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Rony Denis/Hopcc/Facebook Stalkers Caught Red Handed!!!

The following is an example of Rony Denis and his ministers stalking people who have escaped from their cult on Facebook. They find out what you may follow and attach whatever lewd pictures that they can concoct and then past them to your Facebook page and circulate it around the cult and tell the members that you must be wrong and on your way to hell because look what you are involved in. So, the people who don’t know the game believe the lies and are afraid to leave the oppressive cult thinking that they will go headlong into sin and eventually hell.

“Bible Man” is a fake Hopcc Facebook page set by Rony Denis designed stalk former members of the Hopcc cult located at 2540 Airport Rd. Hinesville, GA- Now masquerading as “The Place of Help“.

Notice this “Bible Man” has no profile picture, photos to show, or friends to show. Why is he on Facebook? Only Facebook stalkers ? behave this way. They have Facebook only to stalk others normally without interaction. This one decided to make a comment.

The stalker, Bible Man, is seen here posting his comment on a former members post which spoke of being a classy lady. Something Hopcc despises. Here are some responses to “Bible Man’s” / Hopcc’s comment.


So, the Pharisees masquerading as a “Bible Man” got shut down, even to the point where they deleted their comment. This type of NARCISSISTIC personality disorder causes an individual to not learn their lesson, so they tried again, this time on Messenger. Let’s take a look:

John Henry? Are you serious???? Here is the response to “Mr. John Henry”:


And we have the very revealing comments of “Mr. John Henry.”


What a joke! So, his name isn’t “John Henry.” Really!!?? Rev. Yorke does not purport himself to be the Saviour like Rony Denis does! If this man is legitimate, which he obviously is not, getting kicked out will actually help him. If you want to find Jesus, just call upon Him. You don’t need Jimmy or any other preacher to do that. A novel idea that to simple for the Hopcc ministers to grasp!


7 thoughts on “Rony Denis/Hopcc/Facebook Stalkers Caught Red Handed!!!

  1. If I found out that Denis was messing with my kid, then it would have been all over a long time ago! Please think about the children who are still trapped in that place!

    1. Denis used to talk about the pride of Jimmy Swaggart but the pride of Rony Denis is unparalleled.

    1. Wow, so the spirits not Holy Spirit but the spirits told the false prophet, Rony Denis, to touch his own daughter! So disgusting. There is no way I would trust him with my child. I remember that he had Virgo call one of the members of the church asking them if they would allow their daughter to stay with Denis. The member said no and Denis flipped it and said that he didn’t tell Virgo to ask that question. What a liar! It was a trial run to see where the people were at. Denis is a straight up pervert. If he has voices in his head telling him to touch his own daughter what do you think those voices are telling him to do to yours!

  2. How come they have so much time to be looking and lurking on others FB page? I thought they were supposed to be reaching the world?

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