can this but then what do you do? So what other places…I mean it’s crazy I can say, I can say, you don’t think of the repercussions do you?

This is what Denis really thinks of the people in Hopcc.  All of them are stupid to him.  He even told Oloans that it is because of people like him that cults flourish.  Denis has no respect for the people he has doing his bidding for him.  He knows that these people are not saved or Christians. He had Arlen Bradeen (former long time pastor of the Hinesville church) say before the congregation that he is not saved and never was.  Arlen has recently said that he is saved now and Denis lets him pray with men on the prayer request line (1-866-414-7729).  

Roscoe: No sir.

Denis: Why? Why not? So, you presented Palmetto to them and they didn’t want it?

Roscoe: Yes sir in time past.

Denis: Why? Why?

Roscoe: [Be]cause they didn’t like the duplex set-up, they wanted a single standing house and that’s what pushed them into Garden Circle to begin with, they [have] only been there a couple of months and now the house foreclosed so we [are] having move them out.

Denis: Yes, so…ok.. alright that’s fine.  So, you see what you did Oloans?

Oloans: Yes sir.

It’s Oloans’ fault but who told Oloans to do it? Doesn’t a good “leader” take any responsibility? 

Denis: Umm..that’s fine let them stay there…it’s going to be a loss of a couple of thousand for that year after that year umm..they have to give an increase or they have to move out.

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis: You see that Oloans?

Oloans: Yes sir.

Denis: I got stuck in this, I’m not buying any places any more, but I need refinance I need this I need that I need this. Whose name is it in? Flo Zechman, whose name is it in?

Oloans: Priscilla Bercini, Randy and Priscilla.

Randy and Priscilla Bercini are currently under punishment in the Greensboro church building and house that Rony Denis is stuck with after failing at trying to sell it. (The house got hit by the city for not being up to code with the faulty and shoddy work that Denis had done to it.  http://www.hopcc.com/?m=201611 )  Denis had three families staying in 2630 Merritt Dr. in Greensboro, NC.  Oloans was working his money grubbing game at the direction of Denis on this property as well.  At the time the property was in Matthew Reese’s name.  A foreclosure letter was attached to the door and the families who faithfully paid their rent were perplexed that the “holiness church”, the last and only one left on the planet, would do them this way.  Well, thank God they all left Denis’ cult. http://www.hopcc.com/?p=21 

Denis: Ah…a lot of these people if there…if we…could…ah..modify the…just to get out of the modification we are in right now.  You can’t just dump something on Roscoe, I have to find out first. When you dump it on Roscoe, you put him in a tailspin, Roscoe makes bad decision.  Like right now, he’s gonna call these people..not knowing…ok..well we were renting it…and create ahh….trouble again.  So, I have some notes here on what you gave me yesterday.

Oloans: Yes sir.

Denis: And I am gonna make copies and send them to you.

Oloans: Yes sir.

Denis: ….and then John.  Look at this…crazy…who put me in this Roscoe you and who?

Roscoe: Me and Oloans.

Denis: Is that true or am I making this up?

Roscoe: No, that’s a hundred percent true sir.

Mind control and manipulation 101 from cult master Rony Denis.  It is always your fault 100%!

Denis: You guys need to fix it.  You need to pray and fix it.

Oloans: Yes, sir.

Pray and fix it? What a joke! What about pray and repent and get out of that cult?

Denis: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. (mocking)  Densi lives at Cumberland right?

Roscoe/Oloans: Yes, sir.

Densi is a longtime Denis church member. Denis made Densi confess to the conference congregation that he loved his mother more than he loved his wife.  Denis felt that the confession to him in front of everyone was a huge breakthrough and used the opportunity to teach his false doctrine about confessing your sins to him and he being able to carry them to God the Father and getting you cleared.  Yes he really said that!  (goodbye Jesus goodbye….hello Jimmy hello…oh no!)  Jimmy is Rony Denis’ name that he is affectionately known as.  It is short for his predecessor Jim Jones.   

Denis: Densi should or whoever stays there should…everybody should take an increase…we went low in a lot of areas…aghhhh…..217 Flyn Circle…who live there that’s the brother right, Stone?

Oloans: Stone sir, brother Stone.

Brandon Stone is a brother who lives in Hinesville, Ga. Denis gave him free rent but now will demand him to pay and get off the freebie list.  The problem is that Denis, while he was under the influence of the spirits and thought he knew the date of the rapture which he claimed he had tangible evidence, told Stone to buy a big truck which had high payments and he told him not to worry about it because the rapture is happening soon.  Denis recently trashed Stone’s wife, Kirby, for questioning his ability to know everything.  He had her stand up and publically humiliate her in front of the congregation making her tell everyone that she isn’t saved and not to call her a sister.  This is a normal tactic for cults. 

Denis: He hasn’t paid, but he’s gonna pay shortly…different ones…the freebies…John….

John: Yes sir.

Denis: They’re gonna start paying.  How much money freebies?

John: It’s about eleven thousand right now, sir.

Denis: Ok…so, I’m going to reduce the freebies.  And that should bring some…fix this up… So Roscoe, if you do thirty-five to fifty dollars should help and then every time you rent right now try to bump it up to like twenty-five dollars or thirty dollars…ok?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Always remember, Denis will always go back to the money.  

Denis: Alright….ok Oloans I’ll let you guys go.

Oloans: Yes sir.

Denis: Whenever….ok John…

John: Yes sir.

Denis: I have a note here, where ever I draw a line, that mean the rental is good and everything is fine…

John: Yes sir.

Denis: But where I don’t have a line that mean something need to happen, a refinance, that’s for you Oloans refinance, refinance…no good we need to stop this…we need to ugh…ugh…not foreclose all of them…if you do it you guys going to jail not me……ok…Oloans I’ll send this to you for brother Boyd….

Oloans: Yes sir.

Michael Boyd is a long time church member who crossed over from Ntcc to Hop and has progressively been miserable as he slaves as one of Denis’ ground keepers at his house.   

Denis: You’ll see it. Ok Roscoe…..Roscoe before you make decisions again can you talk to me first?

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Denis: Alright, thankyou.

Roscoe: Yes sir.




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  1. More money,…..more money,……more money,…….more money. Raise the rent do what ever you have to do as long as MORE MONEY COMES IN! Suppose to be House of prayer, House of help get more money in Denis pocket!

  2. The FBI does not investigate innocent people. If you are being investigated there is some wrong doing somewhere down the line. If the FBI is showing up at your door asking questions and you are being coached how to answer the inquiry, you are being deceived. People inside please wake up. This man is not who he claims to be.

  3. Wow, investigated by the FBI how corrupt can you get?? Denis is so dumb. Traveling to Washington hiding behind the children singing is not going to get you an escape route. Hang it up Denis! The race is coming to an end!

  4. This is good because not everyone wants to hear this man’s voice, especially after all the evil he has done. There is something distinct about his voice that affects people. His words truly reveal his evil motives.

  5. How sad! All the years people will wast in that place and some will NEVER know the truth about his lies and deceit. Pretty sad when you think about it. I know God has a plan and is on the move, he always does…

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