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11 thoughts on “Check Out This Video Of Jimmy Getting Called Out In His San Diego Cult!!!

  1. One of the chief rebukes against the Pharisees was their utter hypocrisy. Dennis Norstrant, the crooked bookkeeper, says, “Divorce is not good my Lord.” Yet his Boss, Jimmy the Haitian Denis, divorces people all the time.

  2. The jealousy of Rony Denis doesn’t cease to amaze me. As I recall his recent pictures of how angry and bald he looked, I realized that when he mocked me to others and at times in my presence that he was jealous.

  3. Amen and Amen I left because of my own will. Once I found out about jimmy and his lies I was out of there. How could I have stayed any longer especially knowing what he did to those young girls. I know the more we right the more he lies about us to the congregation but he can not touch us we belong to Jesus not jimmy
    Nicole ildefonso

  4. Novice, Tommy Price, and Denis’ parishioners are dumbfounded and bewildered. They look like deer in the headlights. Rev. Figueroa was Tommy’s first pastor, and poor Dorthy Price’s mother was done wrong by the cult. Denis and his crack pot building crew did her wrong. They jipped her and when she called them out on it they couldn’t find the receipt. She’s not in the cult anymore and I wonder if Dorthy talks to her mom now after Denis swindled her?

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