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Victory Report of Another Who Escaped Denis’s Cult: Sis. NICOLE ILDEFONSO


I would like to start off by thanking all those courageous individuals who escape hopcc.. also for this web site. everything is making sense now.. this is the reason denis wants the church sheltered and no communication whatsoever with the public or there families.. so they will not find out the truth..
I have no clue where to start… I love God I never would have imagined me loving something or someone as much as I love God and Christianity.. I am appalled to know all I know about jimmy. In the first few days of me finding out all the information about jimmy it was a lot to bear but I’m glade that life goes on and life can go on without hopcc. There are so many sincere souls in hopcc. when I think of all the many people I grew to love and care for, sometimes I have to force myself to stop thinking of them. My wounds are healing slowly. It was mind blowing to hear all the information about what really goes on and how disgusting Denise really is. He is of his father the DEVIL. It is humorous to see how they think their the only church going to heaven. I was blinded as they call it. I give God all the glory for helping me through out the 12 years I did attend. I had many lonely night without my husband in the 12 years.. (lonely meaning as a companion) I really thought the things that I was being taught by man were right but they weren’t… one thing they would always say is ” pray and read your bible” HALLELUJAH because that’s exactly what I would do.. am I perfect NO, Can I give God more YES.. I use to turn a blinded eye while being in hopcc to the things that were being taught and foolish doctrine. Im glade it’s not a sin to have board games or for boys to touch a ball. thanks be to God that when the time came God opened my eyes… now I do see the wrong that they do and teach… and see how denis perverts the gospel the living word of God. While his daughter has a room full of games and toys let’s not forget that iPod and how she takes lavish trips to one of the riches place city’s in Florida While the rest of the children sit and rot .. by the way he made all the children get rid of there iPods. I bet rotten denis really can’t trust anyone anymore oh well for him.. more people will leave, God will deliver them from the bondage they are in..
He makes an entire congregation change there phone numbers Because let me guess WE KNOW THE TRUTH FINALLY. All those years I thought I was getting Godly counsel.. “Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” Matt 19:6. I should have left with my husband when he got those orders. “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” Genesis 2:18 .. my husband was trying to serve God but he couldn’t take any more with the way man worshiped jimmy and the things he witnessed in the church. my husband left hopcc bc he didn’t get any good counsel when the time came for him to leave schmidtke gave him good counsel all right he told him all he had to do was go tell the army he was crazy so he can stay at ft Bragg collect the VA and get 100%. I new in my heart that was wrong “CRAZY” maybe crazy for not serving God at the time, and also bc schmidtke had told him that God reveled to jimmy when our lord Jesus will be coming back.. “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.” Mark‬ ‭13:32‬
I let my husband leave ALONE. I wanted to come for the last year of his assignment it had been in my heart but I didn’t dare tell anyone that’s including my friend Liz.. I new what would be done and said of me had I told my former pastor, so I did what I new to do “I PRAYED”. whether u denis or any one in hopcc believes it God answered and bore witness in my kitchen That I should come and for the record it was before my friend told me she was leaving and all the information I found out about you. Like others when we were leaving hopcc we planed it we had too especially after hearing the others testimony about how they had to call the police.. the church in Fayetteville had the members come and sneak around my neighborhood taking pictures of us and following us around.
God speaks in many ways to those who seek him with a pure heart…there’s so much I can but I won’t not worth it I’m out and that’s what matters. Though my husband or maybe some of the survivors won’t agree God was with the true worshippers and sincere souls in that place tho it may have seem that jimmy was the man of God (a nut if u ask me). But the truth has come out. there were times when I new things that were being taught and preached were wrong but I couldn’t speak I would just take it to God in prayer. with all this said life goes on.. My husband puts it like this we all have PTSD who escapes hopcc.. I believe it but God is a healer.. I hope and pray that God in his grace and mercy helps others to escape..


10 thoughts on “Victory Report of Another Who Escaped Denis’s Cult: Sis. NICOLE ILDEFONSO

  1. He told the whole church he was not going down without a fight! He said it in a service. He said it in a rage. He was screaming and yelling and jumping up-and-down on the pulpit. This was about eight months ago. He is crazier than we thought!

  2. Praise the Lord sis Nicole! I found it ironic hearing you had left after running into you and boys at the post office. I had faith that you would trade in that denis juice for the living water from Jesus. You’re right, there are many sincere people in hopcc & prayer must be made that they to may be delivered from this evil man. This one of many things denis is willing ignorant of and that’s the Lord knows how to deliver the righteous. He also knows how to cut off Sheba’s head. He told someone once that he wasn’t going down without a fight. He fight all he wants but he’s still down. The battle’s the Lords.

    God bless you Ildefonso family!

  3. Well I’m glad you and your family made it out. Another wonderful testimony! God is real, praying for your family as you venture on this life of true Christianity which leads to heaven.

    The Faithful

  4. I remember you and your family and you are blessed to have a husband that cares enough to wait until he can have his family back. Schmidtka is a snake and does all he can to destroy families underneath the guise of them taking a stand for God. God is not in the business of destroying families but of building and edifying them. Family is a Godly institution. I was saddened when Johnny pleaded for his family to join him when he got orders to leave Fort Bragg and Schmidtka felt that was not the will of God. I’m glad the devils plans backfired and now your a real family.
    Although you can’t recover the 12 yrs that you lost, your new life can be one filled with joy. Some of us have lost 20 yrs others 25yrs but one thing can be for sure we have not lost God.

    God Bless.

  5. Sis Nicole, I’m ecstatic to see that you have made your Exodus from that place. It caused much grief for many, but thanks be unto God, you’re out. Prayers for you and Johnny as you begin your life outside of the confines of the cult. God bless you both, an thank you for your courage and testimony.

    Bro. Jerodd Edwards-Burton

  6. Oh what a blessing another soul delivered….another life rescued. Oh the knowledge of the truth setting free the mind, heart and soul. To realize the truth, the freedom, the joy, and the peace that comes with knowing the truth. God bless you and your family

  7. There are more souls that will be rescued by Jesus….praise the Lord. Expecting great things…PRAISE GOD!!!!

  8. Thank you… very true and I believe it God did work it out for the good… very great full to God and all of you who continue on..

  9. It is always good news to hear of someone escaping the cult. Especially when your family is still intact. All things work together for good to them who love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. Jimmy meant it for your destruction but God used it to make your family stronger. He can also use it as an encouragement to help others to build the confidence to escape the cult to life in God outside of HOPCC. Thank God your children don’t have to grow up in a cult where board games and balls kept them “safe” from the powers of darkness, while Denis is conjuring up evil spirits.

    Bro. Yorke

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