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7 thoughts on “Why I Left The House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC) The Cult of Rony Denis

  1. Denis has a reprobate mind Roman 1:18-32 and leading his members to hell.. Its only a matter of time before God make him suffer. Save the people step down and REPENT Denis REPENT

  2. My name is Ann Stephen. I left house of prayer in 2014. I was spiritual abused. I left torn and broken not fully understanding what was going on. Me and my family has been through so much. I’ve done things at that church that i was not proud of. I stole from a sister I played in the church not taken it seriously ;meaning not respecting Gods house I acted foolishly trying to draw attention to my self and not respecting Gods house. I dont fully understand what’s going on but God always been in head of my life he has the authority over my soul because that’s who I fear. It was my own lack of understanding of Gods word but I know enough to not to put no man no other power before him. I’ve repented and believe that God will forgive me In Jesus name.

  3. The ” Reverend” Rony Denis complained about copyright infringement, so we had to change the document some. I hope they like this one. The funny thing is that the dictatorship over there discourages their subjects from using the Internet but the dictator’s Tonton Macoutes are all over it.
    I wonder if they even allow their Bible “School” students to use the “library” they have on a regular basis?
    It seems to me that the dictator wants his subjects to receive all of their information from him, even if it is not true.

      1. I don’t think so, but they should be reported for what they are doing. They may have an argument with the logo that was posted but they are straight up lying about the personal pictures of them on the sanhedrin board. They are hypocrites of the highest order.

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