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Voice of Hypocrisy Exposed!!!

Listen to highlights from Rony Denis’ House of Prayer/ Assembly of Prayer radio broadcast ,” Voice of Revival”, and determine if it should be called the Voice of Hypocrisy.

In this clip you will hear how Markow is instructed by Denis to tell people that they need to spend time with their family on the air.  He mentions this throughout the broadcast. Now listen to how they really are behind the scenes and off the air concerning your family.


In this next clip” Bishop” Denis has Markow speak against the money hungry and fame hungry preachers and rabbis.

He is preaching about Rony Deins?

Listen to this:

The money making schemes of “Pastor” Rony Denis are numerous.  He compares his “fame” to that of basketball hall of famer, Michael Jordan.  So, was Josh Markow “preaching” to Denis?


In this next clip we are told that VACATIONS are no of God!

Folks you can’t make this stuff up!

Did you know that the “Bishop”, Rony Denis goes on VACATION in Florida?

In this next clip we have one of the biggest statements of HYPOCRISY of all.  Listen to Markow tell us that we don’t need Facebook.

Now look at the Facebook pages that the House of Prayer has who tells you that you don’t need to have Facebook.

You rabbis and preachers and Christians and Jews don’t need that Facebook garbage!

Nevermind that we have it!

You don’t need that twitter! Nevermind us though!

Here is a stalker profile that they have used!

Is it possible that the “H” in HOPCC stands for:

Please don’t drink this kool-aid!

“Rabbi Joseph” Rony Denis is trying to serve his kool-aid to the Jews and Christians. Notice how his little soft hands are outstretched for “Mo Money”. ?

10 thoughts on “Voice of Hypocrisy Exposed!!!

  1. Does Jimmy hate Facebook so much because people can use it to stay connected to their families who are not apart of the cult?

  2. DENIS IS ALL ABOUT MONEY, MAKE MORE MONEY, HAVE MORE MONEY, GIVE MORE MONEY…..all…FOR HIMSELF. That he can spend however he wants…but makes others give of their last calls it sacrifice, giving your all. But he himself will not go all out. Mr. Hypocrisy himself!!!! Makes you want to puke

    1. I do not want to hear his voice, I might puke!!!
      It’s ok for jimmy to go to Florida with his lavish cars, while the rest sit and wait for orders or better yet that special phone call from the polycom. He is able to enjoy his trips to Florida and take his special group with him. You know something I do feel bad for the congregation, but more for jimmy bc he is going to be right next to lucifer on the day of judgment!!!??

  3. Yes! No vacations! You must spend your money and go into debt coming to the praise Jimmy conference always in Hinesville GA, when the “great prophet” prophesied that the conferences would be in different places.

  4. Wow! This is truly amazing how the utter hypocrisy of these people are presented before us. How can anyone continue in this foolishness?

  5. Can someone explain to me why Joshua Markow is so blind? Do you realize this a prime cult tactic! Everything he’s preaching about, his pastor is doing!!! But he’s so ignorant that he doesn’t even see it, even if he does see it he won’t dare say anything. Jimmy has so much control, the sky is no longer blue anymore it’s whatever Jimmy tells them that it is…….

  6. The thing with this is that denis will never be found out by the deceived cult members because he has effectively twisted scriptures like touch not the Lord’s anointed or obey them that have the rule over you. As one brother said, some of them could catch him in bed with multiple women smoking a crack pipe and they would still believe he’s right with God. And they think we’re deceived!

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