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Real Estate Fraud!

FORECLOSURE LETTER: Beware this can happen to you, if you own any homes that HOPCC is using for profit. Unfortunately your house will be refinanced so many times without your knowledge. In this case payments were made monthly to HOPCC, and as you see they pocketed the $ instead of paying the mortgage. And as usual when questioned they lie, but you can’t lie about the physical evidence that comes to the door, the house you are living in is now FORECLOSED.



32 thoughts on “Real Estate Fraud!

  1. The apartment complex has come to close to being black listed Ft. Stewart because they know it’s tied to the church along with the houses. They have changed faces on that place more than a plastic surgeon trying to keep the base guessing, and have been called on to present themselves to the off limits board. Jimmy knows all they need is a church member living there to blow their cover and the entire complex will go under because they charge about a $850. Per unit and only rent out to the elite class of military. When certain house get discovered by the base, it’s an easy loss and shift, but if the entire complex gets nailed by them, that’s 62 units times $850 per month they will lose. Rony jones has put this caution out to us many times in meetings. It’s all about the money. He lied and said it was for the Christians God would send for the revival, but since day one he has done everything he can to keep the Christians out, and the money coming in. Rony Jimmy jones Denis is a money man.

    Bro. J. M. Rodriguez

  2. I remember being in Hinesville and living with the Vazquez’s. We discovered that there was a huge black mold spot on the ceiling (bad health hazard). There answer, paint over it.

    1. Yes, this is how they operate. On the cheap for everyone else but the master, Denis. Even at the expense of the health of you and your family. There was a construction going on with a lot of mold and they wanted to just paint over the mold but thanks be to God one of the brethren ripped the sheet rock out so they had to replace it. I understand saving money but shouldn’t we do unto others as we want them to do unto us? Where is the love hopcc?
      Rony Denis where is the love sir?

  3. I just learned that the practice of destroying the family of God’s credit for financial gain was a practice from the beginning of House of Prayer Christian Churches of America, Inc. (HOPCC).

    Bro Barnes was in tears many years ago as wicked Denis and crooked Oloans destroyed this man’s credit for the unrighteousness mammon.

    This thing was a fraud from the beginning. But to the sincere hearted all things work together for the good.

    God will visit these wicked men and complicit hireling pastors for their wickedness!

      1. Prayer force Village is a series of duplexes and mini houses that HOPCC purchased in the Ghetto of Fayetteville and they are located all around the church and they gave them the name of “Prayer Force Village” And they overcharge the people for these dumps that they did a cheap job on remodeling. The first two came out decent but as the stories goes the grinch named Jimmy tightened the cash flow and as the work progressed the houses looked worse and worse. One brother had a rat come up from the floor, where there was a hole that the slum Lords would not fix. There are so Many stories from these slum Lords how they make you live in squalor, and then they tell you that you are doing it for the Lord.

        1. One of the biggest gripes denis had with ntcc were the duplexes on the the Bible school property. He’d go on and on about how they were just money hungry and how some of the preachers had houses (in St. Louis) that they would rent and how ntcc was fleecing the flock. He talked about how hopcc would be different. Yep. It’s different alright. 100 times WORSE. All the things he said he was against that ntcc did, he has turned around and done but much worse.

          1. Yes, he complained so much about NTCC and the houses, he was really the jealous one. The fact is R.W. Davis’ rentals were far superior to Rony’s. Rony is a real slum lord.

  4. The problem is the houses can not be sold. Jimmy has taken all of the money out of the houses, they are all underwater. The houses were fixed up than reappraised to take out equity loans. Now the houses owe more than they are worth. It’s hard to sell a house that is underwater like that since the economy has collapsed. This is the problem with Jimmy, he does not care about anybody other than himself! He has destroyed people’s lives, doing this multiple times with each persons credit. He only wants his own life to thrive he doesn’t care about you!

  5. Few years ago we were asked to use our personal info because of our good credit for purchase of a house to be a blessing to bro and sis. So we agreed for a “good cause”. Come to find out few houses were purchased, refinanced and sold that were on our name since then. For few years houses were rented. Today one the houses is occupied by sinners. Who gets the profit? We have not received a penny from it. If we do any wrong move, they will stop paying mortgages and houses will go foreclosure; and our credit will be ruined. And they most likely would say that it was judgment of God. Please pray for us, as we are praying for many of those that are in the same situation.

    1. Is there any legal recourse for you? If the houses are under your name, then you should be able to collect the rent. You could also put them up for sale. Maybe it’s time to consult a lawyer that specializes in real estate law. Also, is it even legal for them to use your name without your permission? They may have had permission for the first purchase, but for the rest? It’s almost like identity theft.

      1. Many times people don’t even allow them the first purchase, they to do much of their activity behind people’s back. If you take the houses back from them you may come out of your pocket to make the payments, considering they have most of the houses under water taking out so many equity loans. Even the rent that people pay is more than market value.

        1. That’s just it. If they aren’t allowed even the first purchase, then it’s probably illegal. It’s like someone getting a credit card in your name without your permission and making purchases. Identity theft, fraud. All illegal. All punishable with jail. Anyone that this has happened to should talk to police to see what can be done. It’s not right that someone hijacks your name and uses it without your permission or knowledge. Ask questions. Surely the tables can be turned on them. All that could come back to haunt someone in the future when it comes to finances, purchasing a house you actually want, taxes, income tax returns and so forth. I encourage anyone to get in touch with a lawyer, police, legal consultant, or fraud investigators to find out what options you have. If they stop paying the taxes and mortgages on the property it will be the responsibility the person or persons on that title. If they are doing something illegal and your name is attached to it, you could also be in trouble with the law.

