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Assembly of Prayer Christian Church -Greensboro, NC (This Church is a CULT)

“Give me that Old Testament religion.” Look what they dragged out of the old shed. Too cheap to buy the right sign, the cult has to patch up the old wine skins to get going a little.

This place is CRAZY! Look at what they put on their church building:

They used to have this put they removed it, I wonder why?


Assembly of Prayer Christian Church is a cult!


Listen to how the “pastor” talks to his members:

The harsh talking man you hear in the audio is Pastor Randy Bercini, the new pastor of the Greensboro Assembly of Prayer Christian Church. You can hear more of this at:



Notice how Pastor Bercini tells the brother that the rapture is about to happen soon.  This was during the time that the false prophet Rony Denis, who Bercini references as a man of God, was spreading false propaganda about him knowing when the rapture would happen.


Now that he has been called out, the false prophet says that the rapture is everyday. What a joke! Are you serious!

This is the head Pastor that Pastor Bercini answers to: Please keep your family away from this cult!

This is Pastor Bercini:

Don’t let those cute ears fool you! This place is a vicious cult! (Apparently Bercini just left to go back to Augusta, GA)

This is what we left them when we all left their cult.

While the cult master, Rony Denis, lives large off the millions he stole look at the junky signs he has for his Greensboro cult:

Church Open?

I wonder if Randy Bercini knows that Jimmy said that there NEVER should have been a church in Greensboro. He then said that there wasn’t going to be a church in Greensboro. I quess the false prophet changed his mind again or maybe he just needed some useful cult members to pay for the bills.


Looks like they have the children making the signs now.

The cheapskate cult leader finally spent a little to get a new sign.

Look how crooked this sign is:

It’s been like that for awhile. This guys don’t care. Let’s see how long it takes for word to get to them from their Hinesville headquarters.

27 thoughts on “Assembly of Prayer Christian Church -Greensboro, NC (This Church is a CULT)

  1. Athena Smithwhite got “Divinly Rebuked!” Thou art the Women! In Greensboro, Sis King ran into Athena by divine appointment! The man that she is with is not her husband. This is a sad story, for her former husband passed away due to Cancer, in need of a new husband and left with 3 children, Jimmy saw fit to settle her down with a brother from the church, that got forced to divorce his wife (all because she didn’t want to attend the HOPCC church anymore) and they unlawfully remarried this man to a perfect candidate, a women in need. Athena! Thou art the Women! Unfortunately her response was not like King David, unfortunately she had the sorrow of the world.

    1. What a sad case! Johnny Smithwhite was a good guy. I even asked Denis about Smithwhite coming to Greensboro but Denis said his wife, Athena, was too much to handle. In other words he was saying that she was so rebellious that she would give me a hard time. At the time he said that I didn’t see it but I did hear reports of how she was “ghetto.” It was said that she was so rebellious that Denis made a comment that she needed a black husband to ram her head into the wall! Johnny Smithwhite was white. Unfortunately Johnny Smithwhite probably listened to the false prophet Rony Denis and unwisely didn’t seek medical attention for his cancer and ended up dying from it. Rony Denis was heard criticizing Bootzin’s wife for seeking medical help when she had cancer. Denis doesn’t think much of Athena Smithwhite but she does get social security for the three children she had with her late husband Johnny, so since Denis is a money man he devised a plan to keep her and put that money into use for himself. He had to marry her off to someone. Eric Jenkins was a candidate in Denis’ mind. He is a tall black man but not the aggressive ram your head into the wall type. However, he was the right man for Denis to use because Denis just forced him to leave his wife by telling him to not return home, in other words abandoned her and then seek an unbiblical divorce. Jenkins’wife didn’t want a divorce, she wanted to live with her husband Eric Jenkins, but the problem was she didn’t want to listen to the cult leader Rony Denis anymore. So, the punishment was for Denis to take her husband from her! Eric Jenkins rarely spoke to his wife during this ordeal, but when he did he told her that he was not going to divorce her, but Denis had different plans. After a complete brainwashing Eric finally divorced his first wife after he abandoned her because she didn’t want to be apart of Denis’cult anymore. Not long after that Denis had him marry Athena Smithwhite. They were all well acquainted with each other because they were all apart of the Fayetteville church before, one big happy church family with just a small strawberry stain of stealing one’s husband. Eric Jenkins now has a totally different spirit now. Once a mild mannered friendly man now has become a rude, disrespectful, and cowardly man unable to face himself or anyone else over his obvious hypocrisy. This is the fruit and working of Rony Denis. Two people who left the cult ran into Jenkins in public and no doubt under orders from Denis and being motivated by fear Jenkins flew into complete defense mode and hysterics just because the people who left and knew Jenkins said hello to him. The other day a woman, sis. King, who is an elder to Athena Smithwhite saw her in a store and proceeded to talk to her. Right away Athena’s children were disrespectful and Athena herself told sis. King that she is going to hell. The people in Denis’ cult actually believe that if you leave Denis’ cult you will go to hell because there is no salvation outside of Denis. Even within the cult you are not saved from your sins unless Denis has something to do with it. He will lie and give you the doctrinal statements they have written down of their beliefs but their actual practices speak otherwise. So, sis. King proceeded to tell Athena about herself and her adultery with another woman’s husband to which Athena put her hands over her ears like a child. It reminds me of when Stephen in the Bible was preaching truth and the people who didn’t want to hear it gnashed on him with their teeth not wanting to hear truth. This is how Athena was, she also had her hand up trying to block the truth away. These are the people who claim to have the truth but run from the ones who expose their utter hypocrisy. It is just like the time Denis sent Clinton Daniels up to Greensboro to pick up his stuff he left behind when he made a mad dash back to his father, Denis. Denis was giving him the boot to St. Louis. So while in Greensboro getting his belongings bro. Roddy approached him about his apparent hypocrisy, after all Daniels did take it upon himself to teach the people here how messed up Denis was. Daniels’ reply was that there’s another side to the story but he didn’t have time to explain. Are you serious! The only so-called church that’s right with God has no time to help us “sinners” get right with God like “they are?” What a joke! The reality is Daniels should have just told the truth and said Denis has purchased me with his money. So, Athena and Jenkins who are in Greensboro are helping pay for the church and house that was left behind. The social security money is being put into Denis’ “good” use. These guys are miserable!

