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“I have more humility and love than anyone in this room” – Rony Denis (Jimmy)

This a quote from the “Rev.” Rony Denis at the last meeting in his house we attended before we escaped his cult. The very statement itself exemplifies the pride that truly works in Denis‘ heart.

Did you know that false humility is one of the characteristics of a narcissist?

Even in Jimmy’s sham day school “Jimmy’s Heritage Cult Academy”, there is no Honor Roll or Graduation because according to Denis the students will get proud. But, doesn’t the Bible say to give Honor to whom Honor is due?

Have you ever wondered why Denis always stressed that everyone had to be humble and respond a certain way, but he himself could react in any carnal way he chose, especially anger?

Does his life really display humility or does it display false humility?

Have you ever heard Denis exalt himself?

It sounds as if this “humble” man has the “I” problem. What do you think?  Can you imagine this “humble” man performing a foot washing?

He actually spoke about this at the beginning of Hopcc, but it was all rhetoric because he was saying all the “right things” to deceive the masses.

Believe it or not, exposing your feet in Hopcc is a no no. Denis is certainly against the feet being exposed. He has made comments about the “compromise” of the NTCC women not wearing stockings. I have been in baptisms where the socks are kept on. Denis made a big deal about Adam Boles viewing the toes of RW Davis. The women in Hopcc stay away from open toed shoes. One woman from Hopcc said that her husband told her that open toed shoes were wrong because men have a “feet fetish.”

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. By the way are you lusting at the foot in the foot washing picture above? If so you must be in Hopcc. I fully agree with modesty and covering yourself and not having a lascivious spirit, but toes?

Doesn’t this expose the spirit behind Rony Denis and Hopcc? A bunch of hypocrisy and religious activity.

Jimmy would do good if he practiced this.



The Bible is ALWAYS RIGHT!


7 thoughts on ““I have more humility and love than anyone in this room” – Rony Denis (Jimmy)

  1. Haiti can use all that humility and love Rony Denis claims to have, his money too. He should go back and save his people who are in so much need of food, medicines and the Gospel. Who knows, he might get elected the next ruler of his country!

  2. What’s the difference between these guys and the FLDS? They both espouse some type of “holiness” by dressing the women in a way that looks cultish instead of modest and the people are completely lustful over someone’s nasty toes! And the reports of adultery and abuse to the children is staggering. Why is this place still standing? Someone should be behind bars like Warren Jeffs.

  3. I remember this meeting. This is where Denis said that he walked into the NTCC Hinesville church and acted like he owned it. He also said that Ashley Demorest was coming back to Hopcc. I noticed that Pilkington overwhelmingly was caught up in all of the nonsense. It was in this meeting that he got on Oloans for slacking on the upgrades to his house and got Oloans to admit that he didn’t do as good a job as he would have for RW Davis because Denis is black.
    I am so glad my family made it out of this crazy cult. It wasn’t as bad as it is now when we first started but it was still bad. When you have been out of this foolishness God opens your eyes more to the reality of living for Him as his child. You can see the balance of the gospel not some lopsided disingenuous approach to the gospel that these groups feed you. You don’t have to lie to people for them to “live for God.” If people want truth they will receive truth, if they don’t love the truth they will receive a strong delusion and be damned. That sounds pretty balanced and scriptural to me. Thank God, He delivers the godly out of the snare of the bird catcher, Denis.

    P.S. Rony Denis is a straight up LIAR ?

  4. ?????? this is just too funny! Who does he think he was fooling? Obviously those silly ministers still sitting over there! Anybody who was really humble, wouldn’t even use this type of Language.

    Sharita Yorke

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