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Please Pray For These Children!!!!

Sarah Derby and Delcina are watching these girls from Denis’ house. They are going on a walk in the neighborhood. Denis uses these girls as human toys for his daughter.

Here are the children of Denis’ inner circle playing with water with Jody (Daniels) Emanuel. One of the girls have recently escaped from the cult.

Here are some FLDS girls who are allowed to play in the water. This is forbidden by Rony Denis in Hopcc. They are very similar as you can see but there are some differences.

It looks like Ringling Brothers are still in business. They moved to Denis’ backyard.

 The main attraction is: Jimmy the Clown Denis ?

11 thoughts on “Please Pray For These Children!!!!

  1. Have you ever noticed that these children in Denis’ circle don’t “get in” and “have church” like the others? Maybe they know it’s all a fraud because they know the real Denis.

  2. Wow, even the children look like they are from a hundred years ago! This church must really be “holy”. Why don’t they step it up and wear robes and be like it was in biblical days two thousand years ago? They would really be “holy” then! The guy who thought he was a prophet and kidnapped Elizabeth Smart wore a robe. Maybe Denis will walk around Hinesville wearing a robe .

    1. I remember Robertson told someone that his clothing was “holy”, I thought the Bible spoke of our clothing being modest. What is “holy” clothes?

    2. How and why does he choose certain girls?? It’s quite a shame when his own daughter can’t attend sunday school or the regular school with All the other girls… I’m glad I don’t attend that church and my kid dose. They have to go through that hocus pocus!!!!

    1. Yes, he really likes the birds of the air which come and lodge in the branches of the corrupt church. And also because they come and take the seed away which falls by the wayside. Great symbolism for ole Jimmy.

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