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Can You Believe He Said That!?

This is a recording that you have heard before If you are familiar with this site. It is a BOMBSHELL recording of  Pastor Rony Denis of the House of Prayer (The Place of Help) and Assembly of Prayer churches. Headquartered in Hinesville, GA.

In this recording Pastor Rony Denis reveals his true character. He admits to buying people. He gives at least one name here which is “Papa” Reip, the father of David Reip and husband of Arta Chong (Denis’ wife’s mother). He sold his soul for a hundred thousand dollars!

You will also hear the Head Pastor of House of Prayer/ Assembly of Prayer (The Come Pray with me church), Rony Denis say that he doesn’t forgive or forget!

If you pay close attention you can hear him interacting with voices in his head. He speaks of them changing his voice and their voice and making his mouth dry. This is the “2’9 spirit” that Denis talked about that he was under the influence of. The Bible calls it a familiar spirit.

You will hear the greed and lust for money and the narcissistic personality disorder in full operation.


10 thoughts on “Can You Believe He Said That!?

  1. Isn’t it amazing how he says he doesn’t forgive!? Have you ever said you would never forgive anyone yet still claim to follow Christ? Amazing! ?

  2. What’s funny is I always heard that smack coming from his mouth too, I just thought he had false teeth.. lol and I did not hear the recording my husband did. Personally I don’t want to hear that mans voice..


  3. I was at the home going service for Mike Heidler’s mom in Hinesville. It was there I witnessed Rony Denis under the 2’9 spirit trance. He was acting really weird with a changed voice and an extremely dry mouth to where he was making smacking noises in the microphone. He also made a false prophecy about someone named Ashley.

  4. “Reckless,
    And John! I can’t STAND JOHN right now!”
    -Pastor Rony Denis, National Apostle of the House of Prayer/ Assembly of Prayer Cult

    -Former Member

  5. this man is full of anger, unable to forgive, hard, not easy to deal with, flip flop, lying all the time, changing stories, blaming others for his our wrong doings,……..he is the one full of garbage!!!! The facts are the facts!!!

    1. So true, his anger is what is destroying him. The people had trusted this man only to be hurt and crushed by his wicked anger. Greed for power and money has consumed his heart. Twisted sexual perversion has warped his mind. Those who have escaped and have exposed him are doing a great service of God to open the eyes of the blind, to liberate the oppressed, and to set the captives free. Denis has been afraid of this for a long time. Sir, your lawyers will not be able to help you this time. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through God. Greater is HE that is in us than he that is in you. God has chosen the foolish and base things in your eyes to confound your worldly wisdom. The gig is up Denis, you lost!

      1. Denis has messed up so many people. He has given people a false hope through his elitist religious cult. Instead of a true relationship with God all they had was a twisted one with Denis. When they leave Denis they shed their religious facade and the true nature of their heart is revealed. A true product of believing in the lies of Denis instead of the truths of God’s word. Denis will pay for this, a true work of Satan.

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