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Jimmy’s Doctrine!!!

Rony Denis, affectionately known as Jimmy, has proclaimed to his sect that the Bible doesn’t say anything about having “FUN.” As far as he is concerned there is no room in the Christian life to have fun. It is an utter waste of time. We are supposed to redeem our time that we have wasted in sin. That’s why children are a big threat to Jimmy’s interpretation of the Christian life, parents might get tempted to have “fun” with their children. Also marriages must be controlled so that husbands and wives won’t take “pleasure” in each other.

Jimmy has also called money evil. He said money was not in the Garden of Eden. He says that it is man made and has caused so many problems, so it is evil. This is why you must give it all to him so that he can rid you of this evil.

Check out what they are handing out to people:

So, pleasure is a sin. Jimmy (Rony Denis) has said that only he can handle going down to Florida to his beach house and live it up and stay “righteous.” Oh, yeah along with someone else’s wife too.

Denis has been a longtime believer in asceticism for everyone else but him.

Denis even taught that sex was just like using the restroom! No wonder many of the marriages in the cult are in the toilet. (Pun intended)

It seems as if Denis has more of a mystical approach to the Bible rather than a spiritual one.

Is James really telling us what Rony is telling us? If you read the whole passage you will find that he is actually talking about people like Rony Denis! Rich men who have done people wrong. Verse 4 states how people like Denis have cheated people out of their money by fraud. And verse 6 speaks of how people like Denis have condemned the just. There were people who could not defend themselves and Denis just crushed them. And with all of this wickedness Denis fulfills verse 5 by living in pleasure or luxury and has been wanton, satisfying his every whim, a Rolls Royce here, a Bentley there, and a extra woman over here and so on. I think someone needs to give this card back to Jimmy don’t you?

They got worse: Old Card was Better

Now Denis is the answer! Or at least he thinks he is.

8 thoughts on “Jimmy’s Doctrine!!!

  1. Jimmy’s doctrine now is that he is a spirit and can see and know everything that you are doing. He actually told my wife that he knew my whereabouts. If that is so, how come he didn’t know that everyone was leaving his cult in Greensboro?

  2. I am thoroughly convinced that this is an evil man through and through. He systematically works to stir up controversy in the church plotting and devising ways to create contention and strife among people and even trying to set people up for a fall into infidelity. A true worker after Satan, yet you have his minions who will worship him to the end.

  3. In my devotions, which is done by desire and not obligatory means in earning my salvation, I came across something interesting that Bro. Jude wrote. It reminded me of a recent exchange I had with someone concerning Rony Denis. Bro. Jude had called the false prophets clouds without rain. I began to think about farmers needing rain for their crops and seeing the rain clouds coming but no rain. I also thought about watering your grass. Instead of running your water bill up you hope for rain. When you see the rain clouds come you are anticipating rain but no rain comes. Jude said these clouds without water are carried about with wind. My mind then went to what another brother wrote when he said to not be as children tossed about with every wind of doctrine. In other words, these false teachers, like Denis, will carry you all over the place with nonsense just like the wind blowing a piece of trash (Psalm 1). So, I had an exchange with an individual who wanted to know how we were, “speaking truth in love, to the soul of Ron Denis.” In light of labeling the greatest prophet man has ever known as a clown and so forth. I then applied this reasoning (critical thinking) to brother Jude’s comments about false teachers. The comical but profound thought was, how dare brother Jude talk about the false prophets that way. Is he speaking truth in love to the soul of these false prophets? Jude uses some very descriptive language concerning these false prophets i.e. Rony Denis. I would say it was all done in truth love wouldn’t you?

    Good Day!
    Bro. Ray

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