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Is It WRONG For Christians To Call Out Rony Denis For His Atrocities???

It is completely understandable how some well meaning, mild mannered, and Christian people may come across some of the comments and posts on this site and be completely appalled by how Rony Denis and his version of legalism have been characterized.

I certainly understand that name calling and sinking to the base level of another who is calling you names is not the stellar or high road approach to life that we should aspire to achieve.

The high road is best and bitterness is the worst. I would certainly advise all to rid yourselves of bitterness for it will hurt you more than anyone else. If someone is fuming in bitterness, that is a matter that they must rectify with God and the individual(s) if possible. Now concerning “calling someone out” for their abuse of authority, (namely Rony Denis) can it be done without bitterness and hatred?

Well, for the Christian, the Bible is a good source of information to answer this question. We look to Jesus as our example in holy living. In the life of Jesus we see Him confronting a group of religious elitist known as the Pharisees.

 The gospel accounts give a good record of these religious men. Especially in Matthew 23. Jesus, who loved these men, had shared some loving words of truth with these very nice religious men. In John’s gospel account Jesus is also recorded sharing some wonderful peaceful words in chapter 8 verse 44.

Even the apostle Paul who received great revelations from Christ had something to say about religious false teachers as well. In Philippians 3:2 you will read of how the apostle describes or “name calls” these dangerous false teachers. In Galatians 5:12 the apostle continues to show his love for the truth. So, we see loving words portrayed to us in the scriptures a little different than what we may have thought before concerning the dealings with false teachers.

The bottom line is that Rony Denis is not a brother. He is described to us in II Corinthians 11:14. People have been deceived because he offers a little truth to bait you in and then you end up getting trapped in a web of deception and false teaching. I wonder if anyone has questioned Mr. Rony Denis about his lovely rhetoric concerning the people who escaped his cult? Let’s see, the prophet has pronounced DEATH on people that have left and even their children! He has called everyone GAY, a huge insult in evangelical holiness ranks. Denis has also unbiblically caused couples to divorce and remarry those he has approved of in his cult and has stated that they are the ONLY church that is right with God and if you leave you are going to HELL!

I think it’s time someone says something about this, don’t you?

Not everyone is called or has the burden laid upon them to expose false prophets like Rony Denis in this way, but thank God for those who do!

Even for those who stick it back to bullies like Rony Denis!

10 thoughts on “Is It WRONG For Christians To Call Out Rony Denis For His Atrocities???

  1. Thank God people are rising up against this false prophet who has worked to destroy many lives. A definite tool of the devil. Some people who don’t even know what’s going on and think that Rony Denis is the greatest thing since sliced bread may take offense to what they see or read here. I would advise them to not judge according to the appearance but to judge righteous judgment. And then don’t look at the site. Some things you just might not understand. The one thing I understand as well as others is that this evil must come down!

  2. I don’t see how anyone could defend Denis. He told my wife that he, “Could have went there”, speaking of her dad or me molesting my son! Denis you are a sick perverted liar! Who could defend such a creep? The man is so trifling. Here he is walking around with two women and no one says anything? He has made himself the king of Hinesville, even the city officials and sheriff department is afraid of him. But God will humble the proud!

  3. I remember being in a meeting at the Hinesville sanctuary, it was for the ministers and their wives. Denis was on the polycom lifting up himself as usual. He said Heidler’s wife was in adultery because she saw a FB picture they gave her to look at of her former husband and it troubled her. Denis made her carry the picture around to break her down mentally. I don’t know why anyone would defend this sickco unless they themselves were a sickco. Denis got on Yorke and Virgo for using a word that he took offense to because the simple word they used according to him showed that they didn’t look at him as God in the flesh. I don’t remember what the word was but he asked the group of people there what the huge “sinful” word was and no one knew. Only one person attempted to answer the foolish question. It was Gibbs wife. She was riding high because that whole conference she was on the platform telling everyone how great the “man of God” is. She of course got it wrong. When Denis said what the word was it was so ridiculous that no one would have guessed it unless you were a psychopath and thought like him. The guy is a complete egomaniac! Yet, you have people who have left his church still blinded by how dangerous he really is showing all kinds of sympathy for the devil. They don’t even listen to him but revere him as if he is a legitimate manof God. He had one such person testify in a conference who hinted to having “come back” to the Lord and said she would be back in the Fayetville church. It didn’t happen and more than likely will not. Just because you go into sin doesn’t make Denis anything, he is in sin himself! People feel bad because they think Denis tried to help them but in reality he was trying to enslave them to his brand of legalism. You need to look to God not Denis, a complete and total fraud.

  4. Jesus said John 15:22 If I had not come and spoken unto them they had not had sin: but now they have no cloak for their sin. A cloak is a cover, that which conceals, a disguise, something used for a false covering.

    So therefore it is not wrong to expose Denis his anger and lies that have destroyed many families, hearts, and minds. Thank God for the truth……so tell the truth and shame the devil!!!!!!

  5. Denis has become the perfect agent for Satan. He has caused many of these people in his cult to think that they are zealous for God while in reality they are just a bunch of fault finding legalistic Pharisees, thinking that they are doing God’s service but are in reality working against the body of Christ. Satan must be happy.

  6. Yes, it is good to expose Rony Denis. He is a very crafty deceiver. He has worked hard to destroy people’s lives and families. Children need their father and Denis has wickedly devised a plan to keep children in his cult away from their father, if the father is not in the cult. Once the child reaches the age of 13 Denis has the child say that they do not want to be with or even visit their father. He even teaches these children to go against the Bible by causing them to disrespect, ridicule, and downright be nasty to their fathers, a Denis trademark. He brings these children to his house and butters them up with lies and money purporting to be their “real dad “. Disgusting to say the least. Now he tells them that he is God!

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