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Denis’ Kingdom Is Coming Down!!!

Here we have the cars of the various ministers and cult members parked at Denis’ house to receive more foolish teaching of twisting the Scriptures to your own destruction.

The police was called out to Denis’ home. Denis refused to come and address the police and sent two of his fall guys, Jim Benton and Tony Oloans.


4 thoughts on “Denis’ Kingdom Is Coming Down!!!

  1. What everyone might not know is that the police officer was told by oloans that he had a power of attorney from Denis so he was able to stand in on his behalf. The police officer demanded that oloans produce the POA immediately. After about an hour of going back-and-forth the officer said oloans had five minutes to produce it or they were going to the door. Within three minutes the policemans cell phone rang and whoever was on The other end told the deputy to stand down and leave. We can only surmise that Denis called the sheriff Steve Sykes And Sykes called his buddy Hinesville’s chief of police and the chief of police (or his servants) called the deputy and told him to stand down. And when The police officer first arrived Denis sent out about 15-20 brothers to intimidate the officer and he immediately called back up. What a dumb move Dennis! But when you no longer have the Spirit of God and elite demons are running rampant within your soul— you do dumb stuff!!! Open the eyes of your people God- those who are your own.

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