          If they put the mortgage back on you and the house is in your name, sell it. If its yours, take ownership, and sell it. How are they going to stop you? I don’t know all the details of these transactions, that is why I say ask someone, find out what you can do.

          All this is very disturbing to me. We were part of hopcc (and ntcc before that) in the very beginning but only for a short time. They tried to get us to move to GA. Promising affordable housing, high paying jobs, and other lies. It’s scary to think what could have happened to my family.

          Through prayer and help from God and His Word, I hope everyone comes out from the fog and oppression. It will take time to heal.

      2. Well, one of the preachers recommended a lawyer to some brethren years ago when I was there. Come to find out, it was Dennis’s real estate lawyer. Mr. Cook was his name in Richmond Hill Georgia. He was like 85 years old- might be dead by now. And someone told me years ago that when they purchased a house from oloans (Denis) that oloans is the one that got them the loan, I mean LOANS, and they were two interest only loans from the very first. The brother didn’t know because it was his first house and had no idea how awful it was to have two interest only loans…. HR DISNT REALIZE IT FOR YEARS.. They became totally upside down. People have been leaving over the last 5 years and I think that’s God’s plan. Dennis is right that the revival is coming very soon. When all the people scatter, the real Christians are going to flood all kinds of churches throughout our nation and the spirit of true holiness, the love of Christ, and real Prayer will grow and infiltrate churches all over our country. People will leave his churches and flock to churches that are small in their own eyes and really love God. Remember when D said that Obama was gonna win the 2nd election and NOT GOING TO leave office when his 2nd TERM was up anyway.. he was gonna proclaim Matial law or something?! Maybe D said that so that everyone would vote for Obama the second time thinking it was prophesied that he was not ever going to leave office ever anyway. Guess GOD HAD different plans.. God has a brand new born again believer in office now…mmm…

  6. And Pastor Rony says this is the “Church” that’s supposed to reach the world? And the only one that’s right, and there is no other church like it?
    I hope that last one is right. I hope there’s no other church like this one that will do you this way.

  7. My father, Rev. King was the Associate Pastor there in Fayetteville and has shared several stories on how Pastor Schmidtke has his church members living in homes were field rats come through the floor boards, with small children inside.
    Also he tried to help a brother who wanted to buy a house and move out of the dump that they put him in (a brothers house that had moved away) he had already closed on the house already paid the closing cost, when his greedy Pastor told him to not do it, the brother lost his closing cost $ and was told to buy the dump, and had to take out an extra loan to cover all the repairs, that they wouldn’t do, as well as pay over $20,000 more than what the dump is worth!

    Talking about fleecing the flock!

    1. my family were invited over to a brother and sister house in fayetteville nc. let me tell you about this house it’s falling apart the ac and heating doesn’t work. they had to come out there own pocket to fix what they can. while the owners who live in Clarksville Tennessee had a nice house build from ground up. they make the brother pay twice for the broke down house there living in. that’s wrong!

    2. I heard your father (if he’s the same man) broke up a fight at the Fayetteville church my brother was involved in. I stopped talking to my brother a few weeks ago – he’s gotten very bitter and it seems like he’s Drained out physically and mentally – he laughs and talks one minute and when on the phone with the pastor schmidtke, the smiles turn into seriousness “yes sir, no sir, yes sir” – that’s the whole talk, as if a full bird colonel is chewing out one of his junior LTs. Weird.

  8. I was one that stayed in a couple of there homes the first one was trashed when I showed up to it and they wanted me and my wife to clean the house. Now mind you the was dirty underwear on the floor and used womans pad on the floor. In the house was two broken windows that they wanted me to fix while paying 750 dollars a month in a small little house with another brother living on the other side and he was paying 1300 dollars a month. As I was saying the house had a door that was molding with a big hole on the bottom at times bugs a turtles would be crawling into the house mind you we where in the country so who knows what else was in there. Then they wanted to move me because they found out it was hard for me to keep up with the rent, so they moved someone in the military in the house so they could get money out of them, thats crazy right shows you they about money.

  9. I was one of the three families that lived there and the place got shut down by the city because they remodeled it as fire hazard and they didnt care. We paid 1650 a month and it was molded falling apart.

    1. I lived in a house in Fayetteville, NC that was on the church property. I got an inheritance and gave $30,000 for Rev. Boles to do renovations. I lived there 7 yrs but simple things I asked to get fixed never got fixed. It was infested with termites, animals coming through floor boards( raccoons), etc. I rented there the whole time too. Crooks.

      1. Sister they took $30,000.00 from you to do work on there own property? They always find a way to take more money. That’s fleecing the flock!

        1. Yes, my mom gave it to Boles. Then I gave an extra $10,000 to Schmidtke for the church. I just had a mini stroke so I thought I was dying. I gave them all my money. Only thing I bought myself was a van. I didn’t want my cheating ex spouse to have the funds. I was so frail in mind. I lost my dad then the stroke. Wow….all I knew to do was follow HOPCC.

        2. I’ve always lived on the church properties. In Augusta, Ga. I lived in the cottage after the Molana’s moved out. Then I lived on Hodge st. In Fayetteville, NC. after the Corona’s and Smith-Whites moved out. Last stop….Killeen, TX. On the church property again. On Bellaire Dr. where so many lived. We paid $1,000 rent there and I couldn’t even use the facilities when I wanted. My washer and dryer was where the Bercini’s showered. It was so weird. I had a husband a 3 kids to care for. If there was Q&A we were locked in the back part of the house. It was my prison!

      2. Wow, I have always known the hopcc Fayetteville spirit to be crooked. I’m sorry this happened to you and your family. Schmidtke has always been known, per Rony his master, to not care for the people. Even up to my last days of fellowship with him his lack of care would ooze out of his mouth. I even thought to call Rony on this put I thought what’s the use.
        May God Bless You

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