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6 thoughts on “Does Rony Denis, founder and leader of House of Prayer/ Assembly of Prayer, have the Jezebel spirit?

  1. Denis said all the “right things” in the beginning, but NOW he is saying all the WRONG things! People leave, it is a cult!

  2. I am utterly amazed and completely dumbfounded on how cowardly these men are in Denis’ House of Prayer church. I remember one conference Denis had me a Virgo preach without outlines. Virgo had stumbled around and Denis called telling me how Virgo had choked. All of those guys over there are chokers! The Jezebel spirit has definitely taken the manhood away from Bradeen, Robertson, Virgo, and all of them. These guys are longtime preachers with no backbone. Is there any hope for these guys? Seems like they gave up a longtime ago and have bowed the knee to Denis.

    Ray Yorke

  3. Does this guy know Denis? Obviously he doesn’t but he is sure familiar with the spirit Denis operates in. It’s the same spirit as Jim Jones and others. Denis even claims to be a spirit. The thing what spirit? The Jezebel spirit! That one part about collecting information about you so that he can use it to destroy you is Denis all the way. Everything! Hopefully this will open people’s minds to how corrupt this man really is!

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