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Unbelievable “Voice of Hopelessness” Airs on SiriusXM Family Talk 131!!!

Rony Denis has boldly doubled down on his foolishness by setting Joshua Markow, the “Jewish Christian”, up for failure! The so-called Voice of Revival sounds more like the voice of doom and gloom. NOT EVEN ONE MENTION OF JESUS, WHO IS THE REVIVAL!!!

Did you hear him say how roller skates are wrong? Are the so-called Jewish brothers and sisters buying this nonsense? Did you hear Markow speak about lying? Has Markow ever met Rony Denis?

Now he attacks Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, and Elmo. These guys really are from a hundred years ago! Notice how he slips a dig in for those “wicked men” who wear purple shirts.



These guys LOVE to talk a lot about pornography. I wonder why? Did you hear him contradicting himself saying that prayer doesn’t change anything and then he says we need to pray to have strength to change? That came from the pseudo wisdom of Rony Denis‘ mind.

41 thoughts on “Unbelievable “Voice of Hopelessness” Airs on SiriusXM Family Talk 131!!!

  1. The program, Voice of Death, was pretty lame tonight. I had to keep from falling asleep. Who is it supposed to reach, the Jews? Would they be listening to a Christian station? Tonight Denis had Markow blabbing about the usual Denis foolishness: books bad, skaters bad, skateboarding evil, and so on. Denis must have gotten religion in the 80’s because that’s what this stuff sounds like.

  2. Ok. But what does the BIBLE SAY???What is the solition to alk this porn and sexual immorality? What is God’s solution??? This guy used more internet statistics than Gospel truth. Shame on him. SHAME.If prayer doesnt change the world, then why is Jesus making intercession for us Christians?

  3. Where did they get those porn statistics? The INTERNET??? Why would a Christian submit thenselves to involve themself to that kind of spirit? And isnt God greater than Temptations? What happened to God making a way of escape?

  4. Oh God!!!! Theyve gone completely crazy!!! Theyre completely going back to the old testament, like the foolish Galatians!!!!! And theyre trying to mix judaism and christianity not in the way God ordained it.

  5. In the last days evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. 2 Timothy 3:13

    Sounds like the Bible is right and somebody is wrong.

  6. It is truly amazing how the psychological affects of being in a cult can warp the understanding of an individual. In a cult people are mentally trapped in a place that they can physically walk out of but they don’t because of the fear through the lies their cult leader places on them. People left Hopcc for different reasons. Some people really wanted God but got sucked into a religious system of mind manipulation and control and left when they realized that there was no righting the ship that was heading in the wrong direction. Others attended Hopcc for the fishes and the loaves. When that dried up they left. Some attended for a myriad of reasons and left because things just didn’t work out for them. The bottom line is we need to serve God right now, and by God’s grace if we are able, help people out of the cult Hopcc.

  7. I wonder if Jimmy would open the doors to the church for shelter if Hurricane Irma comes through Hinesville? I wonder if he would let me inside?

  8. The servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient….

    As I read these powerful words from
    II Timothy, I wonder how any could see Denis as a servant of the Lord. He seems to fit more into the category where Paul speaks of Hymamenaeus and Philetus.

  9. I wonder what happened? Maybe she started asking questions like the prayer request callers did? Didn’t he say Bradeen wasn’t saved also? If you talk against Denis your not saved. What a joke!

    1. I can imagaine that Kirby’s family would love to see her leave this evil place. She would be better off no matter what she would do. There is a loving God watching all of this and I hope and Pray she can find her way to the Real Loving God. Maybe she is starting to put things together and think for herself. I pray all of Jimmy’s captives are set free!

  10. So sad, Pray for Kirby, Jimmy made her stand up and confess she’s not even saved, and not even a SISTER!! She’s no longer Sister Stone, just Kirby.

