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Exclusive: Fraudulent Prayer Request Line Exposed!!!

Listen to how they treat you on the so-called prayer request line for asking a genuine question:

I Peter 3:15

I believe that was a serious question that the person asked on the phone but all he got was:

Please forgive the laughter, for the caller was utterly amazed by how the holier than thou “righteous maranatha” people handled the situation that laughter had to be made in order to cope with the disappointment of being rejected an answer to a legitimate question.

1-866-414-pray & hang up on you prayer request line? Voice of Revival?

15 thoughts on “Exclusive: Fraudulent Prayer Request Line Exposed!!!

  1. The lady on the phone said you know you are in the right church because of the other people’s righteousness? Is that why we go to church? To inspect the righteousness of others? What about ourselves?

  2. Father of Devils that yall call him my name was once Sister Ann at this church that have ruined my life years after I left and something’s did happen to me not that I can’t explain not because of fear of witchcraft but because I left confused of false doctrine which allowed me to go in a shock of fear because preaching of religion(not spiritual) and people not the Word of God….Ive sat and went over and over of how God could give a gift of tounge to a church that’s opposite of Christ and they pray noon and night it tounge to this Father of the Devil (that yall calling him) that yall all trying to expose and this church is not a cult nobody is held there against there own free will…leave….and as yall Pastor Smidtka says if you don’t like wrong than change…yall make war spiritual warfare not just for yall but others because many of yall left due to the point of being there for 10 or more years and watched and witness then yall want to come out or when he ready to put yall out then say God has answered… the truth God didn’t answer you still let your Father of the Devil let you go yall sat and watched this man do evil….its not mind controlling its yall playing games and i know I was there and watched and now yall wanna leave and claim cult doesn’t it says in the bible where is your faith I was there a little over 2 years and seen the worst its taken yall over 10 and plus years I couldn’t sit in the same room with a person and watch them lie over and over more than a hour and not wanna leave and call me what you want im for neither of this mess because…I took a piece of candy out of a sister car and was convicted my flesh was weak and my Spirit wouldn’t agree with me to let me drive my car without taking it back but you sit for years and years watching theft… playing with people souls calling it soul winning to this church… yall know behind closed doors what kind of confusion this is and yall invite innocent souls to this church and yes I was one but because I was raised with the love of God it showed me yall colors….and how can you sit in the same place knowing that other spirits could be worship besides the Holy Spirit yall give satan the right to do what he can and yes I can speak on it because I was there this no cult this is yall playing in the Spiritual world….then say God delivered….and bringing families and their children there….me and my kids almost died behind this I left thinking voodoo was involved in this church and that’s why I was scared not because…of Ron Denis….and if I was scared of anything it was how yall run to doors asking questions trying to bring people back and they don’t understand yall got more than blood on yall hands but souls that yall misleading…Ive sat and watched the news posted all over this internet and trust me I can say much more but im not because in 2 not 10 I seen things and ima say this I didn’t say anything because when I came there the first day I came there to encounter God…but the longer after the niceness wore off and all the bickering….picking….behind the scene meetings….talking and putting down on your so call sister and brothers…and I can go farther and yes I said in two years….Ive seen people walk out the minute they came in…. because how things was set up but I seen protection of marriage but little that I knew….and Religious Religious Religious…all you hear this is one of the most Religious places I know because the way yall dress …this is the most Religious based church not spiritual…and people leave empty when there and you let them leave with the assumption of cult cause you preach all the business of the church not the Word of God….and yes I was abused of that so I know many people walk in and out abused and that what lead of me leaving I sat there confused thinking there’s better in this or im going to have the mind of forgiveness but steady being mislead…this is not a cult this just yall in a mess and playing with God and others…nobody is held there against there own power to leave just like you walk in and out your house you can do the same…no guns or nothing is at your head its said faith without work is dead….this is not a cult this is playing with God….and again yes Ive encountered alot since I left there but I do know the truth….and all this cult and confusion going on all over the internet that is preached not to believe…. I was baptized here these are things that pertaining to God acts of salvation why is things like this. Being over looked this is people lives ….what I don’t understand is why yall doing this its not about yall its the people that come with an whole heart either ready to change or looking for a Word from God and being lead blind by the clothes and smiles and little gifts to keep them coming back under all this confusion….this hurts deeply because that was me and my family…and many others and again its not about yall its about God….his loyalty….his honor. …obedience to God ….. Gods love it hurt because I think of how many walking in and out of this place abused you giving them all Right To think cult and its saying God will protect us…and on that you sit there and condone what’s going on Behind closed doors like its right and know all The darkness going on …if you leave you’ll never find a church like this that brings fear to people…. Or say something bad going to happen to them If they leave…and how does that look when the own people or leaving or being put out because of yall confusion…this is lack of fear of God….and if something does happen to these families do you think the last word they heard is that if you leave something will happen to you and you’ll never find a church like this….that’s fear of man not God….I left just like that and it has damaged my family….its not just about yall…

    1. No, Hopcc is a straight up cult. No one would say that The People’s Temple, Jim Jones church, was not a cult today. And Denis runs his cult just like Jim Jones.

