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The Cult is Back on the Radio!!! And has Published More Propaganda!!!

Rony Denis and the boys are back on XM 131 fronting as a Christian group trying to reach the Jews! ?

Joshua Markow is the new face of this filthy cult on the radio.

Check out the latest propaganda:

This is what they are sending to other churches outside of their vicinity.

6 thoughts on “The Cult is Back on the Radio!!! And has Published More Propaganda!!!

  1. Rony really went crazy last night. He says now only a few of us are going to make it to heaven but before he said all of us were going. This guy is confused. Is he going?

  2. So Jimmy, you told the people that I and them called you to apologized to you about coming back to the church? ???? that is so funny. I have nothing to apologize to you about. So STOP lying to the people Jimmy. Since we are on the subject about lying, the day I confronted you about my Sons, you told the church that I wouldn’t say you’re not a man of God. So I’m here to make it clear and known that YOU ARE NOT A MAN OF GOD.

  3. Now that Denis has his new high powered security cameras up at his compound he feels emboldened to launch out with more foolishness but at the same time people are leaving his cult. He got mad ? the other night because someone he touted as so great for coming back to his cult left again even though Jimmy tried to buy him. Smh…

  4. I guess they are trying to bring all of the surrounding pastors so they can be “saved”, because of course they are the only church that’s “right with God”. I guess the pastors didn’t get the memo they need to be “cleared” by Jimmy first. ? Jimmy wants the pastors to come and confess every cookie they did and didn’t steal from the cookie jar, since they were 2 weeks old! Jimmy didn’t you say the ministry was garbage? (or whatever you call what you are doing) you said you retired……. oh! I guess that was one more lie…….

  5. So, the conference will have old time/ Old Testament preaching and teaching according to the propaganda letter. I wonder If Jimmy will teach how he can CLEAR you of your sin if you confess it to him? I wonder if Jimmy will teach that he has power to change the scriptures? I wonder if Jimmy will teach that he is not a man but a spirit that sees where you are and what your doing even in your bedroom? I wonder if Jimmy will teach that he has “tangible” evidence of when the rapture will take place? I can go on and on about this false prophet. What a joke!

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