  11. U guys are playing a dangerous game. Denis knows that there’s a hot hell waiting for him. Playing with God’s church. Attempting to reach the Jews with your fake gospel. It’s ironic because you’re reading from God’s word, while at the same time willing ignorant of the fact that Jesus spoke of the thieves and robbers that have attempted to persuade the people before but he said the sheep didn’t hear them. They won’t hear denis either. U guys are worse than the Pharisees. Playing with God’s church and the Jews that God loves. Markow, your idol is denis the lying wonder menace. It’s amazing to see the bible played out before our eyes. These people will be judged harshly if they don’t repent. Don’t you see denis is not claiming to be holier than thou, he claiming to be holier than God. Hell’s flame will cleanse that thought from him for all eternity & whosoever is following him!

  12. That’s how Denis has turned the sons and daughters against their parents, by getting them to say “thank you” for giving them a load of wickedness like big bird!

  13. These people know nothing about the love of God! There are members of this cult who have families who love them but have been cut off by them because they would rather worship a man. There are people whose mothers and fathers, and brothers and sisters are hurting and need them, but because of no love they abandon them while they worship at the feet of someone who doesn’t care for them at all, Rony Denis.

  14. Markow, WE WOULD SEE JESUS!!!!!– not this madness of which you speak!!!!!!!!! Give us JESUS!!! Markow— FLEE FAR FROM denis & LIVE!!! There is JESUS after hop CULT!

  15. And I noticed he’s on national radio spouting off these statistics but he’s not citing ANY sources…. where’s he getting these statistics?? YOU ARE ON NATIONAL RADIO SIR. If this were an article in a magazine it’d be all heresay and no credibility. CITE YOUR SOURCES. So completely bogus, not credible, and plain stupid.

  16. Listening to the audio markow, was giving thanks to the mothers, it made me realize I have things I can give hopcc thanks for: thank you for the lies the manipulation the control the mental abuse the separation of my family the divorce of my daughter the Sadducees and Pharisees spirit the 15 years of Disconnect with my family the humiliation the strain of my marriage destroying my pastor robbing me of my ambition and goals. Truly I am not thankful but thanks be unto God by the blood of Jesus Christ Psalms 86:7 and the day of my trouble I will call upon thee for thou will answer me ,1st Peter 5:7 casting all your cares upon Him for he careth for you. Thank God for a savior that came to save a sinner like me and whosoever.

  17. This is very sad and heart breaking, to know I was apart of something and a group of people who seemed to really love my SOUL… Then so called pastors would live so much hypocrisy right before my eyes. The people who helped me spiritually has actually turned their hearts and tongues to lie on and about me, that hurts- but nothing JESUS HAS NOT FIXED ALREADY. I’m enjoying my freedom away from such liers and hypocrites! I’m nowhere near where I use to be in GOD that parts my fault- but I do still love GOD. PLEASE KEEP ME IN PRAYER… A lot of you here do know me and I you- but want mention my name here due to Satan using the so called christians to spy and come up with more lies. Mr Denis you have fallen like Saul. I once admired your GODLYNESS- but as time permitted I noticed years ago you were slipping away from JESUS and stealing all his(JESUS)PRAISE and GLORY. I’m PRAYING for you and those left there that I do still LOVE.

  18. What kind of Christian “minister” preaches an entire sermon, and doesn’t mention Jesus one time? Not even in prayer? That definitely sounds Christian doesn’t it? ?

  19. Markow what about the pornography your pastor puts in the faces of his “ministers” and laughs about it??? Did you realize your church, and your pastor is included in your statistics? Your ministers spend 10-12 hours a day viewing pornography on behalf of Denis. Why don’t you preach Jesus?? Have you ever read this scripture? John 12:32 And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. Markow, the whole lot of you let Jesus by the wayside so long ago, nobody recalls where they left him. I guess on judgement day you will be able to tell the Lord you preached about every sin you could think of ; legitimate and otherwise. I hope that gets you into the kingdom of heaven……….. you poor deceived soul

    1. I guess Markow is admitting that the people in “House of Prayerlessness Christian Cult” believe that pornography is acceptable. According to him, a certain percent says that it is not acceptable, but these people are lying? You add both percentages up and you get 100%. So, Markow, you are lying when you say pornography is wrong (as you have stated). Ooooh, caught in your on words. Speaking of which, he talked so much about pornography that it places the thought of it in your mind and places temptation there. I guess David was not a man after God’s own heart either. He wore purple.

