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5 thoughts on “Family Talk 131 Hoodwinked by Rony Denis and Hopcc!!!

  1. This is actually hilarious. Poor Markow has no idea that he is being used as a pawn in jimmys devious plan. Little does Markow know, Jimmy was telling us at his house that markow wouldn’t last in Israel for a week…… after he laughed and mocked him for being on his knees on the platform praying for the Jews (which jimmy told him to do)……. poor markow, you will be the next derby. He is pumping you up to make himself look good, soon he will crush you and move to the next victim……

  2. Jimmy,We got the books and I wanted to address you on some of the Ministries you claim you have. First, the Washington DC Ministry trip as I recall, was a Day School field trip which we paid for. Second, the Food Ministry you must not remember, I worked the food run and fellowships, the food that we picked up from Second Harvest and Food Lion and excetera was for the servicemen’s home and Sunday night Fellowship and the scraps was given to the food bank. Third, the Hinesville Community Ministry really? Where Randy Lopez worked to Infiltrate The System? let’s talk about how you manipulated the church to vote for who you wanted us to vote for. So, what is the real reason for you sending the books to other churches when once you said you’re the only church right with God. Oh, what a tangled web! You told the church that I was crying and begging to come back, if that were true I would have did what Robertson wanted me to do.

  3. Lol!! This is so hilarious, Jimmy waste so much money on propoganda!! Sending books to other churches, printing pictures off of FB,
    Faking a ministry with Markow, who he said wouldn’t last one week in Jerusalem ?
    Jimmy is so funny! Smh!! He is a very unstable man in all his ways!

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