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The Ultimate Church/Cult Pimp, Rony Denis, The Spirit Man, The Mystic Myth, And The Loser Legend!!!


Rony Denis has said that women are like dumb children. All they need to do is be a flower, look pretty and smell nice. All they are to him is an accessory. The pimp daddy, Rony Denis, has mastered the art silencing the women in his cult.

It is done by meeting their price. Denis feels that everyone has a price. (Listen to the recordings, he admitted to buying people) These women think that Denis loves them because he bought them some Louis Vuitton purses ?. What they don’t understand is that, that isn’t love.

The only person Jimmy loves is the almighty dollar bill. Denis is all about the money. He has bragged about how many millions he has.

He drives his Rolls Royce and Bentley in Florida. A true church/cult pimp from head to toe.

Some people don’t mind being pimped by Denis. The devil will find your price. Hopefully one day this pimp will turn into a pimple. And the pimped will turn into Christians who are not for sale.

13 thoughts on “The Ultimate Church/Cult Pimp, Rony Denis, The Spirit Man, The Mystic Myth, And The Loser Legend!!!

  1. I have heard Rony Denis say that women are like children. It’s obvious that he just uses them for his own sick twisted pleasure. He was so obsessed with my wife’s weight as if she had health problems due to being obese which was not the case. He used to always tell my wife that he was watching her in church and then he would imitate the way she walked by swinging his effeminate hips from side to side. He also loved to impersonate Tanya Kekel. Denis is a true weirdo. Some of those women in his inner circle wear Marjorie Denis’ old wedding rings. Denis made these enslaved husbands makes payments if they couldn’t afford these gems outright. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were actually cubic zirconiums and charged them as if they were real. Denis use to always tell a story about how Tanya Kekel was jealous of his wife’s ring but in reality it was just a huge cubic zirconium. What a perfect picture of Denis’ life, a HUGE FAKE!

    Ray Yorke

  2. There was a lady in this church who told someone who left that she knew that the minister of the church she was attending was lying about them. But then later when Denis had her come to Hinesville and the lady spoke to the one who left again, she now said that they were nice all because they bought her a purse. In other words, don’t worry about all the lies from the pulpit, just buy me some things.

  3. Yeah, Denis is a straight up pimp! He walks around in the Hinesville compound like he owns the place with his two women. He grooms the teenage girls and I hope and pray he gets busted for the allegations that’s been circling about him. I believe all of them. There is no way you can be that creepy without being some type of pervert.

  4. Just for Everyone to know: Jimmy is a Haitian born immigrant, he looks like it and he talks like it, not that this is a problem but he obviously thinks it is, he’s always trying to convince everyone that he is White!! Hahahahahahahah!!! Or that he is American Black, please Jimmy don’t humour us any further! My stomach muscles are sore!!

  5. This is one women that he couldn’t buy! He can keep his St. John’s sweaters and Prada shoes, Every St. John’s sweater I owned was purchased by our money!!! Not Jimmys and by the way those have gone to the consignment store to! We don’t want anything to remind us of your covetous greedy heart.. makes me want to throw up thinking about it!

  6. Thanks Jimmy for the Louis Vuitton! We got lots of $$$$ for consigning them, every time I look at one it reminds me of your money grubbing disgusting character!

  7. Marjorie Denis is the highest taker! She’s so far wedged in his pocket that she even allows another women to be in her house!!! Talk about dumb!

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