  20. Does Markow know those 7 things God hates are a picture perfect example of his “pastor”???? Wake up Markow, you should have been preaching to your pastor! He’s one of the “preachers ” you were speaking of trying to see how much money they can get out of you!! Wake up, wake up, wake up!!!!!

  21. So far after listening to Rony Denis’ radio broadcast, I have learned that iPads are sinful (doesn’t his daughter have one?), that Barney and purple shirts are sinful, Sesame Street and the parents who allowed their children to watch it are the blame for homosexuality around the world, smartphones are actually stupid phones, and that God hates liars. But what I didn’t hear was how to be revived. Isn’t it supposed to be about revival? These guys can sure point out what they think is sin but they can’t point anyone to Jesus. They said prayer doesn’t change you but then they say pray for strength to change. They are very confused. God is not the author of confusion.

  22. It is not a voice of revival, it is the voice of lies, the voice of Denis, voice of trash, voice of doom, voice of darkness……..ridiculous

  23. Joshua forgot to name one statistic: the divorce rate in Hopcc, what a bad testimony to the city officials in Liberty County. Largest rate of divorce is coming from the Airport Rd church with the blue roof.

    Jimmy please do not shame John Wesley by trying to attach your sorry ministry to his name, no John Wesley was not a False prophet!

  24. Since they follow this site closer than they follow Jesus, they will talk a little about Jesus in their next broadcast because they have to try and prove us wrong. So, pathetic!

    1. Boy, I am so glad that Joshua Markow explained why William Pilkington was gay for so many years! It was all because of Big Bird, Elmo, Bert, and Ernie, those devils! But wait, doesn’t Daddy Denis (aka “Daddy” Seymour wannabe) have a big bird at his house?

  25. Voice of hopelessness indeed. “Prayer doesn’t change anything”. Someone let this go viral so the world can know that hopcc attributes sesame Street to teaching kids how to be gay. And so they can hear the absurd teachings themselves. Let the world hear them say that electronics in school will get your kid hooked on porn. How can they help anyone when they are so disconnected and off track from what’s going on? They’re obsessed with porn that’s all they talk about. Yes porn is a serious problem but it’s like they offer no solution, they just focus on porn porn porn but no mention of Jesus who can free you from it. Hey how about all the vulgar, pornography that denis would talk about for hours? What about the pornographic images he forced his mininters to look at? What hypocrisy. Thank God my family and I left.

  26. Yes!!! I heard the radio show. The first one some years back was a lot better, but this one is a complete joke. All Markow did was glorify sin. That’s why they have so many people in their own church jumping up and down on their cell phones because of their addiction to porno instead of being addicted to Jesus. Markow called the cell phones “stupid phones” instead of smartphones, but doesn’t he and Denis know that it’s not the phone but the operator of the phone who is using it for evil? I have a phone with internet on it and have by God’s grace not used it for porno like they have. Why is Markow and Denis talking about old T.V, shows? These guys are definitely stuck in the past. Where is the Holy Ghost? Denis is not hearing from God. This guy is so lost. As Markow reads his script, there is no inspiration at all. So, you tell the world about its sins, ok so where is the way out? Why didn’t he tell us about Jesus? Oh, that’s right the devils won’t let you. The 2’9 spirits don’t want to hear that name. The Jews you are so-called ministering to don’t want to hear it. What excuse will Denis give? I wonder how long this awful program will last? Why won’t Denis get on the radio? Can you believe that Markow, from Denis of course, actually talked negative about wearing a purple shirt? These people are straight up lost and crazy!!

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