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Fake “Ultra Holiness” Standards

The man you hear in the recording is the man pictured in the photo. His name is Rony Denis, the Haitian born leader of the House of Prayer Christian Churches of America Inc. He is seen here making faces at the people who are protesting his church’s conference at 2540 Airport Rd. Hinesville, GA. The church in Hinesville has just changed it’s name to, “The Place of Help”, because of the heavy exposure of the alleged corruption within the church. The other sister churches located in Savannah, GA, Augusta, GA, Fayetville, NC, Greensboro, NC, ( Minus all the church members, Barely 2″ off the ground starting with an illegal church building) Killeen, TX, Clarksville, TN, ST. Louis, MO, San Diego, CA, and Tacoma, WA are all known as House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC) or Assembly of Prayer Christian Church (AOPCC).

In the recording Denis claims that “His holiness” is no, no, no! No make and so on when everyone knows that his wife, Marjorie, wears makeup and dyes her hair. Having such an ultra perverted hypocritical view of Christianity has caused Denis and his followers to be hypersensitive to any type of sexuality. For example, Arlen Bradeen, the former longtime pastor of the Hinesville church and a man that has been in the ministry for over 30 years was preaching about it being hard to pay the cashier at Walmart because her breast being noticeable. Instead of just not looking, Bradeen spoke of how difficult it would be to hand the lady the money because of her breast.

Rony Denis himself is also hypersensitive about everyone’s backside, especially men’s backsides and was goes in them.Listen for yourself to this perversion of the national apostle for Hopcc.

known as Hopcc’s national apostle, Denis has taught his followers that according to                 I Corinthians 5:3 – “For I verily, as absent in body, but present in spirit, have judged already, as though I were present, concerning him that hath so done this deed”, he is there with them in “the spirit” even in their bedrooms.  The members of his church are ruled by fear actually thinking that Rony Denis is a spirit! If they have a bad thought about Denis and his obvious contradictory lifestyle with the Bible they will be in grave fear to share it with anyone else least the “spirit”, Denis, get ahold of you. It sounds silly but when you study cults you will find that people went against common sense and reason to fulfill the desires of the cult leader.

Rony Denis rose to prominence in another “holiness” church organization called New Testament Christian Church in which abuse by him was reported but nothing was done because as Denis described, he was a cash cow for the organization. Denis has proudly proclaimed himself the “Michael Jordan” of  the New Testament Christian Christian (NTCC). A church group who had once claimed to be the only “holiness” organization in existence. Rony Denis has copied this and has declared himself the “Man of God” for the entire world! And that his church is the only one that is right with God, that there is no other church like his, especially with all of the “holiness” enforced standards such as going to the store with someone and not yourself in order to “Avoid the appearance of evil.” There is even a “Buddy System” in place for going to the library just in case the “demons” from the computer jump on you!

Rony Denis played humble at the beginning of his religious movement but now must be amongst the proudest people on earth. Rony Denis got exceptionally angry when heard that his arch rival from NTCC, Michael Kekel, called Denis’ movement a “Bowel movement.”

Have you ever heard of a preacher talk about himself this way? Maybe Jim Jones, Daddy Grace, Father Divine, other cult leaders. Not just hearsay but in his own words!

4 thoughts on “Fake “Ultra Holiness” Standards

  1. It is amazing that you can hear the false prophet say that he doesn’t forgive or forget yet you have people trying to find ways to justify him. Truly amazing!

  2. I heard that in the Fayetville church that it was a common practice not to say that you were having a birthday party for your children because the word party sounded too worldly so you had to say that you were having a get together or something like that.
    These people are either very holy or wholly messed up.

  3. The extremes that these baphoons go to just to please there master is amazing! Subjecting themselves to porno, lying, stalking, bad credit, real estate homes, thievery. Denis makes Jim Jones blush, the great lengths he has went to crush Bradeen is crazy, Arlen is at his all time low admitting that he had unatural feelings towards Jennifer Pilkington his daughter.
    Robertson admitting that he is a bum of a husband that doesn’t like to purchase Pam Robertson anything nice.
    And Jeff Derby is at an extreme low admitting to filthy dreams because of dreams about a stewardess on a failed missions trip to Israel!
    These poor leaders Chins are
    Scraping the ground with there lips having reached the bottom of the barrel, while there leader Jimmy is relishing the benefits of being on top! The man that never sins! Lol, has a personal mistress, nice cars and houses! And there brains are the size of a bird that they believe he is a man of God!

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