    2. @ Ann Stephen – Hello ma’am, I was one of those people that was in hopcc for 10 or more years. After I read your post, I just wanted to let you know a few things that I do not think you are considering. As I have stated before, I’m not here to find fault with anyone. There’s fault-a-plenty to go around. The only and I mean only person without fault is the Lord Jesus. Pontius Pilate was preaching a message when he said that and didn’t even know it. I just want to dig deep. Let me be very clear most of my posts are aimed at denis on purpose. He’s the one I want to dig deep about. I know he reads these blogs. I just wish to give him something to talk about. He taught me the bible and I just want to let him know I was listening after all. Do you remember him making that statement over and over? (You’re not even listening!) I was listening and I want him to know it. I don’t plan on stopping until he falls. That’s what you do in a fight. Rony, when you read this sir, if you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re fighting. One of us will fall but I’m on the Lord’s side. I’ll let you figure out who’s going to fall. Ma’am, you mentioned that we were playing with God. How? It’s called kool-aid for a reason. You, by your own admission, drank the kool-aid for 2 years and me for 10 or more. If that makes you feel real good about yourself fine. We are all hurting from this. My family too is hurting. I have to look inside myself everyday and find the strength to keep going on. It has not been easy because many of them still in hopcc I love. Many that have left and I was told lies about I love. I love you as well ma’am. I really got saved. I really changed my life. I was an evil person in sin. I’ve done things that I am truly ashamed of today. The Lord Jesus forgave me of all that. I must serve him no matter what. I can’t allow myself to forget all that he endured for me to have everlasting life. Jesus prayed to the Father one time saying those who the Father have given him he desired that they would be with him in heaven that they may behold his glory. I don’t want to allow the fraudulent activities of a two bit charlatan cheapen what Jesus wants for me. What you must realize is that Rony Denis has been lying from the beginning. It’s all been about money to him. If he feels that he can make some money off you he will treat you nice and leave you alone so to speak. If he feels you can offer him no financial support he’s less likely to put up with you if you disagree with him on any issue. That’s how he works. That’s why some have stayed longer than others. I don’t know your financial state ma’am but if you’re not one of his 100%er’s that may be why they stopped treating you well. Rony Denis is a money preacher, though he claims holiness. Even though he’s been preaching from the bible he never believed it one time. The man is a complete fraud. He must be exposed. You’re right ma’am, it’s not about us. It’s about exposing this fraud and others like him so that people will be able to worship Jesus in spirit and truth. If anyone was saved over there it wasn’t Denis that saved them it was the Word of God. Proving to be powerful and quick just like the bible says in Hebrews. The point I’m trying to make is this, we have to get passed the hurt and gird up our loins and prepare to help those that come out of places like hopcc. This should be our focus. If I wronged anyone I apologize. This is not my intent. I must serve Jesus and encourage others to do the same. For remember this, when we stand before him one day he will ask the question what have you done with Jesus and did you bring anyone with you.

  3. Why are they still using Rev. Irwin’s voice on their fake prayer line? Don’t they have someone that they can use in their cult? Why not put Denis on there? He’s the one who started this foolishness. Rev. Irwin already exposed Denis and his boys as frauds.

  4. Who does this??? Obviously they have no answer for Jimmys foolishness, and I have one question? Who was doing that awful singing? It sounded like a child on a bad day, and piano playing???? That was really unprofessional, sounded like some self recording from home, why would you do that to poor Rev Irwin? The man you hear speaking has left his church maybe about 10 yrs ago!!! And has his testimony on this website……… I mean really there is no one in the Maranatha movement that can record for there no prayer request line?

  5. That was so hilarious! That prayer request line needs real Christian people on it to help those who call not hang up on people with legitimate concerns and convictions, but the problem is all the Christians left that place.?

  6. These clowns do not cease to amaze me with their garbage. Was that Joshua Markow’s wife hanging the phone up on the gentlemen? These people obviously have something to hide.

  7. Righteous? Is the maranatha lady living right? Why couldn’t she answer the question? Maybe it’s because there is no righteousness there.

  8. Rony Denis is such a fraud. You ask a legitimate question and they can’t answer because they are all fraudulent. Why didn’t the maranatha woman just say that Denis claimed he knew when the rapture was but was obviously wrong and he was under the influence of evil spirits who he thought was God? Why don’t they just admit that they were wrong instead of covering up their sins with more lies and hypocrisy?

  9. So that’s how they treat you! Wow! Why couldn’t she say that the place where the man said he knew the rapture was the wrong church?

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