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Jimmy Doubles Down on “Voice Of Hopelessness” Broadcast ?

Rony Denis doubles down on his, “Voice of Revival“, radio broadcast where Josh Markow is just the puppet being controlled by the puppet master Rony Denis. Why doesn’t Denis get on the radio himself? He says no one would receive him because of his accent. Maybe it’s because he needs to blame someone when it doesn’t go right. Listen for yourself:

Right from the beginning Denis has Markow slam the women for immodesty and jewelry. Have you ever noticed how these kind of groups love to read to you from Isaiah 3:16-26 where they believe jewelry is condemned by God but they never read to you about Isaiah 61:10 where it says:

Or what about this one:

So, this is what the Lord God said. So, what is Denis talking about? Denis and Hopcc love to present a lopsided gospel based on Old Testament scriptures.

Denis talks about modesty but is he modest?

Is this a picture of Rony Denis or is it the opposite? What about this:

1Timothy 2:9

Have you ever heard Denis or Hopcc talk about costly array? God does want His children adorned in modest apparel but why didn’t Denis ever finish the whole verse?

When Markow says God loves judgment, why is he twisting the scriptures to make it sound like God loves punishing people? One of Denis’ favorite sayings is, “God’ gonna judge you” meaning He will punish you for my sake.  Here is what the Amplified Bible (the one Bradeen liked to use) says:

So, God doesn’t love judging you, He loves justice and hates how Rony Denis is robbing the people.

Have you noticed that Markow again decided or was ordered not to pray in Jesus’ name again? The demons don’t like that name. Thank God, Peter and John didn’t listen to the Pharisees of their day who told them not to minister in the name of Jesus. And thank God, for those today who have decided to no longer listen to the chief Pharisee, Rony Denis.

16 thoughts on “Jimmy Doubles Down on “Voice Of Hopelessness” Broadcast ?

  1. If jewelry is wrong then weeding rings are wrong also. And Denis’ wife has the biggest ring ? in the whole cult. These guys are hypocrites.

  2. I am so glad my family escaped this nonsense. Things were getting progressively worse in Denis’ House of Prayer. It appears that he may be suffering from a mental illness and demonic influence which could just be manifesting itself through the apparent mental illness.

    It is unfortunate that he would waste the people’s time and money to spew personal vendettas on his radio broadcast. To speak about Barney and purple shirts are bizarre in such a time as this. The hope for the Jews or the whole world for that matter is Jesus Christ. Denis apparently thinks that God has given him a “special” ministry to prepare the Jews for the coming of Jesus. The weird thing about that is that Denis these days doesn’t seem to even believe in Jesus.

    One person testified that at least the Hinesville church where Denis resides hadn’t preached about Jesus in a long time until accusations were brought about to expose them. But, after the dust settled they just went back to business as usual, lifting up Denis, the so-called man of God.

    The last conference I attended was a praise Denis conference. At this conference Denis claimed that if you confess your sins to him then he can carry them to God to get you cleared. This is a bold heresy and exposes the fact that he doesn’t want Jesus involved in your “salvation” which there is no salvation outside of JESUS! He then told some people that he cleared them of their lies that they told the VA and not to go and correct anything.

    I didn’t leave Hopcc because of the rules or rituals, I was used to this in Ntcc. I left because Denis got exposed to be a huge fraud and I no longer saw a path to heaven staying in what I now recognize as a cult. Since leaving I’ve learned that legalism is what Hopcc is all about as well as being a cult in which worship of Denis is involved. Standards are one thing but legalism says I have to follow YOUR standards to be saved which just isn’t biblical. Thank God I left!

    Bro. Ray Yorke

  3. Okay, Markow (Denis). You tell me that I need to change my heart. So, how do I do that? You talk about “sin” and condemn everyone for it. You tell this is wrong and that is wrong. So, how do I change? Your gospel is a gospel of condemnation and guilt. There is no joy in it. It is religion being without love. Fear only goes so far. Love is the power of God. In fact, according to the KJV Bible (not the Jimmy Denis Version), God is love. He wants us to change and gave us a way to do that through the blood of Jesus. Why not tell the people of Jesus. We want to hear of Jesus. Give us Jesus.

  4. Bro Markow, can I give a bit of advice? Instead of getting on here telling people about Disney and Barney. Why don’t you just pray and ask God for a real gospel message about Jesus. Can you preach Jesus bro? All those other things sound good but preaching Jesus will get people saved. Denis used to tell us this. I wonder what he’s saying now. From what I just heard it can’t be good.

  5. Marco is preaching about women wearing jewelry because he has twisted some scripture in Isaiah. My question is what is the difference between Marjorie Denis wearing all her diamonds on one knuckle, rather than someone wearing it around the neck, she obviously has more jewelry on one finger than the so called sinner has on there whole body ?What a hypocrite! Notice how they only select certain scriptures to prove there point but, they pass by the one talking about costly array! ????

  6. What a joke… It’s funny how they have the music in the background to hypnotize you while he tries to pray. A long dress and blaser, white shirt and tie, and or your ability to scream ” EEELLOLOLOLO GODDDD!!!!” Over and over doesn’t make you a Christian. Denis is Pathetic and so is his fraudulent coporation he calls a Church. FYI Denis no one really listens to XM radio anymore their subscription rate has been dropping dramatically. So good job wasting the people’s money on such a pessimistic view of the Bible. But when your selling Fear to the people I guess that how you preach!!

  7. No, Jimmy definitely is not modest. And he likes his favorite scriptures that he doesn’t balance out with other scriptures so he doesn’t give you a full gospel but only his denominational views.

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