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Why Won’t They Answer The Question???

The Hopcc Prayer Request Line is a joke. Listen to the “Reverend” Dennis Nostrant “help” this poor woman in her time of need.

The reason why they hang up on you when you ask about rapture date setting and unbiblical divorces is because their pastor Rony Denis is GUILTY of being involved in these practices and is too PROUD to admit that he is WRONG! He taught that it is not wrong to be wrong but to stay wrong.  It seems as if the whole HOPCC wants to STAY WRONG!

“Divorce is not good, my Lord” – Dennis Nostrant

20 thoughts on “Why Won’t They Answer The Question???

  1. The reason they won’t answer is because the grounds for divorce in hopcc is whenever Jimmy tells you. Can you believe he told someone God granted him power to change the scriptures but trusted that he would never do that. What a blasphemous liar! Nostrant knows it too. This is the betrayal of the ages. What did Jesus do for you guys to forsake him over the second coming of Jim Jones?

  2. I used to answer the prayer request line when I was apart of the cult and I didn’t treat the people like that. Even after my family and I escaped the cult I was STILL receiving prayer request calls and praying with the people on the phone. These people don’t care about anything but Rony Denis’ image. They certainly don’t care about the prayer line, I left and I was still on as one of the ones you talked to when you called. Now, they just hang up on you when you ask them a question. Doesn’t their intro say you can ask questions? All they will probably do is shut it down because they do not care. Please pray for them.

  3. It’s a good thing these people in charge of the prayer request line lack even the most elementary customer service skills, and a concern or care attitude. If we add to that the empty non-anointed prayers, we can certainly agree that a caller in need will not get help at all, but a perplexed feeling. This “helping tool” is doom to fail very soon… 🙁

  4. That insincere prayer shows that they don’t pray. That’s why Denis is teaching that prayer doesn’t change anything.

  5. Denis has really gone off the deep end. He might as well give it up, his kingdom is crumpling down. He left NTCC and became ten times worse.

  6. only reason Nostrant is in that circle of higly favoredvis cause his wife has 100% VA disability n they rent out their property for the church. He can’t win a soul over to God if his life depended on it.

  7. Wow The man that God saved in Waikiki beach Hawaii cannt even answer a simple question smh and you can tell that prayer wasn’t even sincere

    1. I know , I listened just now and was like did he forget how or what to pray. This is ridiculous, then he hangs up on here . It’s a blessing to know Nicole and Liz both has been delivered from such liars!!!

  8. Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men. Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away. For they sleep not, except they have done mischief; and their sleep is taken away, unless they cause some to fall………….they don’t have answers because……..
    they don’t have JESUS

  9. Omg! Now we know why they can’t answer the question about divorce…… because there Master is the King of divorce! Liberty County City records must be appalled about how many filings for divorce have been coming through in the last few months! There trend has surely surpassed the so-called sinners.

  10. You can tell that the, “Oh God-Lord God” prayer mantra was all they have to offer. There is NO Holy Ghost in Hopcc. But, there is the 2,9 spirit ?. They don’t go by the Bible but by Denis.

  11. Why would you hang up and not answer a simple question. The Bible is very clear about Divorce! You should have NO SHAME no matter who may be asking! But when your master, the cult leader, divorces people to further advance his personal agenda, I can understand why he would shy away from the question. So sad. “Nostrant- there is JESUS AFTER THE CULT!”

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