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Why Is Rony Denis (Jimmy) Always So ANGRY ?!!!


Anyone that knows Rony, Jimmy Jones, Denis knows that he fails this scripture in every translation. Why does this man have an anger problem?

Have you ever talked to Denis on the phone? Instead of road rage this guy has phone rage!

I was in a meeting of Hopcc ministers where Rony lazily phoned in his foolishness citing that the reason he couldn’t personally be in the meeting was because he was so angry that he couldn’t look at the preacher’s faces like Alexander Schmidtke, Arlen Bradeen, and Gerard Robertson. Yes, these spineless preachers are still over there after receiving such abuse from their tormentor. These “men” have batterd wife syndrome. Rony Denis is a literal hothead!

A guy like this can’t get sweet sleep. He must go to bed angry every night. I believe his anger is more than human emotions. There must be something else going on within Rony Denis. Arlen Bradeen once said that Denis had an angry spirit. That sounds demonic to me.

Rony Denis has opened all of these doors! Also being a narcissist doesn’t help.

Demonic activity and sexual perversion go hand in hand. This describes Denis’ grotesque interest in the private affairs of the bedrooms of the members of his cult.

He calls himself a spirit and it ain’t the Holy Spirit!

Trust me this guy is not normal!

6 thoughts on “Why Is Rony Denis (Jimmy) Always So ANGRY ?!!!

  1. Proverbs 10(32)…..but the mouth of the wicked speaketh frowardness, which means peevishness, sourness of temper, as childish peevishness. Sounds like Rony Denis all the way everyday!

    1. Yes, I remember Bradeen said that Denis has an angry spirit. Denis couldn’t stand Bradeen. He called Bradeen the chief Amalekite.

  2. I remember Jimmy got so angry at me that he jumped out of his seat and started screaming at the top of his lungs and he even called me Stupid! And then threw me out of his house!! And told my husband to get me out of there… he definitely does not have the qualifications of a bishop, he has the qualifications of a demon.

  3. There is a great ministry going on in Hinesville, GA where people are informing and enlightening their fellow neighbors on the dangers of going to the 2540 Airport Rd church, the one plastered with those ridiculous looking banners. The church is called The Place of Help but it formerly was called House of Prayer. It is controlled by a controversial Haitian man named Rony Denis who has been nicknamed “Jimmy” because he is similar to Jim Jones, the notorious cult leader of the 70’s who convinced his followers to commit a mass suicide calling it a revolutionary protest. Keep up the good work in exposing the dangers of this church to the surrounding area for they are known for their aggressive proselytizing efforts. It is working very well. People are being informed and even liberated from such a wicked place!

  4. He is so angry because it works on the weak minded who are still in his cult. He is so angry because he is not of God. Jesus was anointed with the oil of gladness not anger. He is so angry because he despises that which is good. The Bible teaches us to be kind to each other. Denis is rude and disrespectful. How is it that everyone else has to be humble but he can do whatever he wants and his excuse is that God is using him to keep us humble? HOGWASH!

  5. Not only is Jimmy an angry demonic but he is also a huge liar! I remember this liar said that people would have the liberty to have an actual ministry, that you wouldn’t be confined to the NTCC styled program of ministry. He spoke of the Pilkington’s making their own gospel album and so on. I quess that is why he shut Pilkington down while he was singing in conference. Denis said he would be in the background helping people. He even said that the church would take on the form of an association and that the churches could actually leave him behind if they wanted to. These words would sound completely foreign to anyone in the cult now. But he said them nonetheless. Now he is the only one with a ministry of singing or any ministry for that matter. He is so jealous of anything anyone can do. He said that God gave him the inheritance of being able to sing and the Holy Ghost just begins to move mightily, have you stopped laughing yet???? He was so serious about this that he would call the churches on the polycom singing his made up montage of gibberish. I thank God Almighty that he delivered my family and I from such an angry demonic liar ? ? ?!

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