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The Dirty Divorce Tricks of Rony Denis and HOPCC/ Assembly of Prayer

There was a sister who just recently escaped the abuse of Rony Denis’ cult, House of Prayer/ Assembly of Prayer ( The Place of Help- Hinesville). She had to leave when her husband, Adrian Martinez, who was in Greensboro, NC at the time fooling around with the illegal living quarters at 3717 Sunnycreast Ave, the mold infested church building that was left behind when the Greensboro church left.

The sister escaped with her children and called Adrian to explain but he hung up the phone on her and then promptly changed his phone number, a standard HOPCC practice by order of Rony Denis.

The dirty trick that Denis plays is to get the spouse under his control to file for divorce and to run it in the local newspaper knowing that you have moved away. If you are still in Hinesville they will run the divorce add in another nearby city so that you will not see it and not know what is going on. This is done so that the other spouse has no say so in the divorce. They don’t want the wife who hasn’t been working to contend for ALIMONY. It’s all about the money! Money ? ? ?!

But Rony Denis and Hopcc apparently LOVES it! Please keep sister Liz and her family in prayer.


12 thoughts on “The Dirty Divorce Tricks of Rony Denis and HOPCC/ Assembly of Prayer

    1. Another person who left the house of prayer and I, witnessed the churche’s lawyer talk my ex husband into getting a divorce. we were at court for something different when his lawyer kept telling him that is what was needed to be done in order to get out of the current case we were there for.over and over again I can hear Erik firmly telling him “No that’s not what I want to do”finally the lawyer told him again you dont understand the only way to get through this case is to file. So obviously he listened. while we were waiting they went next door filed and served me in court. It was our turn to be seen in court so they tell the judge we want to drop etc. and put through these divorce papers. We walked into the hallway and Erik tried to walk up to me and he reached out his hand but what he didnt know is that he had just made the biggest mistake of his life . Riep tapped him on the shoulder and told him to come on .

  1. I have never seen so much divorce in my life! This church is not a church. Denis is not of God! This place is crazy! What a shame!

  2. So Jimmy struck again. But Jimmy you have not won, don’t think you have. You will answer to God for what you have done to Liz and the kids, and everyone else for that matter. God will take care of Liz, as he has all the others who have left your clutches. Truly we are celebrating this year of freedom! God is real Jimmy, stop playing God!

  3. So Jimmy told the church that “people want to get divorced, then split the money”. No lier, YOU want people to get divorced when they no longer wish to live by your lies, deceat, control, fraud, etc. you told the church if they leave you will be sure they don’t receive any money from their spouse. Well let me tell you a few things jimmy jones, one you do not control the law. I know that is a shock to you but in America there is a governing law and it’s not YOU! When you force people to get a divorce against their will they have a right to ask for alimony, and no you can’t stop it. Jimmy do America I great big favor, and self deport back to Haiti ??. I’m sure you could change all laws you wish there! Bye bye ?

  4. Jimmy do you even care that you are a shame to the real gospel??? You are the epitome of what the world resents about church. You have caused Gods enemies to mock with all of your sin. Have you read your Bible a day in your life? Don’t you know God hates divorce? No God has never given you the authority to divorce! You are a lier!

  5. Denis has got to be the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE I have ever met in my life! This liar said that in NTCC there was divorce all over the place and that Hopcc will be different. What a liar! He instigated the divorces in Hopcc. Denis I am so glad we left your cult before you could try and mess our marriage up! We out smarted you!

  6. Omg!! Rony Denis you are so disgusting, you swap people like socks. You have disgusting religious prostitution ring going on in your poor of excuse of a church!
    Shame on you!
    You are worthy of the judgment that will follow you for ruining people’s lives like you do.


  7. What a dirty rotten trick! Denis doesn’t care about these people! Just his image and bank accounts! God hates this wickedness!

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