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Rony Denis’ “24/7” Prayer Request Line Gets Shut Down to us!!!

Rony Denis has blocked us from his debunked prayer request line.

The so-called Prayer Request Line is out of service for us!

No Smartphones Please!

Listen for yourself:

This is one reason Denis had to shut it down because they don’t really  pray with you and you better not ask any questions. Listen for yourself:

Poor Shantè, Christine Bradeen really socks it to her when she says that she has some questions about the Voice of Foolishness radio broadcast.  Notice, Arlen Bradeen is not allowed to pray with the opposite sex, neither is his wife.  I guess the older couple needs to do this in order to keep the LUST BATTLES from raging.  No doubt, Jimmy told them to do this.  Pathetic!

Listen to how Christine Bradeen’s pastor,Rony Denis, thinks of her and ALL WOMEN!

Ladies and Gentlemen, you can’t make this stuff up!

“That’s the way they [women] work.” – Rony Denis

“You understand?”

The so-called only “man of God” for the entire planet earth. He sounds like he has the same Spirit  as the apostle Paul, right?

9 thoughts on “Rony Denis’ “24/7” Prayer Request Line Gets Shut Down to us!!!

      1. He is talking about sex because that’s all he relates everything to. His mind is highly sexualized. That is why the cult is restricted from doing many things because they may be tempted to do something sexual. You would have to listen to the whole recording on the Fat Cat illegal real estate slum lord post. He really reveals himself in that recording.

    1. That made no type of sense , the lady didn’t even say anything pertaining to sex. She said I need PRAYER in my life! And Mrs. Bradeen didn’t even pray-but rudely asked her did she need PRAYER!!!

  1. Its been a front a cover up like they care. They say no one else is going to heaven but them. Denis says that they are the remnant and that he is the last man of God on the earth. What a joke!

    1. The last man of God? You’ve got to be kidding me. This guy is not even saved. They shut down their prayer line because it got exposed as a fraud and then Jimmy doesn’t want his Wolfpack to hear any kind of truth.

  2. I think God did answer the questions for Shantè that this defunct prayer line is a joke and the people who operate it are in a cult. Bradeen and his wife can’t answer any questions about the joke radio show because they don’t believe the garbage themselves. It’s your show, why can’t you answer the foolishness that is being spewed out? It sounds like the show is running out of gas. Denis deflected his kabbalah and numerology on the Jews and his voodoo on the Catholics. It’s always the same 6 and 7 with Denis. Why have a prayer line anyway if you are saying that prayer doesn’t change anything?

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