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Denis said that you can find who you are in the Bible. Well, we found you!

We have found the seven sons of Sceva! They have been hiding in Hopcc all along!


The 1st of the 7 sons of Sceva is G. Robertson. Powerless against the lies of Rony Denis. He claimed that he stood for righteousness, but when Denis exalted himself Robertson fell down to worship him.

The 2nd son of Sceva is the screamer, D. Huff, Denis’ longtime follower.  The former Amway salesmen was a Ntcc favorite. He had a knack for bringing people to church and then screaming at them, but his screams went silent when daddy Denis started screaming back.

The 3rd son of Sceva is the onetime bold H. Virgo.  He is the brother in-law of Denis.  Denis has reduced him to admitting that he would disagree with God Almighty in favor of Denis!

The 4th son of Sceva is A. Bradeen.  He stood up to Denis at onetime, but his brothers didn’t come to his aid, now his own family will carry his head on a platter to Denis.

The 5th son, A. Schmidtke, is one of the biggest cowards the world has ever known.  One minister spotted him playing hot potato with his phone with Denis was calling him.

The 6th son is W. Pilkington.  This one has got to be biggest cheezer the world has ever known.  He has claimed that Denis has moved the moon around and that the birds of the air rest  on the steeple of the Hinesville church while Denis is in the inside teaching.  Pilkington is a hardcore disciple of Denis all the way to the last drop of kool-aid.

Last but not least is R. Bercini, the ultimate kiss up to Denis. Denis has given Bercini a suicide mission to take over the abandoned and doomed Greensboro church building and Merritt Dr. house.

They said that they wanted to be like the book of Acts! So, here they are!

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