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Save Our Servicemen and Women!!!

 The Good

William Gaylord, better known as “Pop Gaylord”, is the man who had a true burden to reach the military personnel with the gospel of Jesus Christ and providing a wholesome environment in what was called a Servicemen’s  Home. Having been a serviceman himself he had desired to give what God gave him to them. He presented this idea to NTCC.

The Bad

Rony Denis, better known as “Jimmy”, rose to prominence in New Testament Christian Church (NTCC). He claimed that when he preached as a student in the ST. Louis Seminary that everyone praised him saying that he preached like Richard Blumenthal, a highly respected minister at the time. Denis began his “ministry” work in New Orleans, LA. After a visit from the Kekels, Denis says that they influenced him to go into the Servicemen’s Home Ministry. Once in the Servicemen’s Home Work Denis rose to prominence developing ways to increase “numbers and money ” for the church. Being promoted from Hinesville,GA to Woodbrook, WA Denis began to train other ministers for Servicemen’s work. Denis bragged that while in Woodbrook he sent millions to the Graham,WA church- headquarters for NTCC. Maybe this is why reports of his abuse toward the people fell on death ears. A board member position was created for Denis called the Servicemen’s Director. Denis left the Woodbrook church to join the General Board and travel to supervise the NTCC Servicemen homes. The “numbers” dropped after Denis left the Woodbrook church. One person who was there said that many of the “converts” went into gross sin right after Denis left.

 The Ugly

As the simple law of gravity teaches us: what goes up must come down. Denis’ pride caused him to collapse when he realized that RW Davis, the late founder of NTCC, decided to choose his Son-in-law, Michael Kekel, over him to lead the organization. Denis’ pride actually caused him to think Davis would appoint him over NTCC. Denis then devised a scheme he claims God gave him to split from NTCC and start his own organization called “House of Prayer Christian Christian.” Denis over the years of his newly formed church devised ways to abuse the veterans. He has made the statement that soldiers are easier to control, as opposed to civilians. From staged Dity Moves to makeshift schools for VA Educational Benifts money Denis has developed an elaborate scheme to where he appears to own the city of Hinesville,GA. Fortunately Pop Gaylord passed away before he could see the ugliness of what was intended to be “The Good” has become. There you have in a condensed nutshell:

18 thoughts on “Save Our Servicemen and Women!!!

  1. Trying to locate childhood friends who haven’t had any contact with any family or friends in about a year after them joining this church. Please help!

    1. Dorcas Russ and her friend Bree are in the church in Fayetteville NC, she is stationed In Ft. Bragg.
      Dorcas recently got married to a Brother in the church by the last name Stonebreaker, more than likely she has moved on, and is no contact with any friends outside of the church.

  2. I’m a soldier @ Fort Gordon, south of Augusta, and I’ve been solicited by young men who would appear to be understudies of this very organization. They invited me to worship services at an “Assembly of Prayer.” I was accosted by one outside of the Main Exchange who wouldn’t leave me alone even when asked politely to do so and encountered another one in the parking lot of my barracks who wasn’t as persistent and agreed to take my phone number and send me an address so I could go at my leisure if I decided it was something that interested me. Another soldier with whom I’m friends shared with us that he encountered gentlemen that belonged to the same organization in the barracks parking lot once more and saw them looking at license plates. This corresponds with testimonies that they seek out new arrivals from out of state. If it’s of any use to anyone, the name of the scam artist with my phone number was “C.J.” or so he told me and he couldn’t have been much older than 22 or 23.

    1. Hello service member. Thank you for your post. These people are in my opinion a parasite to the U.S. military. I know CJ very well and Nesari the pastor. They come across real nice and zealous for God but they mean great harm to the livelihood to you and your family in the long run because of the head pastor denis. I know how important faith is to a service member but this is not a healthy place to build up ones faith. I would encourage you to start reading the bible in the new testament (if you have not done so already) and pray to God asking for his will to be done in your life. Contrary to what they teach God can and does speak to man when they pray. We can be of service if you need us.

      God bless you sir!

    2. @Ft. Gordon Soldier. Unfortunately CJ is my 23 yr old son that is still trapped in that cult. The pastor of them churches Denis, moved him and his wife to Augusta last year. I barely talk to him without some one being on the phone monitoring his phone calls. He doesn’t believe that he’s in a cult. If you see him again or if he calls you encourage him to go to this website. They’re all in denial that a false prophet in this church can’t happen to them. He’s a good kid and I love and miss him a lot and I encourage you soldier not to go, they will destroy your life.

  3. I have seen Denis try to rip families apart in the name of “protecting” the people. I seen him tell a daughter that he was the dad while her real dad was present. The mind games this guy plays are unreal. Someone even said that he bragged about taking a police interrogation class. It was probably set up for him by the local sheriff department that he apparently owns. Money still rules the heart of wicked men and women.

  4. It is sad how they program the minds of these young soldiers. They think that they are doing God and country a great service only to be sabotaged by this Haitian Voodoo man. Can you imagine what a parent could be going through who has a child that they kept in regular and normal contact with to get kicked to the curb and be labeled a no good sinner because of this “church”? They left home to go serve their country and now they serve a Haitian con man who outwardly says talk to your parents but behind closed doors say your parents are no good I’m your mom and dad!

    1. Is there any advice or help that you can give me, I’ve been trying to find two childhood friends one of whom is in the military and no one has had contact with either of them for over a year and they both joined this church. Please help!

  5. Soon he will answer for this ugliness. I have met this man and he is infatuated with controlling the lives of young GI’s. This is a dangerous cult. They train their seasoned members to go on military posts to the replacements area to find people who are brand new to the area and then recruit them for their church. They do this heavily in Fayetville at FT. Bragg and covertly at FT. Stewart in Hinesville.

  6. So sad that they abuse the servicemen and women in such a away, taking all there money, if you removed the military there would be no Place of Hell, or HOPCC

    1. Compromise? Denis said New Testament was “Compromised” when he got there, so that really can’t be the REAL reason why he left. According to his fake standards the apostle Paul, John the baptist, and even Jesus would be “Compromised”!

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