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The Paranoid Prophet

Rony Denis, the debunked prophet of the House of Prayer Cult, has converted his house in Hinesville, GA into a fortress.  Jim Benton bragged about how he tested Denis’ shatter proof windows with a sledge hammer. John Rodriguez talked about how there are so many locks and coded entries throughout Denis’ house that one time he got trapped inside and had to call someone to come and let him out! There are also cameras galore all over his property. One time Denis was on the phone talking to Oloans about a vehicle that they picked up on the surveillance cameras and was thinking it was the local NTCC pastor showing someone his house. At one time he had a huge dog chain out on display with a dog bowl and a recording of a dog barking. He didn’t own a dog but heard that this was a good method of security.

Why is the prophet, Denis, so paranoid? Could it be that he has a guilty conscience of all the wickedness in the name of religion that he has done toward other people. Could it be that this prophet is actually a false prophet? Security is one thing but paranoia is another.

Maybe this explains his red eyes. It’s hard to get good sweet sleep when you are paranoid.

Take a look ? at what Denis is doing now: A new shipment of probably more security measures to keep the prophet safe.

Is the prophet a scaredy cat?

5 thoughts on “The Paranoid Prophet

  1. RW was like that. He had all kinds of fences and gates surrounding his fortress, and an alarm system. It was hilarious when the alarm would go off while we were having class–you’d see about 50 elbows hustling over there to protect the “man of God’s” filthy lucre. He betrayed the fact that his material possessions were his treasure, so we don’t have to guess where his heart was.

  2. The clowns at the House of Prayer Circus Church claimed that I was on their payroll the whole time I was in their cult which is a lie. While working on a job Denis decided to let me go full-time for the cult. The embarrassing thing was that he wanted me to quit the job and then ask the boss for unemployment benefits. Which of course was not granted. Here you have a big fat cat bragging about his millions that he has amassed through scams and then he nickels and dimes his “beloved” ministers.

    The pay he offered was ever decreasing. Toward the end of my departure Denis called around asking how much of another pay cut you could take. He wanted everyone to say that we don’t need any pay. No one said that so he got upset. However you still had to take a pay cut while he goes for a run on the beach with his mistress, Julie Boles, who they call Phebe Denis (notice for some reason she doesn’t spell it like it’s spelled in the Bible- the Reips are the same way with their daughter, maybe it’s nothing or maybe Denis has something to do with it). You don’t have to worry about my pay anymore since I left your cult.
    I remember when Clinton Daniels complained how he didn’t get paid while traveling to teach in their fraudulent Fayetteville Bible School. He had to ask for his money but he was afraid to do so. When I was traveling down there I had to ask but one time I just said forget it and of course I didn’t get paid. There’s nothing wrong with volunteering if you can afford it but don’t lie and tell me that you are going to pay me and I have to ask you for it. Rev. King said that they would hold on to his pay instead of giving it to him while working in Fayetteville. They liked to play with you all the time about money. Someone told me in NTCC that Denis owed them money from way back in the New Orleans days. Denis said that it was a lie and not he has never had money problems. I have learned since then that Denis is the liar and has probably cheated a lot of people out of their money. What a huge fraud. No Jimmy, you’re not being persecuted, you’re just suffering for doing wrong.

    Brother Ray

    1. A few nobodies, according to Jimmy, left the cult and now he says we’re persecuted and that’s why people are scattered, we have to change the name and so on. I thought they were just toilet paper runners? That must have been some serious toilet paper or Jimmy is a liar!

  3. In my morning devotions I was reading in I Thessalonians 5:1-2 where Paul states that he had no need to write unto them concerning the times and seasons of the day of the Lord because they knew perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. In other words no one can date it. We used to poke fun at the ones who did but when Rony, the false prophet, Denis said he had “tangible evidence” and then later a date that he gave out to some no one openly rebuked his madness. I heard that Dennis Nostrant’s wife left because of it and came back. When I confronted him about it he answered with a question which was, “You don’t think God can tell me?” When Jeff Derby called me after I escaped from the cult I confronted him as well with the contradiction to scripture and he said that God reveals his secrets to the prophets according to Amos. In other words God told the time and date to Denis. What these LIARS didn’t know was that my wife while in the cult was on the phone with Denis and another minister and Denis was admitting that the date setting thing and him having tangible evidence of the rapture or coming of the Lord was all GARBAGE! He even joked with the minister and said, “But it scared you, didn’t it?” When called out the man was to proud to admit he was wrong. That he was listening to deceiving spirits. And we were wrong for not listening to the Bible. He is a false prophet and those people are not sincere. If anything they are sincerely wrong.

    Good Day!
    Ray Yorke

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