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The Psychology of Rony Denis and his “House of Prayer”

Is Denis suffering from a “man of God” complex?

Denis is a master manipulator of the mind.

What is on with the mental make up of those who actually believe in the Denis “House of Prayer” philosophy? Denis is a proven liar yet these people are faithfully following him as if he is the Messiah who could do no wrong.

This is the image of God that Denis has instilled in the minds of his sect.

There must be a piece of the mental puzzle missing from the mind. There must be a spirit of blindness hovering over Denis’ “House of Prayer.” With a little critical thinking one must easily recognize that Rony Denis has revealed himself as he really is a 100% bona fide fraud.

Are they questioning the weird and quacky things Denis is talking about? Do they read and study the Bible anymore? Is there anything in there?

Once you escape from a cult like Denis’ “House of Prayer” God can restore your mind if you allow Him, he did mine.


13 thoughts on “The Psychology of Rony Denis and his “House of Prayer”

  1. The PRIDE of Rony Denis never ceases to amaze me. My wife and I just sit back and reflect on how crazy Denis really is. How can the people of this cult talk about humility when their cult leader is one of the PROUDEST men to have ever walked the the earth?

    One time in Greensboro, NC people were praying in a service and Denis told everyone to stop and listen to him because his “prayer” was better. What!? Another time, he told my wife to sing, How Great Thou Art (no doubt speaking of him and not God), well it went flat. My wife then sang a song that he didn’t pick which was, How Great Is Our God. The Spirit of God was present and people began to worship God including Arlen Bradeen who would ask my wife to play the piano whenever we came to their home. Well, Jimmy got mad and shut the worship down and said it was all emotions and feelings. In reality Denis was just proud and jealous. He would bring it up to her parents later and mock her for singing the song.

    This man is so proud that he told me that it was because he prayed that my daughter did well during her stay in the NICU. No one else’s prayers mattered but his. What a fraud!

    Denis has said that no one can get saved unless he travels to that church. He accused Schmidtke of having the pride of Jimmy Swaggart but Denis’ pride rivals that of Lucifer!

    One time Denis got mad at me and that this was God talking to me, calling himself God. Nesari was on the phone at the time. I was wondering if I heard him correctly. There is no doubt in my mind now, this fraud thinks that he is God. What Christian talks like this? Did you hear him say that he doesn’t even forgive or forget?

    PS: I am so glad I left! ???

    Brother Yorke

  2. this man is sick devilish, he has a twisted mind, lost and corrupt. He plays the blame game it is always others and the things that others are doing as he says. But it is the very things that are in his own heart,…..as a man looking in the mirror of his own sins. God is not mocked…….all will come to light. He is sick!

  3. I can not wait for the day jimmy finally goes down and all of the world knows the real him. I’m great full for all who continue to make a stand and are not ashamed to do so. Just recently someone that attended the Fayetteville church told my husband what Jimmy said about Liz and I and WOW HOW PATHETIC THIS MAN IS. He has to go around and lie and manipulate the congregation and try to get them to think that we were two losers, bums, gossipers and compromisers. Funny to me because Liz never told me anything about what was going on in the hinsville church I wish she would think we both would have left a long time ago. It’s only been about 2 1/2 months seen we left the cult but we have accomplished a lot with the help of God of course and all the survivors. Thank you all once again. Jimmy told the congregation that they really didn’t know me and I was negligent with all I did in the day school and for the nursery. But God knows how hard I labored for the Fayetteville church.. I know those sisters and brothers must of been confused because we were all very close and they new the love I had for God and them. Jimmy we will all be there the day you get judged. I know you read this site every day so have a good day today lying?

    1. Yes, Rony Denis is good for so-called “revealing” how “messed up” people are AFTER they LEAVE, but never while they’re there. For example, while I was there Denis never called me gay to my face but all of a sudden I’m a homosexual since I left. He never came to me or my wife and said she wears tight clothes, but now since we left he talks like she has been wearing tight clothing the whole time we were in Hopcc. Plus he says my wife and Jennifer Rodriguez are lesbians but he NEVER said that when we were there.

      I talked to Rev Tucker at the time that he left and he at the time didn’t want to say exactly why he was leaving but he wanted to let me know that he was leaving. I talked to Denis right after that and of course he trashed Rev Tucker even when I told him that Rev Tucker didn’t say anything negative about why he left.

      Denis will trash anyone who leaves his cult with LIES. There are those who are foolish enough to stick around when Denis trashes them constantly. This would be the former NTCC ministers like Bradeen and Robertson. One of them who left, Rev Figueroa, said he didn’t know how they could take it. Six months of that garbage was all he could handle.

      Ray Yorke

  4. How can these people go around telling people that there is nothing but lies on this website when they haven’t even seen it for themselves? Someone should ask them, have you read it? When they say no hopefully they will realize how foolish they sound. What they do is let Rony Denis think for them instead of thinking for themselves. Denis could tell them that the moon is made of cheese and they would believe him. He has become what he accused RW Davis of, he claimed that RW Davis could say that the sky or whatever is a certain color and everyone had to agree with him even though it obviously was not true.

  5. How could anyone sit there and listen to this man say that he is the so-called “man of God” for the entire planet? How could they sit there and listen to him say that he knows the date of the rapture? And then he acts like he never said it. How can they sit there and listen to Denis trash people the whole service? How can they sit there and watch him sporting his two wives? What’s wrong with these people? Everyone knows he’s a liar, I guess they are just there for the freebies.

  6. It is amazing how people believe the lies Denis tells! Denis is so predictable. When someone leaves or even if someone is still there, if he perceives that they will expose him he will trash them so viciously in order to discredit them in the eyes of his devotees. This is what he just did to Kirby Stone and what he has been doing to Arlen Bradeen the whole time. It is his devilish pattern. The people sit and believe this nonsense. What they unbelievably don’t realize is that Denis will do the same to them. It is as if these people love the abuse that Denis unleashes on them.

  7. I remember that “Ordinary People” conference where all Gibbs and his wife could do is talk about the amazing “man of God.” It ought to have been called the man of God conference. If they would just only use some common sense they would realize that Jimmy is a big fraud. Jimmy bragged about how he through his great “man of God” abilities knew all about Alejandra’s mom and that through mandate from God she was coming to Hinesville to join the cult. When she came she noticed that Denis was nothing but a two bit cult leader and ask her daughter why they worshiped Denis? Why can’t Alejandra use her brain that God gave her? Why is her husband defending an obvious fraud? Denis who complained about the money spent to bring Alejandra’s mom sent her back. I guess he was afraid that his cover would be blown.

  8. Poor Alejandra Gibbs, today when she was inviting someone to her cult I approached the lady she was talking to, to let her know that she was being invited to a Cult. Gibbs told the lady that I was crazy and that I was persecuting them??? (she needs to look up the definition of persecution) but anyways, I told Gibbs to come to this website and that Sis Stone is saved and not to believe Denis’ lies. I told her that she knew her mom was telling the truth when she said that people are worshipping Denis and that’s why he sent her mom back to El Salvador so that she wouldn’t talk. I said to her tell me I’m lying and she couldn’t. All she did was threatened me to call the cops for so call harassing her. I said to her go ahead call the cops and tell them you’re in kroger harrasing, recruiting and soliciting people for Denis’ Cult. She is so brainwashed, she dishonored her own mother for false prophet Jimmy Denis, smh.

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