      Ray Yorke- please tell Denis we love him and we are praying for him. ?

      1. Denis has the dumbest ideas, to tell the so-called Christians in his cult to make a scene when they are approached in public. It backfires every time, so stupid.

      2. Wow they were all once in serving God all together in church…. That’s got to feel really weird knowing knowing your married to a man that you and your deceased husband im sure fellowshipped with him and his ex wife…. I could not not do it I would rather not ever marry again!! Those poor children I’m sure saw Mr Jenkins and his ex wife together and are now calling him daddy…. That’s pretty sick if you ask me…. Way to go for messing with kids heads you bunch of losers!!!

  2. I saw Bercini today, he didn’t look too good. He is hating the fact that Jimmy stuck him in Greensboro. Bercini is a serviceman home man not a civilian church worker, he probably hates it in Greensboro. He’s probably starving having to keep up with all of the bills. He and his wife would do better If they just left. Denis already aired his dirty laundry. Denis is a liar but Bercini wouldn’t admit it. Bercini has perfected the “art” of kissing up to Denis like no other. What a shame, sent to Greensboro to die. Jimmy made the other helper, Jenkins, leave his first wife because she stopped coming to church. So he divorced her unbiblically and married another woman in the church that Denis said needed her head rammed into the wall. What a mess!

  3. Are they “hated” of all men for Jesus’ name sake or for Denis’ name sake? Denis said that all of this started because he asked the brother if he “put stuff in his backside in Iraq.” So, this has nothing to do with Jesus as far as they are concerned. They are protecting a perverted man who overstepped his bounds. If a preacher is concerned with what’s in your “backside” instead of your soul then something is wrong with him. He made a bunch of grown men jump up and down on their cell phones thinking that would deliver them from pornography. All they will do is get another phone or device to continue to view it, if that’s what they were actually doing. Denis manipulates people to cause them to feel condemned for something that really isn’t true. What they need is the greatest miracle called a new and clean heart. That’s hard to get when Denis keeps filling it with garbage.

  4. Denis sent those guys to Greensboro on a suicide mission. 200 million and all they can come up with is a rinky dink sign that they dug up from the old house church.

    1. So where is this beach house and Rolls Royce that he owns? Has anybody actually seen these things? I have seen this posted many times but no mention of where they are.

          1. Rony Denis frequently changes where he goes in Florida. He no longer goes to palm beach or Miami. He recently had a condo in vero beach, FL. He then got a beach home in Stewart, FL. There is no telling now, maybe he two or three more locations.

        1. Why is Julie boles so important that she has to live with him?? Wasn’t she in the real estate business before he took her in she always had a bunch of papers n always on the phone….

  5. He backed me into a corner, not only was I sick, but he had​ already separated me from my wife. This buffoon twisted the Bible and made me feel very inadequate. He had no love for me or my family, and would always shove “is Denis a man of God” down my throat as his only rebuttal. I’m so very glad that I left that hellish cult.

    1. Yes, thank God you and your family made it out intact. I can’t believe he talked to you like that on the phone! You were probably sick because of the unnecessary stress they put on you in that cult. Bercini needs some serious help.

      1. He did indeed. The full audio is about 37 minutes long. To be​ honest, I was tired of talking to him after the first 4 minutes, but out of respect (rather fear), I let him berate me and bully me as his custom was. It’s true, in addition to work, that place put a lot of unnecessary stress on my body, which contributed​ to me getting sick. All I wanted was to have my family back, and yet I was denied. Well, no more. Thank God that HE SET ME FREE!!!

    2. Praise God that you and your family made it out! ??? just think what poor soul Randy is going to try to sabatoge now! The Hackler! Always laughing. I wonder how he is laughing now? pounding the streets in NC for a false prophet. Broke down preachers, living in broke down places, preaching a broke down fake religious gospel.

      Praying for you guys!

      Sharita Yorke

      1. I wonder if Bercini still laughs at everything like he used to? I remember one time when Denis was telling some crazy story about his adventures with the rabbis he was lying to when Bercini just burst out laughing. Denis used the opportunity to teach about not laughing about mystical things that you do not understand.

      2. Jimmy put them in 2630 Merritt dr. a broke down house that Denis prided himself for being some type of engineer in developing a way to cram all of those families in that safety hazard.

    3. Bercini is crazy and controlling. I feel bad for him but hes made his choice. He said the same things to me when i started to skip services lol

  6. This looks like the sign that used to be on the church on 2630 Merritt Dr. Wow in all the multi millions of dollars Denis has he can’t afford to buy the church a nice new sign?

    His brand new struggling church, with a couple broke down preachers and his pastor won’t buy them a nice new sign to advertise the new church minus the members.

  7. Pastor Bercini called him a coward and a Judas all because he wanted to leave the cult. I wish Bercini would ask me some questions.

  8. Yes! Even Bercini drank the kool aid thinking the rapture was going to take place! This is more evidence that Jimmy was predicting the rapture. All the preachers heard this foolishness. And now all of a sudden the rapture is everyday??

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