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Roger Lopez’s Testimony

Roger Lopez’s Testimony

I got saved in Clarksville, TN in 2005. It all started with a brother inviting me out to a storefront on Ft Campbell Blvd in June 04. David Kuhns was the pastor at the time, and Mike Heidler the asst. I moved in the servicemen’s home after attending service and q&a, and got told two. Weeks. Later that I have the wrong spirit and that I shouldn’t disrespect preachers. I had a made a dry humor remark about getting up early and wasn’t even saved. But I got rebuked like I had been in the church for years. This continued until I went into sin in April of 05. Two months later, I was invited back and told there has been no love in the church, and that’s why I left. No, really?
Kuhns favorited two brothers above the rest, and told the brothers to treat the sisters like they had the plague. Fast forward two months after I came back. Kuhns told me to get a job on a tobacco farm and I delved in wickedness. One of the few times he let God use him, he rebuked me privately, and that night, at the altar, I gave my life to Christ.
   Through all his faults, he never publicly shamed any of us, or used any of his helping actions as blackmail. The church moved me to Killeen a year later. Heidler had become the pastor in October of 05, and Kuhns was in Hinesville. Pilkington was nice to me for the first few months, but slowly, surely, I saw him get more and more frustrated with me. He would instruct me to do something, not even dealing with righteousness, like an errand orntask, and if I forgot or got caught up doing something else, Hades was my reward. He also have conflicting instruction constantly. When presented with this, he would say, “I never said that!” or “Roger just obey them that have the rule over you.” I tried! I got bitter against him, and eventually went into sin again.
   I tried telling him, Kuhns and Heidler that I have a mental disorder because my brain was damaged at birth (my lungs collapsed and I flatlined for nearly a minute), but no one listened. Instead, every time I forgot or got sidetracked, I was due to pay.
   He told me to listen to every preacher. Once, he told me to mow the grass at the church. A minister was changing the light bulb at the servicemen’s home and asked me to hold the ladder. I did, and got rebuked for not going straight to the church. But, a minister asked me to help, and I’m supposed to listen to every minister. Once he grabbed his hair and hoped my future wife disobeyed me as much as I “disobeyed” him. He told me multiple times while rebuking me after I messed up, forgot or sinned or was proud, “I don’t know what to do Roger. I don’t know what to do right now.”
   After 4 years, they moved me to Greensboro. Thank. God! Pilkington always told me it would take months for me to be restored after sin. When I got to Greensboro, my pastor told me “There is no timeline to how long it takes for you to be restored. It all depends on how you respond.” My time here has been glorious. I love my pastor!
   My wife told me a couple months ago that Rev Denis wasn’t doing right. It took a day or two to swallow that. Bro Yorke, my pastor, whom I love and obey as long as he does right according to the Word of God, started preaching about false prophets, the Kabala, and mistreating members of God’s body. Shortly thereafter, Rev Denis (he’s not a brother) called around asking what was going on in Greensboro, and what Bro Yorke was preaching. Denis asked me if he had the Holy Ghost. I told him the truth.
   Rev Daniels was one of the few men I confided my deepest thoughts to. When he began preaching with my pastor, I was excited. Then, he left, coerced by Jimmy. My heart broke. But, now I am fellowshipping with my true brothers and sisters in The Word of Truth, and I’m not turning back!

6 thoughts on “Roger Lopez’s Testimony

  1. Lopez!! It is Bethany from Clarksville. I have been reading forums now for years after “escaping” and yours is the first I have read from someone I know. The way you were treated was wrong. The way we were all treated was wrong. I’m still facing demons from things that happened in that storefront “church”. Tonight I am writing another entry for my therapist which lead me to search for HOPCC members again. It’s a shame the destruction that was brought about in my life and in others lives, just to line a man’s pocket. If you or others that may know me read this- mabnng@gmail.com subject line HOPCC LIES

  2. Praise God! Through all the filth they through at you and walking through the valley of the shadow of HOPCC you made it through. Amen!

  3. Does anyone have brother Francisco Romo’s number? I know they make people change their numbers whenever someone leaves, and i havent ibeen able to talk to him for awhile

  4. I’m so glad you are Free Roger! I remember pilkington ALWAYS degrading you… Would make jokes when you’d leave a room. I remember him joking about feeling sorry for the women that marries you. It did not go unnoticed, just too many are wrapped up in their lies, that they don’t realize how in Christ like these Men really are.

  5. Praise the Lord, what a wonderful testimony, out from underneath the false teachings of condemnation! Through all of your ups and downs, we are glad your here!


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